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Our new addition!

Hi there!

I’ve got some time to kill this morning, so I thought I’d actually post something for you!

Our big excitement is that we got a new bed and a new sofa over the weekend!

It’s a big deal in our house! This is the first time we have EVER had brand new furniture! It’s fabulous!

And it fit perfectly! Totally meant to be!

When we went shopping that day, we were planning on just buying a mattress. We have needed a new one for a few years… If for no other reason just so hubby fits on it. We had a queen size and his feet hung off the end! He’s 6’7″! So we got a fabulous California king! It’s so big and comfy!

Anyway.. We had started talking about getting a new sofa. We had found a couple sectionals on Craig’s list that we wanted to check out. And then when we were at the furniture store looking at mattresses we saw that we could get a new one for close to what they were asking for a used one.. So we came home with a sofa & a mattress!

And we have decided to have a yard sale next weekend to get rid of our old couches… Which has inspired me to get spring cleaning and purging. I’ve got quite a get rid of pile going! Hopefully I will be making it even bigger today!

Oh well.. That’s all our news! Enjoy your Wednesday! ūüôā


My Day of Unplugging: the results

Unplugging was hard.  Sadly, it was REALLY HARD.

The funny part was that I made a deal with my Bookworm Teen that since I was unplugging to spend quality time togetheras a family, she needed to not read all day.  She will just sit and read and read and read all weekend long (currently she is inteh process of reading, at last count,  6 books.) Which, is definitely NOT a bad thing.. but I thought it would be good for her not to read for just one day.

Surprisingly, I think she had a harder time not reading than I did not facebooking.

I will say that I did 2 things electronic on Saturday.

1. I did check my email to see if my last box listed on Thredup.com sold, since I was going to the post office. And it actually did, so I got to send off all 4 of my boxes!

2. I logged on to FB on my phone just to wish my niece a Happy Birthday! She turned 13 on Sat! Crazy.

And that was it. I had a pretty unplugged day. truth be told I¬†didn’t¬†really completely plug back in until this morning.

The Toddler has been sick and I’ve been dealing with that most of last week and all weekend.¬†We spent this morning at the pediatrician’s office. ¬†I’m sure she’ll be better soon if I can convince her to take her medicine. That’s a big IF! sigh.¬†

Oh, one funny thing I noticed.. on Saturday while I was out and about running errands, I found myself thinking in status updates. Probably not a good thing.

But I was making entertaining observations that I wanted to share with the world… but sadly could not.¬† i did write a couple down. Does that make it worse?

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Wow. 2 people actually asked if I needed help with my boxes at the post office. Amazing. There ARE nice people out there.
  • The Toddler weighs more than the giant bag of dog food I bought.
  • What a morning. I woke up covered in pee. Thankfully it was not my own.
  • Apparently I can’t do math. I have a save $5 when you buy $15 if frozen¬†food… my total came out to $14.47. Grrr.
  • I don’t know which is more entertaining¬†the pregnancy tests next to the condoms at the dollar store, or the pregnancy test and condoms in the “Reduced for Quick Sale” bin at the grocery store.

Oh, and finally-¬†we play this game in the car where if we see an animal, I yell out its name and the Toddler makes its sound. It seems that I don’t drive anywhere by myself enough-¬†I started to yell “Chicken!” and realized I was alone.¬† I started to yell “Goat” on the way home.¬† yeesh.

Overall, I think it was good. I’m going to try to do it more often. Especially when my hubby is only home for a short time.¬† We had a good day. Got a new battery in the truck, i got to spend some quality time alone (grocery shopping) and we had a nice family dinner. I even made brunch before he left on Sunday.

Now, my focus for this week is SPRING CLEANING! Woooooooo!

