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From 0 to cake in 5 minutes flat!- Recipe of the week #3

I tried a few new recipes this week, but I think this one deserves the most attention ūüôā

I’m not kidding when I say you get cake in 5 minutes flat!

This is: 5 minute Chocolate Mug Cake!

Thank my mom for sending me this! She forwarded it from a recipe exchange email that one of her friends sent her! And I really wanted something sweet last night and I remembered that it was in my inbox! So I threw it together, and 5 minutes later there was cake!

Here’s what you need:

4 Tablespoons Flour

4 Tablespoons Sugar

2 Tablespoons Cocoa

1 egg

3 Tablespoons Milk

3 Tablespoons oil or butter (I liked it way better with the butter!)

3 Tablespoons of Chocolate Chips-optional (I used peanut butter chips)

a small splash of vanilla extract

(I also added a pinch of baking powder)

1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil/butter and mix well. Add the chocolate chips and vanilla extract and mix again. (The chocolate chips sink to the bottom, so if you want them throughout I suggest putting in half and mixing them, and then just putting the rest on top)

Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 min at 1000 watts (HIGH). THe cake will rise over the top pf the mug, but don’t be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, then tip it out onto a plate and EAT! It’s a little rich, so you might want to share it with someone you love! ‚̧

The other recipes I tried out this week were:

Real Sopapillas– As per my hubby’s request, they turned out pretty good!

Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole – We were using what we had, and there was some turkey left from Thanksgiving and mashed potatoes left from the night before and I made this! There were no leftovers!

Crispy Potato Roast – I found this recipe on Pinterest, I seasoned it a little differently, but it was delish! ūüôā

That’s 6 new recipes for the year! ūüôā





They’re not pretty, but they’re Pierogi- Recipe of the Week #2

On Sunday,¬†in honor of my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers who lost in the most horrible 5 seconds of OT ever… I tried my hand at home made¬†pierogi. (If you don’t know what a pierogi is.. it’s a little dough pillow filled with potatoes, cheese, onion or even sauerkraut. I belive it is a traditionally Polish dish.)

Even though I am 50% polish, I’m pretty sure we never had pierogi¬†at home growing up. But they do remind me of my Pittsburgh roots, which is why I¬†usually to serve them during Steeler games.

Normally I go to the grocery store and buy a box of Mrs. T’s frozen pierogi.. but¬† I was feeling adventurous.

They are kind of a lot of work, and since I have never even seen someone make them, I was kind of flying blind.

Here is the recipe I found on allrecipes.com: Pierogi

It was the one with the most good reviews that I looked at, and that made the most sense to me. I just used the dough portion of the recipe, and made my own mashed potato filling. Which, I basically just made mashed potatoes like I normally would.

So here’s the before picture. They are not pretty at all. I got the hang of it more as I went on.. the later ones are much better than the first few.


Tada! Here they are, cooked with sautéed onions in butter ready to eat! They were surprisingly good!


And I actually made 2 new recipes today! We had leftover mashed potatoes so I tried this: Crispy Parmesan Potato Puffs.¬† Compliments to my sister for finding this one! They didn’t come out as nice as the ones they show on the recipe, but they were tasty!


There you have it! I have now tried 2 new recipes in the first 10 days of the year!


New Years Resolution #7

New Years Resolution #7= clean out my email inbox.

Yes, I am an email hoarder. (first step is admitting the problem, right? ūüėČ )

I usually check my email on my phone, and then don’t delete all the newsletters, sales, coupon info.. all the crap.

I forgot to look at the exact total number that were in there before I started deleting. I’m pretty sure it was in the neighborhood of 11,000-12,000.

but there were 8, 116 unread emails in my inbox. See..


I went back to the oldest one, and it is from 10/15/2010. Yea, I really need to clean house!

So, after 2 hours of filtering and deleting… unsubscribing… and deleting some more… I have it down to this:


There are actually 3,988 total in the box. Which is better than 12,000, that’s for sure.¬† That’s about all I can handle for today.

But, at least its progress!

YAY for That!




Holy Crap, That is good! Recipe of the Week #1

Hello 2012!

For my very first post of the new year, I am going to start off by sharing the first new recipe I have tried! (See Resolution #5 Try one new recipe every week.)

Well, Holy Crap was this good!

I got on the waiting list for an invite for Pinterest the other day, and was browsing through some stuff they let you see before you actually get to join and there it was..

Cinnamon Roll Pulls

Thank you Plain Chicken.com!

They are UH-MAY-ZING! I could seriously eat the entire loaf of bread myself! I really had to stop myself from eating it all.. no one else was ready to eat and they left me alone with it. Sooooo… good. I think it’s the vanilla honey butter that does it.. mixed with the cinnamon sugar. It’s divine.


