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New Years Resolutions: 2012 Edition

My final post of 2011…

 my 2012 New Years Resolutions!

I know you’ve been dying to read them! haha!

1. Find that pesky ever-elusive financial health. Yea, we are starting off 2012 in the same pickle as we started 2011. Hubby hasn’t worked for 2 weeks and he will be off for 3 before he hits the road again. We are going to have to make some serious changes this year. First up, I refuse to any longer be the one who is solely responsible for paying the bills. Its exhausting and not fair.

2. Lose 25 pounds.

3. Be a better Auntie.  I want to be the kind of Aunt that I had as a kid. And I have some pretty fantastic Aunts! 🙂 And I’m not just saying that for the one who may be reading this! She is an awesome lady! 🙂

4. Read more.

5. Try one new recipe every week  (and blog about it.)

6. Keep on blogging.

7. Clean out my email inbox and my WordPress draft boxes. I am not kidding when I say I have over 9,000 emails in my inbox that have never been read. I really need to work on that. It was almost 11,000 last week I did delete a few.

8. Learn how to purge. We have a garage full of stuff that I can’t seem to get rid of. It’s really gotta go.

9. Make my etsy store a real business.  I actually made some pretty okay sales for Christmas. And that was just starting in November. Imagine what I could do if I started before that!

10. Go through and organize the bazillion pictures that are on my computer.

There you have it. I guess a lot of them are more like goals than resolutions. But at least I think most of them are attainable.

I wish you a safe, happy, healthy, prosperous wonderful New Year!


2011 New Years Resolutions- the final results

Christmas went by in a flash.

Now its only a few days until 2012 is here.

Where did 2011 go?

Despite the ups and downs… I think it was a pretty good year.

I managed to keep a few of last years resolutions…

Here is the original list..

And an update.. and another..

When I last checked in 6 months ago, my score was

Resolutions 4.5 Me 5.5

New Years Resolution #1- Post more!

Revisited result: January= 14 posts, February =19 posts.

July update: March=12, April=10, May=14 & June=13

 Since then: July=6   August=13  September=10  October=4 November=5 December=6

126 posts this year!  I think that is definitely successful.

Resolutions 0  Me 1

New Years Resolution #2- We are going to find financial health this year. 

This one is definitely #1 on my new list of resolutions.  Again, it’s still eluding us. We are going to make some changes to hopefully get us in a better place this year. I don’t think that we are worse off right now than we were at this time last year… we are pretty much the same. Which in either case is not good.

Resolutions 1 Me 1

New Years Resolution #3- Patience.

Eh. Still a work in progress.

Resolutions 2 Me 1

New Years Resolution #4- more Weight Loss.

I’m going to still give myself the points for this one.. I’ve reached a plateau.. but I have a new gym buddy! So I’ve been going to the gym more again!

Resolutions 2 Me 2

New Years Resolution #5- POTTY TRAINING!

This is my biggest success of the year for sure! She still has some issues with the poop.. but she is a peeing superstar!

Resolutions 2 Me 3

As for 6-10…

#6 Read more.   I was doing pretty well. I made my summer reading list, which I actually crossed a few off the list. I need to get back to it though. But I made some progress so, 1 for me!

#7 house cleaner, purge the junk.  Still a work in progress. I am determined to not suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Any One Over Syndrome) any longer.

#8 Not be so lazy about cooking dinner every night.  I was doing way better… but then got lazy… I do cook every night when the hubby is home.  (We’ll score that one half for me.)

#9 Go to my 20th High School Reunion if there is one. then I changed it to.. Take a Trip Back to the Burgh by the end of the year.

Yea that didn’t happen.

#10 actually make time for myself.  I try. But am not always successful. (Half for me)

The final score: Resolutions:  5  Me: 5


At least I tied the resolutions and it wasnt a complete blow out!

I hope your year was a good one.

I’m sure you’re just dying to hear about this years resolutions! 🙂

Happy New Year!



How about a little Thank You?

Seriously people…

How hard is it to say THANK YOU???

