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How about a little Thank You?

Seriously people…

How hard is it to say THANK YOU???

I went through the trouble of MAKING something for you and mailing it.

After a week and a half, I finally ask you if you got it…

“Yes. it came on Wednesday.”


The correct answer was actually:

“Yes! Thank you!”

or “Yes, thanks!”

or  “Thank you so much!”

or even “Thank you! That was so nice! You are so sweet and wonderful!” 🙂

But no. Just “yes.”


Not that this is really anything new for this particular person. Pretty much the norm. There was just always a little part of me that thought maybe,just maybe it could be different this time.  Show some grattitde.

The other two people I sent things to thanked me. 

 I guess two out of three isn’t bad.



Forgive & Forget? Not so easy.

I’m having a hard time letting go of some anger.

It’s kind of stupid I guess, but my feelings were very hurt.

As you know, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago.

Two things happened that really upset me, and I can’t quite let it go.

It probably makes me seem selfish, but at the same time it was two very important people in my life that I expected more out of… which I guess is my fault for having expectations… which is why it makes it seem selfish & probably stupid. But my feelings were hurt, so it’s not that stupid. Does that even make any sense?


1. My brother didn’t call/text/Facebook/email or anything on my birthday. And it’s not like it’s some random month of the year where he might forget…. my birthday is 5 days before his.  Just a text would have been nice. Seriously. Even when we don’t take very often it’s the one week out of the year that we always talk to each other twice. And I got big, fat, nothing.  I don’t know what’s going on in his world. I called him on his birthday (much to my chagrin) , left a message and of course he didn’t call back.

2. I havent talked to my Las Vegas BFF in quite a while. She’s always really busy with work, and now the new boyfriend. I guess I expected more out of her, being my BFF and all… She left for a 3 week trip abroad a day or 2 before my birthday. It seems that all I rated was a text message from the plane when she had already flown to NYC.  That really hurt my feelings too.  And now she’s back and is supposed to call me tonight and I just can’t stop being mad.

I know if I voice either of these things to the people involved, I’m going to sound like a complete idiot. I know I need to let it go. But at the same time, I sort of feel like they should know I was hurt by their actions.

I just don’t know what to do. Sigh.

The Book Report… another adventure in procras-teen-ation

Oh the Book Report.

Thankfully it is done, and probably turned in by now.

In my quest for her to learn about procrastination “the hard way,” I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to bring it up or say a word about it until the Teen did. She has known about this assignment since the first week of school… in fact, she has the list of dates when all of the book reports are due until the end of the year. (I think there are 6 in total.)

On Monday she said something about it, which was my queue to start asking questions.  Even with all of the talk about waiting until the last-minute to do things last week with the science fair proposal, I never crossed her mind to do anything with the book report.

“We are going to start them in class tomorrow.”

START THEM??!?!?!?!

They are due on Friday!!Are you serious? Now the teacher is encouraging the procrastination.  So.unbelivably.frustrating. Despite the apparent “starting” of the reports in school the next day, I made her work on that night.

It’s a good thing I did.

Guess who wasn’t in class Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to “start” them?

Her teacher.

Who thanked me for making her start the assignment on Monday?

The Teen.

Fancy that.

She had about 8 options she could pick from for the assignment. She chose to write an alternate ending to the book she read.  Which was “Ninth Grade Slays” by Heather Brewer. It’s some teenage vampire series that her BFF loves, so she started reading them. She’s into vampires right now.. she just finished reading the Twilight Saga.

I guess what she wrote was good. It made sense for what it was.. not having read the book.  She worked until after 10 last night to finish.  I guess it could have been worse…

I hope she gets the lesson I’ve been trying to teach her. Even if she just picks one day a week and works on it an hour or so… it’s going to be better than something she just scrawled something down on the paper at the last-minute. As much time as she spent rewriting her draft and editing it, I think that is totally the case.

She was trying to convince me that she can “write a good paper in two days.”  Which kind of showed me that she really thinks that this procrastination stuff is okay. I don’t think she’s a seasoned enough writer to pull off “good.” I think she could probably write an okay paper in two days.  