I made a list last night, of some things I want to get done. Hopefully we can cross some of them off. we shall see! Oh, and I’ve decided to spend 15-30 minutes in the garage cleaning/organizing everyday and hopefully someday I will get done (and not bit by any scary spiders! eek! I found a super scary one in there yesterday!). The chaos in there is driving me insane.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! ūüôā

Thredup.com: my swapping dream come true

I posted this on myother blog yesterday, and thought I would share it here too!¬† (Did you know I had another blog? It’s about poop. No, really¬†it is. Check it out sometime. Pooptastrophy: It’s a catastrophe but with poop.¬†¬† ūüôā )

*   *   *   *   *   *

**Disclaimer: Just to be clear, Thredup.com has not paid me to say any of these things, or even asked me to for that matter, they are really not affiliated with this post at all, other than me professing my newfound love of their service!¬† I just thought you should know.¬†ūüėČ Image is from thredup.com.¬†Now on with the post! ūüôā¬†

So- Thanks to a Facebook friend I discovered ThredUp.com a few days ago! It’s GENIUS and AWESOME!! And I am in love! 

What is it you ask? Well let me tell you…

It’s a kids clothing and toy swap!  No more countless hours of meticulously listing stuff on eBay only for it to sell for pennies, or boxes and bags of clothes piling up in the garage!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! (As per their website,and it really is!)

1. PICK! Pick a box and pay $5 + $10.95 USPS Priority shipping

2. LIST! List a box of your own child’s gently used clothes or toys.

3. SEND! When someone picks your box- send it!

 Wait- I haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet!

They seriously do almost everything for you, and give you money to spend!

I got an invitation on Facebook that my friend had sent me $5 fromThredUp.com.¬† So I only had to pay shipping for my first box.¬† Plus, if you invite your friends and they buy a box, not only do they get $5 you get $5! You can also earn extra ‚Äúmoney‚ÄĚ when you list sizes from their ‚Äúlow supply‚ÄĚ list.¬† And the credits you can use for anything- to buy boxes, shipping, even the PRO membership! (I‚Äôll tell you about that in a minute)

When you sign up, they order 10 USPS priority Mail flat rate boxes for you, they come straight to your door.  Or if you can’t wait to list boxes you can go get some at the post office. I already had some here, so I listed some today!

The listing was SUPER SIMPLE! They have a very user-friendly, form to list everything. It took maybe 10 minutes to list one box stuffed full of clothes. And their ‚ÄúGolden Rule‚ÄĚ is to the effect of Don‚Äôt send anything you wouldn‚Äôt want to get yourself.¬†

Then, once you list your boxes and someone picks one- you print out the packing slip and shipping label and they schedule a pick up for you!  You just affix the postage and hand it to your mail carrier!  So easy!

So, I mentioned the PRO membership. It is $29.99 for the year. $4.99 a month or something else I can’t remember right now. I got a week free when I invited some friends!

With the PRO membership you get extra goodies.. like the ‚ÄúGolden Threds‚ÄĚ which are special boxes¬†of brand new items from retailers they have partnered with that you get for $5! And finding those are kind of like a scavenger hunt! You also get perks like getting to see boxes before they are listed to the basic members. There is a whole list of perks for the membership!

What else was I going to tell you? I had like 50 things I was so excited about! LOL Oh! I remember, its kind of like eBay in the fact that it’s a community. You have to give feedback and review the box that you receive. And if you buy a box, you are expected to list one as well.

I hope you think this is as fabulous as I do!  I know that as fast as my dear gigantic toddler grows, I hate having to buy her new clothes all the time!  This is going to be great! I already picked two boxes for her!  And all of her barely worn clothes can go to a new home!

Oh, and if you want to check it out..  its thredup.com

I got the first box that I bought in the mail today. It is awesome! Everything in the box looks brand new, and the sender even threw in an extra outfit that wasn’t listed!¬†I cannot even begin to tell you how excited¬†the toddler¬†was to open her box! She was thrilled about everything in there! She immediately wanted to put one of the sundresses on over her clothes!¬† She ran around most of the afternoon wearing it…and has now switched to a differnet shirt! I hope all the boxes are like that!

And 2 of the ones I listed sold last night! They will be headed off to their new homes tomorrow! Yay!

Happy Swapping!

