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New Years Resolutions: 2012 Edition

My final post of 2011…

 my 2012 New Years Resolutions!

I know you’ve been dying to read them! haha!

1. Find that pesky ever-elusive financial health. Yea, we are starting off 2012 in the same pickle as we started 2011. Hubby hasn’t worked for 2 weeks and he will be off for 3 before he hits the road again. We are going to have to make some serious changes this year. First up, I refuse to any longer be the one who is solely responsible for paying the bills. Its exhausting and not fair.

2. Lose 25 pounds.

3. Be a better Auntie.  I want to be the kind of Aunt that I had as a kid. And I have some pretty fantastic Aunts! 🙂 And I’m not just saying that for the one who may be reading this! She is an awesome lady! 🙂

4. Read more.

5. Try one new recipe every week  (and blog about it.)

6. Keep on blogging.

7. Clean out my email inbox and my WordPress draft boxes. I am not kidding when I say I have over 9,000 emails in my inbox that have never been read. I really need to work on that. It was almost 11,000 last week I did delete a few.

8. Learn how to purge. We have a garage full of stuff that I can’t seem to get rid of. It’s really gotta go.

9. Make my etsy store a real business.  I actually made some pretty okay sales for Christmas. And that was just starting in November. Imagine what I could do if I started before that!

10. Go through and organize the bazillion pictures that are on my computer.

There you have it. I guess a lot of them are more like goals than resolutions. But at least I think most of them are attainable.

I wish you a safe, happy, healthy, prosperous wonderful New Year!


2011 is Half Over- Checking in with my New Year’s Resolutions…

Happy July 1st!

I figured in honor of the year being half over already, I would take a look at my New Years resolutions and see how that’s working out for me.  

Here is the original post.

And the last time I revisited them…

When we last visited my Resolutions, the score was:

Resolutions 5 Me 4 TBD 1

Let’s see where we are now..  Drumroll please…

New Years Resolution #1- Post more! 

Revisited result: January= 14 posts, February =19 posts.

Since Then: March=12, April=10, May=14 & June=13

Not too shabby.. I’m definitely writing more than once a week! 

Resolutions 0  Me 1

New Years Resolution #2- We are going to find financial health this year. 

This one is still eluding me. We had gotten completely caught up, and seriously, not 2 days later we were back up the creek without a paddle. Somehow, we are managing to keep our heads above water. We just went through the second time this year that hubby hasn’t worked for two weeks or more. They “claim” that they are booked through the end of the year… but that remains to be seen and I don’t believe it until it actually happens. But I’m trying really really hard to get ahead instead of behind.

Resolutions 1 Me 1

New Years Resolution #3- Patience.

I’m not sure where I stand on this one right now. I try. That’s all I can really say. I won’t chalk this one up as a win just yet.

Resolutions 2 Me 1

New Years Resolution #4- more Weight Loss.

This is definitely a big change from last time!  I may have to give myself 2 points… I joined the gym at the end of May. I have been going 5-6 days a week, I have lost 3 pounds and a couple of inches. Now the trick is keeping it up!

Resolutions 2 Me 2 (To be fair, I only gave myself 1, although I deserve 2! 🙂 )

New Years Resolution #5- POTTY TRAINING!  

SCORE! We had a major break through last week, and she’s doing great! We just need to get her to go on the potty when she’s wearing underwear. Baby steps! I’ll totally take her running around naked peeing on the potty to clothes and diapers any day,

Resolutions 2 Me 3

As for 6-10…

#6 Read more.   I was doing pretty well. I made my summer reading list, which I actually crossed a few off the list. I need to get back to it though. But I made some progress so, 1 for me!

#7  house cleaner, purge the junk.  Still a work in progress. I am determined to not suffer from CHAOS (Can’t Have Any One Over Syndrome) any longer.  

#8 Not be so lazy about cooking dinner every night.  Doing better.. although I ate a lot of Wendy’s while the Teen was a camp. Its way too hard sometimes to just cook for me and the Maniac.  I’ll give myself half a score.

#9 Go to my 20th High School Reunion if there is one. Well.. it was supposed to be in July, then it got changed to October, and the last I heard it was cancelled due to lack of interest.  So, I am going to change this goal to Take a Trip Back to the Burgh by the end of the year.

