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1 year, 1 month, 23 days….

After 1 year, 1 month and 23 days… that woman who gave birth to the Teen finally crawled out from under her rock last night.

She sent me a Facebook message.

It was completely self-centered, and poorly spelled. (I hate it when people type messages like that in text short hand.. You= U, and = N, am = M etc… seriously, how much longer could it really take you to spell everything out?)

She claims to “miss her very much.”


“wants to start writing her very soon.”

I don’t buy it.  I think she had a momentary pang of guilt.

Oh, and I almost forgot my personal favorite:

“I hope she is not facing some of the things I have had to face in my teen years.”

Well, if you were abandoned by your mother .. then yes, she’s going through that.  Otherwise, I doubt it.

Give me a break.

I am going to tell her about herself this time. I’m done being nice, I’m done just letting her keep hurting her.  If she wants to truly make an effort, then it will be up to the Teen to agree to it. But there will be clear expectations put on her.  And with the baby due in a few weeks, I have a hard time believing that she’s going to pull it off. 

But before I do anything, I’m going to talk to the Teen about it. See what she wants me to do. Maybe she wants to tell her off herself.  My dear hubby didn’t really have anything to say about it when I read him the message.  He’s so helpful sometimes. 😉

Well.. wish me luck. I’m going to talk to her after school..and in the mean time I’m going to work on composing my thoughts on the matter.

And make soup. It’s definitely a soup kind of day.



What a Wednesday.

So here are the highlights of my Wednesday:

-I actually managed to get up and go to the gym. My trainer made me do far more lunges than I’d care to- which would naturally be 0 and she made me do like 1,000,000. Okay, maybe not.. but it was still a lot.

-By 10:30am, the Maniac was on her 3rd pair of underwear. Pair #1 was soiled with some #2 and pair #2 was drenched in #1 right in front of the toilet. Awesomely frustrating.

-While picking her up to put her in time-out for throwing something at me, the Maniac bit me really hard in the shoulder. There’s still a mark.

-While in the kitchen getting her something to eat, she got a fork out of the drawer and proceeded to stab me in the butt with it.

-Around 1:30 I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I tried to convince her to take a nap, but of course she was far too busy to sleep. I dozed off a couple of times and was rudely awakened by being poked in the eye, and then jumped on.

-She finally decided that she did want to sleep at  6:30pm. I only let her sleep until about 7:15 since I wanted to sleep before midnight. (Not that I actually ot to sleep before midnight… but it wasnt because of her.)

-I had what I think to be a pretty good talk with the Teen. Hopefully she actually heard what I had to say.

-I did get to watch America’s Next Top Model All Stars and CSI uninterrupted. Which was quite wonderful and refreshing.

And then I went to bed far too late and didn’t get up for this gym this morning.

Wishing you a Thursday that does not include a fork in the butt! hahaha! 😀


Sex, Lies & Facebook

Dear Girl-I-sort-of-knew-in-High-School,

I love some good drama as much as the next guy… but I barely know you and I was embarrassed that you felt the need to air what seemed to be ALL of your dirty laundry for all of Facebook-land to see. 

I appreciate the fact that you were trying to tell “your side of the story”… I get that. But there is this fabulous invention on Facebook called PRIVACY SETTINGS. Use them.

It’s awful that you cheated on your husband… that your husband cheated on you… that your husband’s family thinks the worst of you (what do you really expect they are going to be on his side no matter who is really at fault) and I’m really sorry that your poor kids are stuck in the middle of all your drama.  

They should be the #1 reason NOT to share that kind of stuff so publicly.

I have no doubt that you could have gotten your side explained to your in-laws in a much less public forum. Write them a letter or email, go visit, call a meeting, singing telegram, conference call, Skype, or just use your privacy settings so only they can see.

If you want to really be public about it-  go on Maury or Jerry Springer.. (wait, are either of them even still on?) .. or whatever the newest talk show is where you can get a paternity test and air all of your grievances for the general tv watching public.  

See, you have options.  

Oh, and one other thing… in the wake of announcing your failed marriage to the world… maybe you should have held off on letting us know about the new boyfriend for a little while.  I’m just sayin’… it doesn’t really help your cause at all.

 I wish you luck on this new chapter in your life…   Please just think twice before you o all TMI on us again. I don’t want to know THAT much about it. 🙂




The Good, the Weird and the Psycho.

It’s been kind of an odd day. There’s been good, weird and just plain psycho.

Good: I’m feeling better right now than I have in the last week. I guess all the crying I did paid off.

Good: I finally got the Maniac to poop in the potty! She’s been telling me “Mom, I just want to poop in my underwear.” but I caught her in time today.. She got some Squinkies as a prize.

Weird: We had a play date today at V’s house. Almost everyone bailed at the last minute. It was me, V and one other mom. Then one of V’s non-playgroup friends showed up. I’m not sure if she was invited or just dropped by. Anyway- after the other mom left, V and her friend sat down on the couch and started talking and completely ignored me. They didn’t look at me or anything. It was quite rude and made me very uncomfortable. So I grabbed the Maniac and we left. I don’t know if its the craptastic mood I’ve been in lately, or just mw being paranoid… But I’ve kind of been feeling like V is mad at me for some unknown reason for the last few weeks. She’s stopped texting me and has been kind of distant and stand off-ish the last time I saw her. Very weird.

Psycho: My Brother-in-law’s Baby Mama is up to some weirdness. She unfriended my niece and I for some unknown bizarre reason. I knew when I realized that she and my niece weren’t on my friends list anymore, and when I sent my niece a new request and she didn’t approve it… That She had something to do with it. I messaged my niece asking why we weren’t friends like 2 weeks ago and she replied just tonight “my mom.” who knows why She’s mad at me this time. (trying to explain our relationship is probably closer to a book than even a blog post. It’s been quite a journey with her.) Psycho. It also could explain what prompted her mother to put that rude comment on my FB the other day. The apple doesn’t fall far from the psycho tree.