The Bane of My Tween’s Existence

I had the girl’s pictures done tonight. I’ve never had them taken together before. I know, I know I’m such a bad mommy. I was late doing KT’s 2 year pics.. and I realized while we were there that other than school pictures, ¬†I¬†haven’t¬†had K’s done since she was 5. See.. I am a bad mommy. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I joined Olan Mills photo club when I got KT’s done a few weeks ago… you get $5 sheets, a free 8 x 10 and you can get them done as many times as you want for a year with no sitting fees. ¬†Which is the best excuse to do it. I wanted some of them together and some of just K.

I made the appointment a few days ago. When I told K about it, she was less than thrilled. She’s suddenly become camera-shy, and pictures are the bane of her existence. ¬†I guess she’s at “that age.” ¬†(I must be at “that age” too, I’m usually the one taking the pictures so I don’t have to be in them.) I told her I wanted to get the same kind of collage done as I did for KT, so they could be matching on the wall together. ¬†She was not into the idea. She gave me many reasons why I shouldnt do it, and locations to hang them so no one would see it.

I had started hanging pictures that day. (Still unpacking!) ¬†She didn’t want any of her pictures hanging. Which would be really hard since there are millions of her in the gazillion that I have to hang. In a moment of entertaining myself, I decided that I’d teach her a lesson about how much worse I could be about hanging her pictures up.

I have this “self-portrait” that she drew when she was in first grade. I think its precious. I have had it framed and always hanging since then. She hates it. I think she finds it¬†embarrassing¬†more than anything. You know.. she’s “that age.” ¬†I decided I was going to hang it in a high traffic area for a few days.. just to mess with her. ¬† So, I hung the picture that I normally have hanging above the fireplace (an 11 x 14 of my favorite wedding picture) just so it was in the right place. Then I took it back down and hung the self-portrait in its place.

She walked in the house yesterday after school… “Could you have put anything worse there?” HAHAHAHAHA! I thought it was hysterical actually. Here it is in its temporary place of honor. (That elephant made of cardboard tubes on the mantel is also a thorn in her side. She made it in art class in 5th grade.)

Self-portrait, Age 6 Grade 1

A better look

Am I mean? Maybe.Was it funny? Absolutely. She said I should take it down and hang it in her closet. LOL I did take it down tonight. But I will find it a new home tomorrow. It will hang it along with a picture she drew when she was 4, her handprints when she was 5 and she’s just going to have to deal.

Anyway- We went to the studio and KT hadn’t napped at all today so she was a MANIAC x100. It was crazy. But the photographer is pretty awesome, and she was enjoying the mania and doing everything she could to get the shot. Some of them were totally adorable, some of them didn’t work out so hot. I cant wait to get them! ¬†The best was one where she was trying to get a shot of K standing by herself and KT crawls in the shot and sticks her head in between K’s legs. SO CUTE! It was totally my favorite of all of the ones where they were together.

And as for Miss I-don’t-want-my-picture-taken …. she had a good time. She even liked some of them. I know! Its crazy! ¬†She looked very pretty and very grown up. It made me feel very old. ¬†She is still 4 in my head sometimes… like she was the day I met her.

(And I decided we are going to do a family portrait for Christmas. I¬†haven’t¬†told hubby that yet… he’ll just have to deal.)

So… after Olan Mills got more money than I had planned to spend once again… We did a little shopping… which was just supposed to be KT picking out some special underpants for our adventure in potty training… we ended up with 6 pairs of undies, a bra for K that looks like denim with a peace sign on it which she “had to have,” and a dress for her too. Shockingly, it too had peace signs on it. It was on clearance and pretty cute. (Random thought: I wonder how many days she can go wearing peace sign clothes… She’s got an awful lot of them.)

And please note that is 2, count them- 1…2. TWO dresses for my pretty-close-to-a-tom-boy who “doesn’t¬†like to dress up.” Maybe we’ll turn her into a girl after all…

Until next time…

She survived her day… but gave me a heart attack

We walked to the bus stop this morning… the impending doom of her first day of middle school weighing hard on K’s shoulders. ¬†We chit chatted, she said she got two “happy first day of school” text messages. One from my sister and one from her mother. I laughed¬†because¬†she commented on how her mother typed “B” instead of be. The text-speak seems to drive her crazy too. I asked if she wanted me to go stand with her at the stop, and she said no. I stayed across the street just to make sure she got on the bus okay, after all this was the first time she has ever taken the bus to school. As she walked across the street, KT freaked out screaming “Shee-shoooo! Sheeee-shoooo!” (That is “sister” in KT-speak). Then she cried that she wanted to take the bus too. by the time the bus actually came (10 minutes late) KT had calmed down, and K was chatting with a blonde girl. I told her she’d have a friend before she got on the bus.

