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Thursday night babysitting blues


It’s 9:45pm on Thursday night.
I’m struggling to stay awake.

I’m babysitting.
The kids are still going strong.
You’d think it was 9:45AM.

I can’t believe any of them are still awake. Especially mine. She was up at 7 and didn’t take a nap. I need a nap.

Or coffee. Coffee would be good fan-freaking-tastic.

Hopefully my friend will be home soon. But it could still be a while. She’s in on a date with her husband. I don’t blame them for staying out. I would too if given the opportunity.

Wish me luck. Or at least a little wish for any one of them to sit still long enough to fall asleep.

UPDATE: it’s now 11:20pm.
One down. Two to go.

Oh, and there was poop.
It’s been quite a while since I changed a poopy child. I definitely don’t miss that.

You know it’s late when the cats I never see come out from their hiding places.



One Super Cranky Mama

Sometime around 6am I heard the magic words “I hava pee Mama!” There was peeing and then I went back to sleep. (I have still been having trouble falling asleep, it was about 1 by the time I dozed off.)

An hour later, I was very, very rudely awakened  by a certain three-year-old whacking me in the face with a stuffed animal. The culprit was either an orange kitty named Marmalade from Build-a-bear or a very hungry caterpillar.

Either way it definitely did not make we up on the right side of the bed.

I can just feel the crankiness coursing¬†through my veins. I would very much love to¬†hide under the covers with a gallon of coffee, a giant candy bar and maybe a couple pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

Maybe then I’d feel better. Or worse. (I would probably feel pretty gross if I ate all that.) Anyway- Let’s just pretend Id feel happy and chipper and have a super outlook on my day!

It is so bad, I could feel myself looking for things to pick a fight with the Teen about before she left¬†for school. Luckily, my brain was grumpy and caffeine¬†deprived and I couldn’t remember all the things I thought of. Especially the fact that she left the frosting I made for the cookies that I’m taking to a meetup tonight out on the counter after she moved it to get something out of the fridge.

I think it’s funny that¬†I forgot. Maybe it was just the part of my brain that knew it would be bad if I picked a fight. Whatever it was, it was probably for the best.

Now the trick is to keep the Maniac off of me until I can get in a better frame of mind. Ugh. It never fails that when I am in THE worst mood is when she wants to do nothing but hang on me and I just want to scream.

So far, so good. <<knock on wood>>

She’s currently sitting in the living room eating grapes and watching “Cats & Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore” for the 50th time this week. I have had to threaten to turn it off several times to get her to leave me be.. but for right now she’s occupied.

We’ll see how long I can keep her that way. I have much to do today. Cookies to frost, dip to make.¬† (We’re going to a BBQ tonight!)

I think I need another cup of coffee… or 6.

Hope your weekend is off to a better start! ūüôā


I’m surprisingly chipper for it being monday.

**So, I thought I posted this, but it seems that I didnt. Hmmm… weird.

It is a beautiful, sunny Monday morning.

I havent had any coffee, yet I am surprisingly chipper.

The good news, Hubby is on his way out-of-town¬†to work this week! YES!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I hate when he’s gone, and would always rather have him home… just home and working. He didn’t¬†work at all last week. Which is definitely going to make the next couple weeks really tough.¬†. Thanks to the wonderful people at¬†his office, and him being such a good employee.. we should be able to pay the rent. Whew. I was really worried about that. It’s just the few other things that are due between now and him getting paid the next time that are going to be tricky. Somehow it will work out though.

So, the Teen spent ALL weekend working on her book report that is due today. I discovered on Thursday that this assignment was due today. She had been working on it since Monday.. and she barely had anything done by Thursday.  The assignment was that they had to read a book (obviously, it is a book report), write a summary of each chapter(Which were turned in last week), and then make a booklet that included pictures detailing things like the protagonist, setting, conflict,climax, resolution, and some personal thoughts about the book.

Personally, I would think that she content of this booklet would be the most important part of this assignment. Oh no..not to the Teen. She spent THREE days on the pictures for her DRAFT! Not even the real ones.. on her draft. They were colored and everything. When I questioned her about it, she “had to plan what she was going to draw.” Okay, I get that.. but its a draft!