Oh well… Here’s to an even better tomorrow and maybe managing to get up and go to the gym!



I’m tired. I’ve been having a really hard time sleeping this week, which is making life kind of a drag.  I can’t tell you how much I need to get back to a “normal” schedule and not this weird going to bed at 2am and dragging through the day I have going on. I havent missed this at all… it used to be my normal schedule for a long time.. I thought I was over it.

I’m not really sure what my problem is. I feel kind of blah. In a funk if you will. On the verge of sad. Maybe hubby being gone is finally catching up to me. Maybe I’m just due for a breakdown.

The days he was home went by in the blink of an eye. It never seems like enough time. He’s been home for what, like 7 days in the last 2 months? It sucks. I miss him so much I can’t even put it into words.

And then yesterday I was at the park with the Maniac and our play group, and a thing from my CNN app pops up on my phone about the earthquake in Virginia/Washington DC. And guess where hubby is this week…

Virginia. I just about had a heart attack. And he wasnt answering his phone. Double heart attack.

Luckily he’s fine. He didn’t even know it happened. He was driving most of the day. Whew. Now I have to worry about this hurricane that is getting ready to attack the east coast. Hopefully he’s inland enough that it shouldn’t hit him too hard.

I need a vacation. Some time away with just my hubby… we need it desperately. But I think all the planets would have to align, there be a lunar and solar eclipse and  any other cosmic thing you can think of to happen all of the same day.

Somehow someday we will make it happen. Somehow.

For now, I have to figure out how to get out of this funk. The kids are driving me nuts, if I have to yell at the Teen about watering the dog or making her bed or putting toilet paper in the bathroom when she runs out before she needs it or any thing else… I think I may just completely lose my mind.  For real this time.

I guess I’m just lonely. I havent really talked to my BFF’s in a while. Maybe I need to call them. M always knows how to make me feel better. And R may not always get what I’m going through, at least she can get my mind off of it for a while. Sigh.

 Oh well. I guess thats my pity party for the day. I need to go take a shower and maybe do something with this day instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

Hope your day is better.

The freaking flu

OMG. I am so sick.

I have some stupid nasty flu bug I think. I don’t ever get the stomach flu. I guess I shouldn’t say “don’t ever”.. But the last time I had a bout with the stomach flu the Teen was in first grade. The time before that was in like 1997.

So needless to say this sucks. I really hate puking.

Oh, and I’m not eating spaghetti again for a really long time. UGH.

Thank goodness for my Teen. She has been looking after the maniac while I’ve been asleep all day. She was a trooper when I woke her up in the middle of the night to get some juice for the Maniac when I could barely stand up.

I definitely need to give her a special thank you once I’m feeling better. Maybe I’ll take her to Pinkberry. She’s obsessed with Pinkberry and we’ve never even been there. Lol

Oh well… I think I’m going to go back to sleep. Hopefully this fever will break soon now that I got some Tylenol down. We didn’t have any grown up Tylenol and I didn’t want to take any ibuprophin since my stomach already hurt… So I took some liquid children’s Tylenol. You gotta do what you gotta do I guess!

I hope your day is better than mine!

What’s up with me this week…

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a busy week, and looking to be an even busier weekend!

The most exciting part of the weekend is that my wonderful Hubby who I haven’t seen in a month, IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!!!  YES!

But its only for 4 days. I’ll take it though.

So, Tomorrow we have a play date at the park.. of course its the one with the water feature.. so that will be interesting to try to leave in the middle of…

Then I am surprising my unsuspecting Teen and taking her to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. She is going to FREAK! She has been dying to see it since we saw the first part back in November.  And I keep messing with her about it. Every time she sees a commercial… she reminds me of how excited she is and I remind her that she can only see it if I let her. I’m so mean.  But it’s so fun. hahahahaha! 

Friday I get to on our Mommy Groups Mommy’s Night Out! No kids, no husbands.. just us girls! I’m very excited to go! After Hubby being gone for a month it is a miracle I havent lost my mind!

Then Saturday hopefully Hubby and I will get to go on a date. My wonderful friend V said she’d watch the kids for me. I’m thinking just hanging at home and making him dinner and just hanging out together without those pesky kids! 🙂

Sunday will be a family day… and then Hubby is back on a plane for some undetermined amount of time again. Sigh. I know it will all go by far too fast.

In other news-

Yesterday I left the house for the first time with a diaper-free Maniac… and she only peed in the potty! Pretty exciting stuff! I was relieved that she did so well, since we went to a Meet Up at one of the mom’s (who i had only met once) in the Mommy Group’s house. I was so afraid she’d pee on something.  I just kept asking her if she had to pee every 5 seconds.  Of course this morning there was a pooping on the floor incident while I was in the shower. Three cheers for the Teen who cleaned it up! 🙂

I am now about 85% certain that the Teen’s mother is pregnant. Her status yesterday was “sorry boo boo there isn’t any more for u n these jeans, lol” I could be totally off base, but to me it reads prego. I still need to be 100% before I break it to the Teen.  I do not want her finding out from any one else… well the Baby Mama telling her would be swell.. but we all know that won’t happen. It is coming very close to being a year since she spoke to her.   And Crazy Grandma has been trying to call her this week. We’re kind of curious how long she is going to try to call until she gives up. I warned her that the Teen wasnt going to answer the phone. She doesn’t want to talk to her. Which is good… since I realized last night that if they talked, I bet she would spill the Baby Mama Baby beans. And I definitely don’t want THAT to happen.. not from the likes of her.

So that’s what’s up with me this week.

What’s up with you? 🙂