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No, not the party game.

Just this horrible place between knowing nothing and waiting to get an answer.

It’s so frustrating.

I don’t know why people just can’t give you a straight answer when you ask a question.

Me: “Can you help me?”

Them: “Um.. I’ll tell you tomorrow or the next day.”

Or my favorite..

“I’ll follow-up on it in 15 business days.”

Wait, What? But I’ve already waited a month and a half..


I’m trying to be patient. I’ve said a few prayers.

I’m frustrated, overwhelmed.

I feel like there is no end in sight.

I know there has to be a light at the end of this tunnel somewhere.

Maybe around this next turn….


RE: “we need to talk”

If you haven’t read it, here’s the post from a few days ago: “we need to talk.”

It seems I got my panties all in a bunch for nothing.. at least nothing yet.

I arrived at the park, like we had planned.. 10 minutes before our scheduled play date.  As I am pulling in the parking lot, I get a text that said her kids just woke up.  I’m sorry, but if I have plans to be somewhere (which in a fact I did) I wake the kids up and get them ready in a timely manner as to be as closely on time as possible (which in fact I did). You don’t let them sleep in until when ever the heck the feel like it.


That’s when I was over it. She obviously didn’t want to talk that bad, or she would have made even a small effort.

By the time she got there, the other moms had arrived. She was acting a little weird, but we chatted like nothing was wrong. We talked about future playdates and things to do with the kids.

She and I were the last two to leave. She had me alone, to say whatever was on her mind. But did she say a word? Nope.. she just left.

Again I say… WHAT-the-eff-ever.

Now  I am really over it.  I’m not going to waste my time wondering or worrying what her problem is, it is soooo not worth it.

Seriously, it’s your thing. I’m not going to ask you what your problem is. You have stuff to get off your chest, open your mouth, I’ll listen. When I wanted to know why you weren’t talking to me last time, I opened my mouth and said “are you mad at me?” See how easy that is?

Oh- and she even had another opportunity… she was at my house the next day. We had a playdate here… she could have gotten there early, stayed after everyone left… said something… even, “hey can we talk later/tomorrow/on the phone/ next week?” something, anything. But she chose not to say a peep.

So, I am not going to give it a second thought. I have real things in my life to worry about right now. Not crap that is feeling like stupid high school drama. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with that.

But I will be sure to give you an update should I ever find out what the problem is! 🙂




New Years Resolution #7

New Years Resolution #7= clean out my email inbox.

Yes, I am an email hoarder. (first step is admitting the problem, right? 😉 )

I usually check my email on my phone, and then don’t delete all the newsletters, sales, coupon info.. all the crap.

I forgot to look at the exact total number that were in there before I started deleting. I’m pretty sure it was in the neighborhood of 11,000-12,000.

but there were 8, 116 unread emails in my inbox. See..


I went back to the oldest one, and it is from 10/15/2010. Yea, I really need to clean house!

So, after 2 hours of filtering and deleting… unsubscribing… and deleting some more… I have it down to this:


There are actually 3,988 total in the box. Which is better than 12,000, that’s for sure.  That’s about all I can handle for today.

But, at least its progress!

YAY for That!




2011 New Years Resolutions- the final results

Christmas went by in a flash.

Now its only a few days until 2012 is here.

Where did 2011 go?

Despite the ups and downs… I think it was a pretty good year.

I managed to keep a few of last years resolutions…

Here is the original list..

And an update.. and another..

When I last checked in 6 months ago, my score was

Resolutions 4.5 Me 5.5

New Years Resolution #1- Post more!

Revisited result: January= 14 posts, February =19 posts.

July update: March=12, April=10, May=14 & June=13

 Since then: July=6   August=13  September=10  October=4 November=5 December=6

126 posts this year!  I think that is definitely successful.

Resolutions 0  Me 1

New Years Resolution #2- We are going to find financial health this year. 

This one is definitely #1 on my new list of resolutions.  Again, it’s still eluding us. We are going to make some changes to hopefully get us in a better place this year. I don’t think that we are worse off right now than we were at this time last year… we are pretty much the same. Which in either case is not good.

Resolutions 1 Me 1

New Years Resolution #3- Patience.

Eh. Still a work in progress.

Resolutions 2 Me 1

New Years Resolution #4- more Weight Loss.

I’m going to still give myself the points for this one.. I’ve reached a plateau.. but I have a new gym buddy! So I’ve been going to the gym more again!

Resolutions 2 Me 2

New Years Resolution #5- POTTY TRAINING!

This is my biggest success of the year for sure! She still has some issues with the poop.. but she is a peeing superstar!

Resolutions 2 Me 3

As for 6-10…

#6 Read more.   I was doing pretty well. I made my summer reading list, which I actually crossed a few off the list. I need to get back to it though. But I made some progress so, 1 for me!

#7 house cleaner, purge the junk.  Still a work in progress. I am determined to not suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Any One Over Syndrome) any longer.

#8 Not be so lazy about cooking dinner every night.  I was doing way better… but then got lazy… I do cook every night when the hubby is home.  (We’ll score that one half for me.)

#9 Go to my 20th High School Reunion if there is one. then I changed it to.. Take a Trip Back to the Burgh by the end of the year.

