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2 bits of exciting news!

I had this other big long, probably boring post written about my adventures at teh gym over the last couple days… but I find that this afternoons developments are far more interesting.

Exciting bit of news #1

I took my measurements today. I didn’t think to do it when i first started my journey at the gym.. but I did it 2 weeks into it. And then I thought about it  today, which oddly was exactly 2 weeks since I first thought to do it.  (Mind you there is a margin for error).

So… drumroll please…

I’ve lost 2.5 inches on my waist!


3 inches around my bust! (the measurement you would take to find your bra band size, around the rib case, under your boobs.)

No wonder my bra hasn’t been fitting! 


Exciting bit of news #2

We’ve had a break through in potty training!

My dear Maniac didn’t want to wear her pull up today, so she took it off and  I just kind of went with it. She’s been going commando all morning. And I’ve been reminding her that if she felt like she had to pee she needed to do it in the potty.

Then… it happened.

“Mama I have to pee.”

And she went and sat down and peed!  AMAZING!

And she’s done it 4 times now. I let her put a pair of her fancy new Spongebob underpants on.. Ooo la la!

Hopefully this breakthrough will continue.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

So, that’s all my exciting news for the day!

The Teen comes home from camp tomorrow! I’m very excited!

Have a great weekend!



A Virus, Camp and the Gym.

How’d it get to be Wednesday already?

I feel like this week is going super fast, yet super slow all the same.. does that make any sense? Is that even possible?

The teen is at camp this week. She comes back on Friday. I miss her. As much as she drives me insane some times, and as much as we need this week apart from each other every year.. I miss her. sigh.

To make matters worse, I got a call Monday night that she had a fever. It was 101.something. They were going to keep her in the infirmary over night to keep an eye on her.  Luckily her fever broke over night and  she’s fine. Whew! that would stink to have to come home early.

Actually we’ve all had whatever this little virus is. The Maniac had it first.. then the Teen then me. Woo. It was like I had a fever for a few hours, my head is stuffed with snot.. and as soon as the fever broke I felt better.. except for the snot of course.  Same with the Maniac. She had a bit of a fever, and as soon as it was gone she was fine. Weird.  I’m assuming that we all got it from the 5 hours we spent in the car together going to meet my BFF to give the Teen to her so she could get her to camp. Luckily, I havent heard that anyone on her end is sick. (knock on wood.)

I havent even been to the gym since Saturday.  I know.. its cray huh? I’m going to go tomorrow though, since I have a session with my trainer. Hopefully she will take it easy on me because of the snot. I doubt it though.  Since it’s been a whole month since I joined, I’m going to see if she’ll do the BMI thing and see if there is a difference. I hope so. Some days I feel skinnier, some days I don’t.

I have a couple of shirts that feel looser. And my bra isnt fitting right either. So I’m taking that as a good sign. I’ve been trying to eat better too. Which I’m sure helps. I’ve had a few days where i just havent cared.. like yesterday.. I just wanted to eat oreos and cheese balls all day. I didn’t eat them all day.. but I ate more than I should have. 😉

Oh well.. I am going to try to clean up the house a bit today. It is officailly a disaster.. since I havent felt like doing anythign the last couple days .


Breaking through the Thursday morning wall!

So, I’ve noticed that during the Thursday morning Zumba class I hit a wall about half way through. My arms and legs start to feel like boulders or cinder blocks or both. I’m tired. Everyone else is still going strong..

Well, everyone except the girl who never moves her feet.  She drives me nuts.

If only you could hear the conversation I have with myself.  (The following is a dramatization.. although some of it is real. LOL)

Crap. Its only6:30.  Heres the wall.  You can do it! Keep going.

I’ m so tired.

Another one down. Drink some water.

OMG girl move your feet! This is supposed to be dancing not rapid arm movements! Ahhhhh!

keep going.

Arms.. legs… arms.. legs… (there is this one step I still can’t get the arms going with the legs. and its so simple., but it messes me up!)

3… 4…5.. Breathe.

Okay.. crap. the clock hasn’t moved.

Stop looking at the clock.


too many distractions today.

Dude stop watching us through the window.


You can do it.  keep going.