So, she spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on the content. Which, I felt she really did most of it on Sunday. I felt like she was just writing stuff to write stuff, and not really answering the questions that the teacher was asking her to answer.

She really just drove me crazy with it all weekend. She would¬†ask for help, and then get totally defensive every time I gave her an answer. She had such a bad attitude about it too. Every time I asked a question (I havent read the book, all I know about it is what I’m¬†reading in her work) she wouldn’t¬†answer it.. she would just¬†say “It’s wrong” or “its bad I’ll change it.” I don’t¬†know how many times i said “I’ll change it does not answer my question.”

SOOOOO¬†frustrating. Part of me hopes she gets a crappy grade on it. Maybe it will teach her¬†a lesson. If you do crappy work, you get crappy grades. It seriously¬†looked like she did it last-minute. It was messy, she doesn’t¬†have the best handwriting in the world, so she needed to be extra careful and take her time writing it. She just scribbled the last couple pages. She didn’t check her spelling or punctuation and at some point she stopped erasing her mistakes, and just wrote over them. UGH. It makes me crazy thinking that she turned this thing in looking the way it did. I just have to hope her teacher feels the same way.¬† She also chose not to get up early and fix it either. So it’s really on her.

Oh, and I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing here… but she has had the information about her school field trip in her backpack for over a week now. She mentioned it when she brought the paper home. Last week when¬†I was doing a random check of her backpack (to make sure there wasnt any food rotting in it) I saw the paper in her binder. I read it and put it back. She keeps talking about going, But the paper has still not made it into my hands. She has to have the money and the permission slip turned in this Friday. I feel like if she wants to go, its her responsibility to give me the info. As far as she knows, I have no idea about any of it.¬†¬† We’ll see… what happens this week. I hope she realizes that if she gives it to me friday morning, she’s¬†out of luck. Other than my “I dont sign things 5 minutes before you’re leaving” policy, I have to give them cash and I¬†don’t normally have any.

Oh, so how about this Osama Bin Laden being dead thing? Crazy. After all this time, did you ever think we’d see the day?¬† I found out thanks to Facebook. Gotta love social networking! I was giving the Maniac a bath, and my phone dinged that I had a text and it was an update from a friends FB status…I put on the news and there it was.¬† Unbelievable. I watched the President’s address, I thought he did a great job. I wonder how excited he was on the inside?¬† Do you think he wanted to skip for joy back down that hallway when he was done? ūüôā It is a funny thought though.

Well.. I’m going to go entertain the Maniac¬†for a while. Then I¬†have some coupons to clip! Oh-¬†and how annoying is this? I went to the grocery store yesterday morning to get milk. I ran into the Dollar Tree to grab a couple extra newspapers since there are some good coupons this week. (At the Dollar Tree the papers are only $1 and not $1.50!)¬† Later in the day I went to get the coupons out of the paper and they werent’ there! Not in any of them! SOOOO¬†ANNOYING! I went to Walgreens¬†and their papers didn’t¬†have them either. GRRR. It is my understanding, that they put the inserts in the subscription papers first and then the store ones.. so they could have run out. Who knows. But it’s still annoying. I ended up ordering some on CollectableCoupons.com.

Happy monday to you! ūüôā

Dear Starbucks…

Dear Starbucks,

Cake on a stick= GENIUS. 

Happy 40th!



Good Grief.

I think there should be a law about being this aggravated before 8 am and not having any coffee.

UGH.  Almost Teenagers.

As I’m sure everyone knows, the east coast and midwest have been practically shut down because of the blizzard and crazy amounts of snow and ice and seriously cold weather.¬† Here, in southern California we’ve been fortunate enough to have some pretty nice weather.¬† We did have some crazy wind yesterday, but overall its been beautiful.¬† Although it has been pretty chilly at night… getting into the high 30’s or 40’s.

So, on Tuesday when my Almost-Teenager came in from taking care of the dog she was “freezing” because all she was wearing was a t-shirt and a hoodie sweatshirt jacket.¬† And naturally she “Didn’t have time” to put anything else on under the hoodie.¬†

Oh, and it was my fault she was cold since I hadn’t gotten to washing her “warmer hoodie” yet.