Last night we tried the Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls… It was part of my “Let’s see what we can cover in cheese and bacon” New Years Eve menu. haha! Also, totally delicious! The 4 of us devoured it in about 2 minutes. (I wish I was joking about that.)


Today I will be making some old favorites… some new year’s Day/Football food. Buttery Soft Pretzels and for dinner (as per my hubby’s request) Mini Cheese Burgers. Yum-O!

Enjoy your New Year’s Day!

2011 New Years Resolutions- the final results

Christmas went by in a flash.

Now its only a few days until 2012 is here.

Where did 2011 go?

Despite the ups and downs… I think it was a pretty good year.

I managed to keep a few of last years resolutions…

Here is the original list..

And an update.. and another..

When I last checked in 6 months ago, my score was

Resolutions 4.5 Me 5.5

New Years Resolution #1- Post more!

Revisited result: January= 14 posts, February =19 posts.

July update: March=12, April=10, May=14 & June=13

 Since then: July=6   August=13  September=10  October=4 November=5 December=6

126 posts this year!  I think that is definitely successful.

Resolutions 0  Me 1

New Years Resolution #2- We are going to find financial health this year. 

This one is definitely #1 on my new list of resolutions.¬† Again, it’s still eluding us. We are going to make some changes to hopefully get us in a better place this year. I don’t think that we are worse off right now than we were at this time last year… we are pretty much the same. Which in either case is not good.

Resolutions 1 Me 1

New Years Resolution #3- Patience.

Eh. Still a work in progress.

Resolutions 2 Me 1

New Years Resolution #4- more Weight Loss.

I’m going to still give myself the points for this one.. I’ve reached a plateau.. but I have a new gym buddy! So I’ve been going to the gym more again!

Resolutions 2 Me 2

New Years Resolution #5- POTTY TRAINING!

This is my biggest success of the year for sure! She still has some issues with the poop.. but she is a peeing superstar!

Resolutions 2 Me 3

As for 6-10…

#6 Read more.   I was doing pretty well. I made my summer reading list, which I actually crossed a few off the list. I need to get back to it though. But I made some progress so, 1 for me!

#7 house cleaner, purge the junk.  Still a work in progress. I am determined to not suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Any One Over Syndrome) any longer.

#8 Not be so lazy about cooking dinner every night.¬† I was doing way better… but then got lazy… I do cook every night when the hubby is home.¬† (We’ll score that one half for me.)

#9 Go to my 20th High School Reunion if there is one. then I changed it to.. Take a Trip Back to the Burgh by the end of the year.

Yea that didn’t happen.

#10 actually make time for myself.  I try. But am not always successful. (Half for me)

The final score: Resolutions:  5  Me: 5


At least I tied the resolutions and it wasnt a complete blow out!

I hope your year was a good one.

I’m sure you’re just dying to hear about this years resolutions! ūüôā

Happy New Year!



2011 is Half Over- Checking in with my New Year’s Resolutions…

Happy July 1st!

I figured in honor of the year being half over already, I would¬†take a look at¬†my New Years resolutions and see¬†how that’s working out for¬†me. ¬†

Here is the original post.

And the last time I revisited them…

When we last visited my Resolutions, the score was:

Resolutions 5 Me 4 TBD 1

Let’s see where we are now..¬† Drumroll please…

New Years Resolution #1- Post more! 

Revisited result: January= 14 posts, February =19 posts.

Since Then: March=12, April=10, May=14 & June=13

Not too¬†shabby.. I’m definitely writing more than¬†once a week!¬†

Resolutions 0  Me 1

New Years Resolution #2- We are going to find financial health this year. 

This one is still eluding me. We had gotten completely¬†caught up, and seriously, not 2 days later we were back up the creek without a paddle. Somehow, we are managing to keep our heads above water. We just¬†went through the second time this year that hubby hasn’t worked for two weeks or more. They “claim” that they are booked through the end of the year… but that remains¬†to be seen and I don’t¬†believe¬†it until it actually¬†happens. But I’m trying really really hard to get ahead instead of behind.

Resolutions 1 Me 1

New Years Resolution #3- Patience.

I’m not sure where I stand on this one right now. I try. That’s all I can really say. I won’t chalk this one up as a win just yet.

Resolutions 2 Me 1

New Years Resolution #4- more Weight Loss.

This is definitely a big change from last time!¬† I may have to give myself 2 points… I joined the gym at the end of May. I have been going 5-6 days a week, I have lost 3 pounds and a couple of inches. Now the trick is keeping it up!

Resolutions 2 Me 2 (To be fair, I only gave myself 1, although I deserve 2! ūüôā )

New Years Resolution #5- POTTY TRAINING!  