#10 actually make time for myself. Again, this is still really hard. Although going to the gym is the one thing I totally do for me.  My new motto, is “Sometimes I just have to do Me.” Which is true. I can’t worry about everyone all the time without worrying about me sometimes.

Resolutions 4.5 Me 5.5

Hmmm.. it seems half way through the year I have the edge. Who woulda thunk it?

2 bits of exciting news!

I had this other big long, probably boring post written about my adventures at teh gym over the last couple days… but I find that this afternoons developments are far more interesting.

Exciting bit of news #1

I took my measurements today. I didn’t think to do it when i first started my journey at the gym.. but I did it 2 weeks into it. And then I thought about it  today, which oddly was exactly 2 weeks since I first thought to do it.  (Mind you there is a margin for error).

So… drumroll please…

I’ve lost 2.5 inches on my waist!


3 inches around my bust! (the measurement you would take to find your bra band size, around the rib case, under your boobs.)

No wonder my bra hasn’t been fitting! 


Exciting bit of news #2

We’ve had a break through in potty training!

My dear Maniac didn’t want to wear her pull up today, so she took it off and  I just kind of went with it. She’s been going commando all morning. And I’ve been reminding her that if she felt like she had to pee she needed to do it in the potty.

Then… it happened.

“Mama I have to pee.”

And she went and sat down and peed!  AMAZING!

And she’s done it 4 times now. I let her put a pair of her fancy new Spongebob underpants on.. Ooo la la!

Hopefully this breakthrough will continue.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

So, that’s all my exciting news for the day!

The Teen comes home from camp tomorrow! I’m very excited!

Have a great weekend!


June Gloom

It’s another beautiful day here in Southern California… filled with June Gloom. I always forget about the gloom until it creeps in and steals away all the sunshine.

See.. it’s a real thing-

From Wikipedia: June Gloom (sometimes May Gray) is a Southern California term for a weather pattern that results in overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer in the mornings and afternoons. For example, June is the cloudiest month of the year in San Diego.[1] In the early 20th century, this phenomenon was sometimes known as “high fog.”


That is the gloomy-rific view from my patio.

Anyway-  Gloom aside, I just got back from the gym after Zumba-ing my butt off.   I am actually going back in a couple of hours, I have an appointment with my trainer.  Remember my trainer? She’s 22 and cute and skinny and thought I wasn’t old. 🙂 She gets to torture me for an hour today.  Super fun.  I was going to cancel it.. since being that when my darling hubby gets paid next friday it will only be for the Memorial Day holiday. (which is a whole other sob story unto itself. sigh.) That makes me feel like the personal trainer isn’t really in our budget at the moment.  But they had already taken my money, so I’d better just go.  The way I justified it to myself- I’m sure he spends WAY more than that on cigarettes a month. So  there. :p

I can’t get the Zumba music out of my head. It’s kind of driving me insane.

Oh, I went to yoga yesterday. I thought I was going to die. It was brutal. I didn’t know my body could do some of those things… If only I could have recorded or remembered the things I was thinking and how I was cursing the instructor. I would probably made for a hilarious read.  It wasnt pretty.  I think I sweated more yesterday doing yoga than in Zumba this morning. 

Oh well.. I seem to just be rambling a bit… I’m going to go enjoy the quiet for a little while longer.




What I learned at the gym today.

What I learned at the gym today- Day 3

1. Not all Zumba classes are alike.
2. I definitely need new sneakers.

* * * *
I took yesterday off because I was really, really, really sore. The good news is that I can now sit down to pee without wanting to cry. YES!

This morning I went and did some cardio- treadmill for 15 minutes and the elliptical for 10. Then I headed to te 8:30 Zumba class.

My gym and play group buddy, V, was already there taking some crazy Turbo Kickboxing Class. She tried to save me a spot, but I was not about to try that this morning. She is more gym savvy than I.  After that was over, she stayed for the Zumba class.

This morning’s class was taught by a different instructor than that one I took on Thursday. This lady, was hard to keep up with and some of the routines were just plain odd. (In one of them she was yelling “I LOVE SALSA!”)  I didn’t like it at all, I did manage to stay for the whole class while V did not. 