Yesterday. Same thing. To me, if I¬†had been freezing the day before, I might put on an extra layer or maybe check to see what the weather¬†was like.¬†¬† I did make her put on an extra layer before we left to¬†take hubby to the airport despite her pleading that she didn’t have time. It may have been 47 degrees when we left, but it was REALLY windy and felt a lot colder.

Which brings me to this morning. Yeesh. Two days of being cold- and what does she do? Puts on a t-shirt under the hoodie. It’s actually only 37 degrees this morning. (but the wind has died down).¬† It’s COLD.

I make her put another layer on again, despite her protests of “I’m hot by the end of the day!” That is¬†why you have layers-¬†so you can take them off!¬† Or maybe if you didn’t wear the hoodie ALL.THE.LIVELONG.DAY.¬† And I told her she had to wear her coat.

“Which one?” she says.Seriously? You only have one coat.

Which I’m assuming she now doesn’t¬†like. Whatever.¬†¬†She¬†almost burst into tears telling me¬†how it did even make her warm (when she was cold) when she tried it on in the store.

Good grief.

And I guess just to irritate me more, she came in from her dog duties swearing that it wasnt cold. yes, the wind had stopped, but it’s still¬†cold.¬† I guess I should have just made her wear the coat, but I didn’t¬†care any more and it really wasnt worth fighting about since she was on the verge of being late.

Is it wrong of me to want her to be cold?

So explain this one to me…

This is the second time in as many weeks that I have caught her “Forgetting” to brush her teeth.¬† I can’t even imagine how many times she hasn’t done it before I caught her.

YUCK. I know that once in a very long while, I do something that throws off my routine and I forget to brush. It happens, I get that. But I don’t think this is one of those times.¬† I don’t get it.

I honestly believe that she was running 10 minutes late and she decided that she didn’t¬†have time to brush.¬† That’s what her story was the last time I busted her.

Which prompted a “Basic hygiene” lesson. Things you do no matter what(in no particular order); that come BEFORE spending 20-30 minutes on your hair.

1.Shower/wash hair   2. Wear deodorant  3. Brush your teeth  4. Wash your face 5. Wash your hands after going to the bathroom.

I don’t¬†think it’s too¬†much to ask of her. I don’t want her to turn into the smelly chick with the gross teeth.¬†

Oh well… maybe tomorrow she will think about it

I’m feeling better now that I’ve vented and had some coffee.

Wishing you a terrific Thursday!

What a glorious day!

You would never know by looking outside today that it is the middle of January!

It is just glorious! There is no better word for it. The sky is vibrant blue! The sun is shining! There isn’t a cloud to be seen! Oh, and did I mention that it’s 84 degrees!?!?¬†

These are the days that make it worth living in Southern California. It would have been a great day to go to the beach.

Inspired by this wonderful day, we took a family walk this afternoon.  The dog too!

The blue sky through the pine trees

A poofy dandelion in our yard

Our refreshments


An iris before the Toddler took it! she wore it in her hair on the way home.

Pretty flowers around the fire hydrant.

Me and the dog.

I hope your day was glorious too!


Earlier I wrote about how unmotivated I was feeling today.

After I published that post, I sat around for a little while realizing how lazy and whiny I must have sounded. 

I drank a glass of Mountain Dew, since I still didn’t feel like actually making coffee.. and off I went!

The guest bathroom is clean.

The trash and recycling were taken out.

The livingroom is picked up, much to my toddler’s dismay. She kept trying to drag it all out as it was put away.

Two loads of laundry are done.

The sheets in the guest room are changed.

I called to shut off my hubbys Sirius radio that broke (which got us a free radio and 3 free months of service) and called to make some payment arrangements for the hospital bill for when we took the Toddler to the ER around Thanksgiving.  Oh, and the lady I talked to about the hospital bill, sounded just like Phyllis from the Office. It was pretty funny! LOL

Ordered pizza for dinner.

I haven’t made it to the store, I’m going to save that for the morning so I can go all by myself! Woo-hoo!¬† Grocery shopping by myself is one of my very favorite things to do. And I havent gotten a chance to get my list and coupons together yet.

 That is next on my agenda. Well, after eating some yummy pizza!

A little while later…

Dinner was eaten!

The coupons are organized.

The kitchen is mopped.

Hubby is home!