Whew. Now I just had to deal with MY anxiety all day of how her day was going. ¬†Since we were up way earlier than normal… I actually got some things done. We went to Target to get diapers. I might be weird, but I love Target first thing in the morning. I don’t know why exactly.. I think it just has a more mellow vibe at 9am. By the time we were checking out… we had diapers, goldfish crackers, several items from the $1 bin that were only $.50, back to school cards for my niece and nephew and $10 gift cards to go in them. So much for just diapers.

After we got home, We played outside… well, played isn’t the right word. KT dug in the sand, ¬†dug in the dirt, threw the dirt and/or sand at any combination of me, the ground and the dog. When I couldn’t take it anymore,¬† back inside we went. Which meant practically a bath and fresh clothes. Then the portrait studio called and the last large picture of KT that we had taken a few weeks ago was done. So we ran over to Kmart to pick that up. I chatted with the lady there for a while, she wasnt busy at all. We left there with not only our portrait, but 3 pairs of shoes (2 for me, 1 for KT. Mine were Buy one Get one half off, and hers were 50% off the clearance price), a giant bag of dum dums and a bag of potting soil.

Then it was home for some gardening! I transplanted the hibiscus I bought a few weeks ago into the fancy pots I bought at IKEA. My garden helper was more counter-productive than anything. We were watering the plants and she was trying to fill up the watering can while holding it with one hand and the hose with the other; watering can dumping water out as fast as it was going in. It was cute and she tried really hard to help. she was a very good dirt scooper though.

I started emptying out the boxes of pictures to hang. ¬†I have a gazillion pictures. I love to be surrounded by memories and the people I love. And FINALLY 3:30 rolled around. I got KT changed and juiced and we walked back up to the bus stop. We got there a couple of minutes before it was supposed to arrive. 3:46 goes by…. then its 3:50… 3:55… 4:00…. I keep telling myself: Okay, it’s the first day, the bus was late this morning, I’m sure they have to make sure everyone is on the right bus. Finally! A bus! Kids start unloading…. girl… boy…. girl, girl, not K, not K, boy… ¬†then the bus pulls away. Um… that’s not good. ¬†I stopped a girl and asked her what bus number it was… okay don’t panic. Not her bus.

4:05…. 4:10…. Woo hoo! Here comes her bus! Kids… boy… boy… girl.. girl.. girl, girl, not K, not K, not K,… boy…. The kids stop coming. Hmmmm….. THe bus is still sitting there…. then it pulls away!

WTF. She;s supposed to be on that bus. I fill with panic. What do I do!?!?!?! This is the part where I have a heart attack. ¬†Breathe. Try her cell phone….

Voicemail. she didn’t turn it back on. Crap.

Call the school. Start walking swiftly home. By this time KT was passed out in the stroller. (Yay!)

“Um.. my daughter wasnt on her bus I don’t know what to do.” ¬†I told them her name, and was put on hold.¬†“Mam, we did have a bus break down.” ¬†“No, there were two busses that came and went and she didn’t get off either one.”¬†“Okay.. hold on again.”

As I am about 4 houses away from home… a neighbor stops me. “Are you looking for your kid too?” “Yea, she was supposed to be on that bus and she wasnt on either one. ¬†I’m on hold with the school right now.” ¬†Her daughter was MIA too. The office lady comes back on ” Mam, is there a number I can reach you at? I’m going to call transportation.” “Sure. and I was just talking to my neighbor and her daughter wasnt on the bus either.” “Hmmm… I’ll call you back.”

I get to the house, throw a sleeping KT in the truck. She calls back-

Apparently my wonderful-no-common-sense-having-doesnt-pay-any-attention-to-the-world-around-her-brand-new-bus-riding-seventh-grader DIDNT GET OFF THE BUS.