Truth be told, I think everyone was pretty lost. I try not to watch other people (while I’m flailing around feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet)… as I would hope they are not watching me.  But today it was pretty obvious that almost everyone was in the same boat. 

I am pretty excited about taking a Yoga class tomorrow though!

Oh, and I had a conversation with the personal trainer who was manning the desk when I got there about the Zumba. As as trainer, he doesn’t really like it.. since there isn’t any weight training involved. He said something to the effect of  “I see all these desperate housewives come in here every morning for their Zumba, and then they wonder why they aren’t getting results.”

I guess he didn’t think I was a desperate housewife.. what ever that means exactly. hahaha! I promised him that I would do weight training- and he’s not even my trainer. Oh well. I think the Zumba is fun.. so poo on him. 😉

Oh well.. I am going to go find something productive to do. I don’t want to waste all of this good energy sitting on my butt!

Happy Saturday!


Holy Crap.

I had a “free” session with a personal trainer today.

Holy crap.

Of course, she’s 22 , fresh out of college, skinny and cute. I felt really old. Although, she did say that she thought I was only in my late 20’s when she first met me. Score one for the cute, skinny 22-year-old.

She kicked my old, fat butt in only 30 minutes.

When I didn’t keel over after being on the treadmill for the first 5 minutes of my warm up.  I was pretty sure I was going to survive.  Please note that was only “pretty sure” – definitely not 100% sure.

Holy Crap is  my new motto.

I must have said it 100 times while I was doing the workout.

I am not 100% sure that I will be able to walk tomorrow, especially since I have having issues right now. Oh, and I completely passed out on the couch for a couple of hours too. The girls were outside playing with the dog, I sat down on the couch and the next thing I know it was 5:30.

I did sign up to meet with the trainer twice a month. I hope to find some moolah in our budget to do it. I know right now I definitely will benefit from her kicking my butt. I cringed when she did all the math and figured out how much body fat I have and need to lose. UGH. But it’s all about the baby steps. Right? One day at a time. Today was a huge step for me.  I just need to keep it up!  V and I are planning to go to a super early Zumba class tomorrow. I don’t know if I am ready to attempt such a thing.. but I guess I’ll give it a try!

Now my house has been invaded by 13 & 14-year-old girls. They are pretty entertaining. I wonder if my mom just sat there and laughed at me and my friends when I was 13.  The cutest part, is the Maniac trying to be one of the girls. She’s “playing” Wii with them. She has a mini controller that had candy in it at some point. I’m not sure whether she’s really onto the fact that she’s not actually playing.

I’m just sitting here listening to them have a good time. It’s so good for the Teen. I have a feeling that this is what most of my summer is going to be like.  I have issued an open invitation to her twin friends (they live 2 streets down from us) to come over any time. I know their mom works, so why not let them hang out?

Am I a glutton for punishment? maybe. But I know the Teen will love it.

Oh well.. I am going to go clip my coupons and find something to feed the children… and watch the American idol Finale!

  Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂


Are you sitting down?

Are you ready for the news?


I am very excited!

I have been thinking about doing it for a while now. And V and I started talking about it the other day when there was this flyer in the paper about going for only $7 a month.  We were going to go check it out after our playdate at the park today.. then we weren’t sure.. then we flipped a coin. Heads- go to the gym. Tails- go home.

It ended up on Tails. But we went anyway.

We checked it out.. it’s a small place, but they are super nice.. and the rates are really quite reasonable. I didn’t get the $7 a month plan, which was for only going 5am-noon. I went crazy, and got the $12 a month which was for anytime.

If I decide to take classes, it’s another $5 a month for unlimited classes (they give you the first month free to see if you like them).  And then for the kids room it’s either $2.50 a visit or $10 a month. We’ll see how much I end up taking the Maniac.  My “plan” is that I’m going to get up SUPER early and go at like 6. I think the Teen can handle watching the Maniac for an hour or so while she’s asleep.

So, that’s the plan. I am very excited. I have an appointment with a trainer tomorrow to give me the low-down. I haven’t gone to the gym in about 10 years.. since way back when.. during the year I was single living in Vegas.  I’ve already heard fab things about the Zumba class, and I’m excited to take a yoga class.

I really just need some motivation to do something other than vegetate.

I hope my old bones can take it. 🙂

Yay me! 🙂