I’m really curious to see what she gets on this paper.  

I’m sure it won’t be an A.

Why won’t be an A you ask?

For starters- she didn’t put the title of the book or the author on it. If she read the assignment- it specifically said it would be lowered one letter grade if it was missing the title and author.  How do you write a BOOK report and NOT put the title or author on it? At one point, I made her find the paper to see if there was any specific format she had to use… and I caught that stipulation.

She apparently missed it. I asked her 4 times if there was anything else she needed to put on it.  Maybe it was wrong of me to not say anything… Maybe she’ll read the assignment next time.  I’m also not sure the format to use dialogue.  The way she typed it looked really strange to me. But, she swore that’s how her teacher said to do it.

Oh well…we shall see what happens.  I’m sure it will be a week or two before she gets it back. I’ll keep you posted.



One Super Cranky Mama

Sometime around 6am I heard the magic words “I hava pee Mama!” There was peeing and then I went back to sleep. (I have still been having trouble falling asleep, it was about 1 by the time I dozed off.)

An hour later, I was very, very rudely awakened  by a certain three-year-old whacking me in the face with a stuffed animal. The culprit was either an orange kitty named Marmalade from Build-a-bear or a very hungry caterpillar.

Either way it definitely did not make we up on the right side of the bed.

I can just feel the crankiness coursing through my veins. I would very much love to hide under the covers with a gallon of coffee, a giant candy bar and maybe a couple pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

Maybe then I’d feel better. Or worse. (I would probably feel pretty gross if I ate all that.) Anyway- Let’s just pretend Id feel happy and chipper and have a super outlook on my day!

It is so bad, I could feel myself looking for things to pick a fight with the Teen about before she left for school. Luckily, my brain was grumpy and caffeine deprived and I couldn’t remember all the things I thought of. Especially the fact that she left the frosting I made for the cookies that I’m taking to a meetup tonight out on the counter after she moved it to get something out of the fridge.

I think it’s funny that I forgot. Maybe it was just the part of my brain that knew it would be bad if I picked a fight. Whatever it was, it was probably for the best.

Now the trick is to keep the Maniac off of me until I can get in a better frame of mind. Ugh. It never fails that when I am in THE worst mood is when she wants to do nothing but hang on me and I just want to scream.

So far, so good. <<knock on wood>>

She’s currently sitting in the living room eating grapes and watching “Cats & Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore” for the 50th time this week. I have had to threaten to turn it off several times to get her to leave me be.. but for right now she’s occupied.

We’ll see how long I can keep her that way. I have much to do today. Cookies to frost, dip to make.  (We’re going to a BBQ tonight!)

I think I need another cup of coffee… or 6.

Hope your weekend is off to a better start! 🙂


Back in the land of the living

Well, I think I am officially back in the land of the living. Whew. I hate being sick. Especially that nasty flu sick. I will be just fine if it’s another 7 years or more until I get that again.

Anyway.. It’s a good thing I am feeling better today since we had to go to school this morning and get the Teens schedule and text books. I think this makes her really truly officially and 8th grader. Crazy.

Anyway… I barely survived that trip since I have been asleep for two days and have barely eaten. I was sweating profusely the entire time even though it was 73 degrees outside. I felt like i went from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and then hit a wall. Awesome. Luckily the lines weren’t too long and we got out of there pretty fast.

We came home and have been just relaxing since. I did go to McDonalds to get cheeseburgers since that is all I could think about yesterday. I ate half of mine and some French fries. Which is better than the applesauce and stale saltines I ate yesterday.

I will say if there is a plus side to the flu.. I did lose 6 pounds since Tuesday. Now if only that would actually stay off I would be super happy. I am actually missing the gym. I can’t wait to feel well enough to go back!

Oh well… I think that’s enough for now. We still have to go over to the school district office and pay for the Teen’s bus pass. I was going to do it this morning but the line was out the door. I’m hoping that it will be better since the Back to school thing is over today.. Although somehow I doubt it since school starts in 3 days.