SCORE! We had a major break through last week, and she’s doing great! We just need to get her to go on the potty when she’s wearing underwear. Baby steps! I’ll totally take her running around naked peeing on the potty to clothes and diapers any day,

Resolutions 2 Me 3

As for 6-10…

#6 Read more.   I was doing pretty well. I made my summer reading list, which I actually crossed a few off the list. I need to get back to it though. But I made some progress so, 1 for me!

#7 ¬†house cleaner, purge the junk.¬† Still a work in progress.¬†I am determined to¬†not suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Any One Over Syndrome) any¬†longer. ¬†

#8 Not be so lazy about cooking dinner every night.¬† Doing better.. although I ate a lot of Wendy’s while the Teen was a camp. Its way too hard sometimes to just cook for me and the Maniac.¬† I’ll give myself half a score.

#9 Go to my 20th High School Reunion if there is one. Well.. it was supposed to be in July, then it got changed to October, and the last I heard it was cancelled due to lack of interest.  So, I am going to change this goal to Take a Trip Back to the Burgh by the end of the year.

#10 actually make time for myself. Again, this is still really hard. Although going to the gym is the one thing¬†I totally do for me.¬† My new motto, is “Sometimes I just have to do Me.” Which is true. I can’t worry about everyone all the time without worrying about me sometimes.

Resolutions 4.5 Me 5.5

Hmmm.. it seems half way through the year I have the edge. Who woulda thunk it?

Resolutions Revisited

 At the beginning of 2011, I made a list of New Years Resolutions.

Read them here.

I’ve decided that it is time to revisit them and see how I’m doing.

This should be interesting…

New Years Resolution #1- Post more! 

Result to date: I’ve actually been doing pretty well! I joined the PostAWeek2011 challenge and have been doing that and more!¬† In January I had¬†¬†14 posts, and February so far I’ve had 15! Go me!

Resolutions 0  Me 1

New Years Resolution #2- We are going to find financial health this year. 

Result to date: Eh. We’re not doing super hot on this one so far. Mostly in part that hubby didn’t work for about 2.5 weeks at the end of december through January.. We lost almost an entire paycheck. Which makes paying the bills quite difficult.¬† But we currently have our heads barely above the water. It’s hard, but we’re trying. I will say however, that I kind of went a little crazy with a certain Teen’s birthday party.. may have put us a little more behind than we were. But it was worth it.

Resolutions 1 Me 1

New Years Resolution #3- Patience.

Result to Date: I think I’m doing better. I don’t feel like the Teen and I have been fighting as much as we were. Maybe I should ask her.¬† I have let her walk out the door looking on the verge of ridiculous (n my opinion). She left this morning wearing these arm warmers that I think are completely ridiculous, especially when she pushes the sleeves of her jacket up to her elbows so she can show them off. I didn’t say a word. I guess that’s progress!

Resolutions 1 Me 2

New Years Resolution #4- more Weight Loss.

Result to date: Not so hot. I’ve pretty much fallen off the wagon since Christmas. Which just makes me sad, since I could have been almost half way to my goal of 50 pounds by now. ūüė¶¬† I will say that yesterday I officially got back on the wagon! Amazingly I have only gained about 2 pounds since I fell off. I have a little to make up, but my main goal (right now) is to lose 9 pounds. Then I will be at the weight I was after I went back to work after the Toddler was born and I had lost all of the baby weight. Which I also think was less¬† than I was before I got pregnant.¬†

Resolutions 2 Me 2

New Years Resolution #5- POTTY TRAINING!  

Results to Date:¬† None. She has no interest at all yet in potty training. I’m going to keep working on her.¬† I still believe she will let me know when she’s ready, so I’m not going to force her.

Resolutions 3 Me 2

As for 6-10…

#6 Read more.¬†¬† Eh.. I’ve been watching more movies than reading. Does that count?

#7 Keep the house cleaner, purge the junk.¬† Hmm.. I wish I could say this has gotten better. I did try to make a dent in the garage one day… I lasted about 10 minutes. I need to make hubby help some weekend.

#8 Not be so lazy about cooking dinner every night.¬† This I do believe has improved.¬† Yes, one night a week I get lazy and make chicken nuggets and french fries… or something out of a can. But the rest I am trying to make actual food.

#9 Go to my 20th High School Reunion if there is one. Still to be determined if we are having one! 

#10 actually make time for myself. Hmmm.. Have i made time? I try.. its hard though, with hubby gone most of the time, a Toddler on a really weird schedule… I try to relax when I can sneak in a few minutes. Mostly taking an uninterrupted shower that does not include a toddler in any way is time I relish. I did get to go on a movie date with my BFF while she was here list weekend. that was nice.¬†

Resolutions 5 Me 4 TBD 1

So It looks like right now, I am losing. At least it’s not the EPIC FAIL I thought it was!¬† I’ll keep you posted!