Yea that didn’t happen.

#10 actually make time for myself.  I try. But am not always successful. (Half for me)

The final score: Resolutions:  5  Me: 5


At least I tied the resolutions and it wasnt a complete blow out!

I hope your year was a good one.

I’m sure you’re just dying to hear about this years resolutions! 🙂

Happy New Year!



It’s 4am..

It’s 4am.

I really want to be sleeping. I didn’t go to bed until almost midnight. But someone who shall remain nameless (cough*my hubby*cough) let the Maniac go to sleep at 6pm. Now it’s 4am and she’s bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I’m not sure how I am going to convince her to go back to sleep.

Anyway- I’ve been meaning to post something. I figured I’d might as well do it now. Lol

I’ve been busy busy busy.

All of my projects for other people are done. My own projects not so much.

Thea Maniac was sick over the weekend, and has a double ear infection and a sinus infection. She’s now had 3 days of antibiotics and is almost back to herself.

I’m as done with the Christmas shopping as its going to get now. I still need so get my brother-in-laws kids something.. But I don’t know when we are going to see them so I’ll figure that out when the time comes.

My hubby has been home for almost a week now. Which is fabulous… Except that he hasn’t worked all week. Which is potentially a huge problem. We’ll figure it all out I guess.

Oh well. I hope all of your Christmas preparations are going well!

Merry Christmas!

My raccoony day- a few pics from my Thursday.

A few photos from my Thursday.

The raccoons apparently missed the memo that it was daytime. They were driving the dog nuts all day. There must have been some tasty treats in our yard today.

A raccoon tail hanging through the the patio roof thingy.

The dog trying to climb the tree to get the raccoons.


Some fresh raccoon prints right outside the front door that we found after coming back from the store. They also left some “presents” under the hibiscus tree. Awesome.
I made cake pops today for a Halloween party tomorrow. I kind of felt like they were staring at me. Lol

Did she just call my 3-year-old a bully?

As most of you know, if you read this ramblings from my brain on any sort of regular basis, my dear Maniac is three and a half.

She’s bigger than all the other three-year-olds in our play group  in the world! She is off the charts for her age. And people tend to forget that despite the fact that she is the size of the average 5-year-old, she’s only three.

She can get a little aggressive when she’s playing with other kids, she has pushed and hit, taken toys away, and one time she even bit one of her little friends.

She doesn’t mean any harm. She’s not doing it to be mean or just to pick on the littler kids. She’s just three. She doesn’t have other kids to play with during the day.. she just has me. She’s still learning the ropes of playing and interacting with her peers.

That being said… the person who I thought was my closest friend here, had been acting really strange for the last month or so- basically just not talking to me unless she had to.  I finally had the opportunity to confront her about it on Tuesday. Her reasoning for just not talking to me:

“The Maniac is a bully, and you don’t do enough to stop her.”

Wow.  Ouch.

My first reaction was that I know she can be rough.. but I’m working on it.

After thinking about it for a few days, I’ve come to the realization that it’s not fair to brand her a “”BULLY”. That’s a really strong word.  That makes you think of intimidation and malicious intent, preying on the weak.  

She’s just a little girl who is trying to figure stuff out.  Like I said, she doesn’t have other kids to play and fight with all day.. she just has me and (when she’s not in school) the Teen.  She has to learn somehow. So she gets mad and hits someone. or bites them (which I’m pretty sure is where this whole thing started.) or takes a toy away… whatever…  It could happen to any kid by any kid. That doesn’t make her “the Bully.”

As for the “You don’t do enough to stop it” I’ve been thinking a lot about that too.  I definitely feel like she is attacking my parenting. Theres a really fine line between being helpful and being a judgmental jerk. I would never judge her parenting decisions. You have to do what you have to do.  And truth be told, I have witnessed  a couple of things that I would never do, but I would never call her out on… unless of course the kids were truly in danger.

Yes, my husband kindly pointed out a week or two ago that maybe I give the Maniac too many chances to get her to stop doing stuff. I’ve been working on that. And I have instituted an absolute no hitting policy. You hit/bite = time out. No exceptions.  We’ve also been talking about what it means to do nice things and mean things, as well as what to do when you feel angry that doesn’t involve touching other people.  It’s going to take some time… but I know she’ll  get it.

She has actually been quite good on the last two playdates we were on. So there 😛 .

Maybe I didn’t reprimand her to her liking because I was with a bunch of women that I don’t know very well. Come on, you know as well I as do that you don’t yell at the kids like you normally would in front of strangers or people you aren’t 100% comfortable with… mostly because you don’t want them judging you, or thinking you are a horrible parent.

Be realistic- if you have ever been to a playgroup… all the:

“Come on honey, we don’t _____________” in the sweetest tone ever…

You know they most likely don’t talk to the kids at home. You know there’s some yelling going on there… maybe I’m wrong… but in my experience… when there are kids they eventually make you yell no matter how hard you try not to.

Anyway- that’s what I’ve been dealing with this week. Now I have to decide whether I need to just let it go, or say something to her about the unfairness of labeling her a Bully.  I will probably just let it go… it’s not worth the energy to worry about it… she’s going to think what she wants anyway no matter what I say.

I just have to show her that she’s anything but a bully.