I went through the trouble of MAKING something for you and mailing it.

After a week and a half, I finally ask you if you got it…

“Yes. it came on Wednesday.”


The correct answer was actually:

“Yes! Thank you!”

or “Yes, thanks!”

or  “Thank you so much!”

or even “Thank you! That was so nice! You are so sweet and wonderful!” 🙂

But no. Just “yes.”


Not that this is really anything new for this particular person. Pretty much the norm. There was just always a little part of me that thought maybe,just maybe it could be different this time.  Show some grattitde.

The other two people I sent things to thanked me. 

 I guess two out of three isn’t bad.



Happy the-day-after Thanksgiving!

It was a busy, but very nice day for us! My parents and sister were here. My hubby is home for a whole week!

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about all that I am thankful for:

-my wonderful husband
-my crazy wonderful kids
– my amazing parents
-my sister
-my brother
-my brother-in-law
-my nieces and nephews
-my 2 bff’s
-all of my friends new and old and on FB 🙂
– that my husband has a job, even though it takes him away from us quite often
– that my husband has a job that allows me to stay at home with the kids
– the roof over our heads and the food on the table
– our dog
– health

Those are the important ones anyway.

I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as we did.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Forgive & Forget? Not so easy.

I’m having a hard time letting go of some anger.

It’s kind of stupid I guess, but my feelings were very hurt.

As you know, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago.

Two things happened that really upset me, and I can’t quite let it go.

It probably makes me seem selfish, but at the same time it was two very important people in my life that I expected more out of… which I guess is my fault for having expectations… which is why it makes it seem selfish & probably stupid. But my feelings were hurt, so it’s not that stupid. Does that even make any sense?


1. My brother didn’t call/text/Facebook/email or anything on my birthday. And it’s not like it’s some random month of the year where he might forget…. my birthday is 5 days before his.  Just a text would have been nice. Seriously. Even when we don’t take very often it’s the one week out of the year that we always talk to each other twice. And I got big, fat, nothing.  I don’t know what’s going on in his world. I called him on his birthday (much to my chagrin) , left a message and of course he didn’t call back.

2. I havent talked to my Las Vegas BFF in quite a while. She’s always really busy with work, and now the new boyfriend. I guess I expected more out of her, being my BFF and all… She left for a 3 week trip abroad a day or 2 before my birthday. It seems that all I rated was a text message from the plane when she had already flown to NYC.  That really hurt my feelings too.  And now she’s back and is supposed to call me tonight and I just can’t stop being mad.

I know if I voice either of these things to the people involved, I’m going to sound like a complete idiot. I know I need to let it go. But at the same time, I sort of feel like they should know I was hurt by their actions.

I just don’t know what to do. Sigh.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

This really made me wonder…


But then 50 feet from that was this, which REALLY made me wonder..


Saturday Night!

It’s Saturday night. It’s getting pretty crazy up in here. Okay, not at all.

I am sitting on the couch catching up on some DVR stuff. Hubby is snoozing on the recliner, and the girls are watching TV in the other room.

We are celebrating my birthday this weekend. it’s actually next weekend, but sadly my hubby will be away working. 😦 I’m sad… but at least we can have some birthday fun this weekend.

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch today! It was fun.. far more expensive than you would think, picking three pumpkins would be, but its all about the experience, right?

We took the wagon ride around the farm, went to the petting zoo & fed the goats, managed to not get lost in the corn maze, and picked our pumpkins. It was fun. The maniac had a great time, and managed to carry her pumpkin most of the way to pay for it.

Tonight, we are going to go have a birthday dinner. I got a free dinner for my birthday from Black Angus Steakhouse for joining their e-club, so we are going to use that coupon! I’ve also gotten birthday emails from Chili’s (Free dessert), Lonestar (Free appetizer) and Sephora (A free philosophy body wash.)

Woo hoo for my birthday!

I’m not sure what we are going to do tomorrow… but it will be something birthday-rific!! 🙂

Well, I’m going to go take a shower and get pretty for dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