I wish you a good weekend! I will be finishing the housework that the flu prevented (since our landlord will be here on Monday for the yearly home inspection)… And hopefully finding something fun to do for the Teen. Pinkberry is most definitely on the agenda. 🙂

“It was AWESOME!”

So, as I’m sure everyone knows, the final installment of the Harry Potter saga premiered in theatres.  My dear Teen is a big fan. She’s read all 7 books, which is more than I can say for myself. I read half of the first one and I was done.  When she moved in with us, she even had a “clope” (6-year-old for Cloak). 🙂

I promised her a long time ago that I would take her to the midnight showing for the last one… as long as the planets aligned properly and I had someone to watch the Maniac. Amazingly enough the planets aligned and my wonderful Hubby is actually home for the weekend.

I decided to not tell her we were going. Which, is a move I am famous for… and honestly, you’d think after all these years she’d catch on. She doesnt.

For the last week or so, I’ve been tormenting her with talk of Harry Potter. She’ll say “I can’t wait to see it!” I say.. “You only get to see it if I let you.”  Stuff like that.. It’s been far too much fun messing with her. And yesterday all she did was talk about the movie. And all we did was shoot her down, telling her she can’t see it until it comes out on DVD. We are so mean, I know.

As luck would have it, she even took a nap in the afternoon, so I didn’t have to spill the beans as early as I planned. I kept it up until the last-minute. We all stayed up late playing the Wii.. Hubby and I got into a 3 point contest on the basketball game.. I kept beating him and he didn’t like that one bit! haha!

A little before 11 I went upstairs to put different pants on.. which was of course when she caught on. I took the tickets and said, “Oh I found this on the floor.” As soon as she realized what they were, she starting jumping up and down! She was sooooooo excited! She didn’t stop talking the whole way there either!

Luckily, the theatre wasnt the zoo I was imagining it would be. I didn’t see any costumes.., just one chick in a Hogwarts scarf.  As far as midnight showings go, it was pretty mellow.

She watched the movie very intently.. clapping and cheering with the crowd. She loved every second. I enjoyed it too actually. Don’t tell her, but I cried a little. 😉 It was much faster paced than the rest of them. I always found the flow of the other movies annoying… you’d think it would end and it would keep going.. and you’d think it would end.. and it’s still going! This one kept my attention the whole time.

On the way home.. she said “That was AWESOME!” about 50 times… so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she liked it. hahaha!

I’m glad I could make her day. Now she doesn’t know what to do with herself now that HP is finished.

I told her she could start reading Twilight.

Hope you are having a great weekend! I’m going to go get ready for my girls night out! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This week- the highlights

I’ve been really bad about posting this week. I have sat down at least five times to write something and it just hasn’t really worked out. So, here are the high lights of this week:

Sunday- took the kids to the LA Zoo. It was HOTTTT and packed. But it was a fun day, even though  the elephants were never where we could actually see them. But I did see an Ocelot come out of hiding for probably the first time ever.

Monday- Took the kids to the beach with my Brother-in-law, Niece & nephew. Watched fireworks on the beach. It was a fun day.. even though I really really really missed my hubby. 😦

Tuesday- took the Maniac to the park. The Teen spent the night at my Brother-in-laws to hang out with my niece.

Wednesday- Went to the gym. rented some games. The Teen finally came home from playing with her Uncle and cousins.

Thursday- Spent not one, but TWO hours at the gym. The girls and I hung out and played Wii games..oh and I took a nap.

Today- spent 2 more hours at the gym! I’ve decided to kick it up a notch!  Started on the laundry. The Teen has her twin friends over.. she’s subjecting them to Glee.

I know.. it’s all pretty exciting. My wrist still hurts from my freak potty training accident on Saturday. I think I sprained it. It definitely feels better today though.

  Speaking of potty training…

It’s actually going fairly well I think. As long as she’s not wearing a pull-up she will just go pee when she needs to! She did ask to pee twice while we were at the Zoo, and she actually went! It was pretty cool.  And she asked this morning before I had taken her pull up off. And.. a couple of days ago she actually pooped on the potty! That was major progress!

Well.. that’s the highlights for now.

Hopefully, I’ll find a minute or two to post something more interesting later!