She “didn’t recognize the stop” and stayed on the bus. GEEEEEZ! WHEW! UGH! A million things go through my head, mostly relief. At least I know where she is. ¬†The bus driver was going to bring her back around. (As it turns out, neighbors kid was not on the bus with her. I hope she found her.)

When she got off the bus the poor thing was crying her eyes out. ¬†“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I reassured her that it was okay, and she wasnt in trouble and she just needed to pay attention. She felt really bad that the driver had to bring her back. She said she didn’t realize she wasnt supposed to be on there until she heard her name on the radio because “there were still kids on the bus.” ¬†Oh well, at least she’ll know better next time. And I did read her the riot act about her phone.¬† This is the exact thing she has it for, not just to call her friends. You get on the bus, you turn it back on. Period. End of story.

Other than that little snafu, she seems like she had a good day. She said the class she thought she would hate most was her favorite (Social Studies) and the one she thought would be her favorite was not (Art).  She will be dissecting owl pellets, sheep eyes and frogs at some point during the year in Science class. OMG Dissecting sheep eyes- MOST.DISGUSTING.THING.EVER! YUCK!

It will be interesting to see what happens once she has homework that isn’t a page or two out of a workbooks and reading… REAL homework. Studying. Projects. That will be fun. Who am I kidding? It will be no fun at all. For either of us.

Until next time…

Minions and Schmucks and Noodles! Oh My!

I think we had a pretty okay weekend.

Saturday was fairly uneventful. I slept in until about 1. Which is highly unusual luckily K watched KT so I could sleep. I had another bad night trying to sleep and I had a headache and just couldn’t stay awake. KT woke me up about 10 or so wanting ¬†juice and “Mama ‘m soaking wet! It’s on my legs and feet!” Ugh. So I made a juice run to the kitchen, changed the soggy mess, put on Nick Jr and that’s all I remember until hubby called and woke me up. ¬†After that I found some motivation and actually emptied a few boxes in the garage.

I had been planning on taking the kids to the drive in on Friday night. But I somehow managed to lose the $40 that was going to fund the excursion. Biggest.bonehead.ever. I know it was in my pocket when we were at orientation at school and then it was gone. I probably had my phone (or keys) in that pocket and it fell out when I took the phone out. UGH. Sadly it’s not the first time this has happened. Last time it was $12. ¬†So I felt stupid, ¬†was mad at myself, and was feeling really sad that P couldn’t come home this weekend. I decided that we should just stay home. ¬†So after getting over the sting of losing the money, I decided to go ¬†anyway. We all needed to get out of the house.

After removing the stroller and various randomness from the back of the truck, we filled it with pillows and blankets and such. I ordered a pizza to pick up –¬†can’t beat the Domino’s large one topping with extra cheese for $6.99 carry out special! ¬†(If i had that same pizza delivered it would have cost almost $20.) We got in the truck and away we went! We ran into Fresh & Easy ¬†and got some drinks, popcorn and candy. ¬†Went to the ATM, and then picked up the pizza. Katie saying “I want go to movie theatre!” the whole way!

I had decided that we were going to go see “Despicable Me.” The other option was the Dogs & Cats ¬†movie and I am seriously not sitting through that. Yuck-O. ¬†It was a cute movie, as far a kids movies go. I’ve seen better –¬†I’ve seen worse. The best part was when the minions said “Oh poop.” ¬†KT was really fidgety most of the time and ate a boat load of “Pock-corn” and she couldn’t get enough “Noodles” which in her world are Skittles. I’m not sure why she calls them that, but she does. ¬†I really wanted to stay for the 2nd movie with was “Dinner for Schmucks.” I don’t ever get to go to the movies without the children so I wanted to see it for me. It’s not something I normally would have let K see….We’re usually pretty strict about what we let her watch. But she’s growing up, and she’s really seen a lot more PG-13 movies lately than ever before.

I usually go to kids-in-mind.com to get an idea of what a movie really has in it. They rate the movies from 0-10 on the Sex & nudity, Violence/Gore and Profanity. So all the movies have a rating like 6.5.2. Then they describe all of the incidents in each category. It’s very specific. ¬†They also list discussion topics and the moral of the story. ¬†I think it’s a fantastic site! they also have an iPhone app now!

So Dinner for Schmucks was 6.5.5. (Despicable Me was 2.3.2 in case you were wondering.)¬†It had a little more sexual¬†content¬†than I normally let her see… but it¬†wasn’t¬†really overt, and I’m pretty sure most of it went over her head. At least I hope it did. (fingers crossed!) And she was half asleep through some of it. I liked it. It¬†wasn’t¬†as¬†hilarious¬†as I wanted it to be…. but I don’t think anything will ever be as funny as the Hangover was!

So we got back late, I hoped I could sleep… but that didn’t happen until about 3 or so… read last nights sleepless post here. I think I decided that the noise I heard also could have been a shovel being knocked over… I noticed it was on the ground today and then I knocked it over too. ¬†Who knows. ¬†Lets hope sleep wins one of these nights.

Despite being up until 3, I managed to get up at 9 this morning. Not out of my own free will mind you.. a certain small person was beckoning for me. ¬†I do give myself kudos for staying awake after that! ¬†Yay me! We cleaned up the house a little bit, I took a shower, went to the store for juice and milk. And then we headed to meet my sister at IKEA in Costa Mesa. I have never been to IKEA before. ¬†We had one back in PA, but never¬†actually¬†went. And for some strange reason that no one can figure out: there¬†¬†isn’t¬†one in Las Vegas. ¬†(Vegas also¬†doesn’t¬†have a Chick-fil-a) So this was my first adventure/experience at IKEA.

Traffic was bad, I got lost, and my sister sat there for 45 minutes waiting for us. ¬†We did finally make it! It was insane! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a store where there were just hoards of people walking in, walking out… just everywhere! ¬†I don’t think I’ve ever been in an elevator that will hold 2 strollers and e shopping carts! It was seriously the craziest place I think I’ve ever been.

*If you¬†didn’t¬†catch this on today’s Freshly¬†pressed,¬†here is a very entertaining blog about a trip to IKEA.

KT was making our “shopping list” or scribbling on an order form to stay occupied. But that meant that she dropped the pencil and the catalog she was holding about 150 times. She was pretty good overall. After finding my sister’s “Billy” bookshelf and lots of goodies I¬†wasn’t¬†intending on buying.. (although I did get some cute and¬†inexpensive¬†flower pots for my¬†Hibiscus¬†I bought a few weeks ago.) we headed to the checkout! $27 later we were ready to get some frozen yogurt!

KT +frozen yogurt was definitely interesting. She loves ice cream, but I usually just give her a little bit at a time on a spoon, she’s never really had a cone before. She liked it a bit and then started trying to eat the cone! It turned into quite a drippy mess… then she dropped it in the cup holder in her stroller. Yay. Oh, and she proceeded to finish what was left of my cone at that moment when I tried to clean it up! It¬†was really less messy than I thought it would turn out to be.

After a lovely drive home, with very little traffic. we stopped to wash the truck that was so dirty it was brown and not blue anymore.  I cleaned up a little more, KT got sand in her eye, smashed her finger between the couch and the wall, and we ate some left over pizza for dinner. Now if only I could get her to go to sleep. She is seriously wound up!

I guess I should have posted this last night… but I once I actually got the maniac to go to sleep. I got sidetracked watching the new episode of True Blood and then I had a pounding headache and I actually went to sleep BEFORE 3 Am! ¬†WOOOO HOOOOOO! ¬† if you are keeping track, that is Sleep 1 Bumps in the night 2!

And more interestingly I got up at 9, and was moderately productive! I cleaned my bathroom, tidied up the bedroom, swept & mopped the¬†linoleum in the kitchen/dining area/entry way, and vacuumed the living room. I know its pretty amazing… I think I may be really getting back into the swing of things. Which is just in time since SCHOOL STARTS ON WEDNESDAY! Not that I am excited or anything… ¬†K sure isn’t.

Oh well.. i must go find some lunch to feed a small maniac who is throwing dirty socks at me.  Until next time!