6:45 crap. Another wall.

Keep going.. three songs left.


two songs left!

keep going!  Seriously..why are you even here if you aren’t going to do it! (that girl was really annoying me.)


Last song! My favorite! (It’s the song at the end of Beetlejuice where Winona Ryder is dancing while floating.)

Almost done! Shake..shake.. shake.. senora..

work work work senora…

I’m sweaty. need water. Almost done.

YES! I made it! Whew!


I defnitely need to sleep in tomorrow.

Who killed my yoga buzz?

Well, it is the end of my 3rd week at the gym.

I’m still going strong! And hopefully getting stronger. 🙂

I went to yoga this morning… I like yoga even though it’s hard and it makes you sweat more than you ever thought it would. My favorite part is the end when you just lie there and relax. Ahhh.. so wonderful. 

Shiny happy relaxed yoga buzz.

My money was on the kids for ruining that feeling for me this morning. But now, after being on hold for 14 minutes and counting with my health insurance company, I think they are going to have the honor today.

Some guy answered the phone about 5 minutes into being on hold and took all my info looked up my account and when I told him I wanted to make a payment he said someone else needed to do it. Whatever. So annoying. It’s nice that my exorbitant premiums are paying their salaries to let me to sit on hold…

16minutes 32 seconds….

It seriously pains me to make this payment. If only we could find something more affordable. This is what is putting us into financial ruin at the moment.

Well, that and hubby not working for 2 and a half weeks. That surely will do it.

The good news is that he’s heading back to the east coast on Friday for a few weeks.  As much as that totally stinks… at least we will be able to pay the rent for July. It’s the little things right?

Wow. 18 minutes and 48 seconds and they actually answered the phone.

Total call time: 22 minutes.   Yeesh.

Anyway-  Even though i still feel like I’m up a creek without a paddle some days, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about it.  I could very well just be sitting around moping about it… I could be seriously depressed. Really… it wouldn’t be that hard. But I have to keep the faith.

I KNOW it will all work out.

I KNOW somehow we will be okay.

I CAN’T let it get me down.

After reading this post from (a wonderful blogger who is one of the few people I know to actually read my ramblings) PlaneJaner- Lifeboat

I’ve decided that my new motto is:

When up a creek without a paddle- sing show tunes (or at least something from Glee!)!

With that I must go for now. I have a million things I want to try to write about this week.  But, I must go get ready to take the Maniac to the library for story time! 🙂


June Gloom

It’s another beautiful day here in Southern California… filled with June Gloom. I always forget about the gloom until it creeps in and steals away all the sunshine.

See.. it’s a real thing-

From Wikipedia: June Gloom (sometimes May Gray) is a Southern California term for a weather pattern that results in overcast skies with cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer in the mornings and afternoons. For example, June is the cloudiest month of the year in San Diego.[1] In the early 20th century, this phenomenon was sometimes known as “high fog.”


That is the gloomy-rific view from my patio.

Anyway-  Gloom aside, I just got back from the gym after Zumba-ing my butt off.   I am actually going back in a couple of hours, I have an appointment with my trainer.  Remember my trainer? She’s 22 and cute and skinny and thought I wasn’t old. 🙂 She gets to torture me for an hour today.  Super fun.  I was going to cancel it.. since being that when my darling hubby gets paid next friday it will only be for the Memorial Day holiday. (which is a whole other sob story unto itself. sigh.) That makes me feel like the personal trainer isn’t really in our budget at the moment.  But they had already taken my money, so I’d better just go.  The way I justified it to myself- I’m sure he spends WAY more than that on cigarettes a month. So  there. :p

I can’t get the Zumba music out of my head. It’s kind of driving me insane.

Oh, I went to yoga yesterday. I thought I was going to die. It was brutal. I didn’t know my body could do some of those things… If only I could have recorded or remembered the things I was thinking and how I was cursing the instructor. I would probably made for a hilarious read.  It wasnt pretty.  I think I sweated more yesterday doing yoga than in Zumba this morning. 

Oh well.. I seem to just be rambling a bit… I’m going to go enjoy the quiet for a little while longer.




Thursday morning after the gym…

Wow. I can’t believe I havent posted anything since Saturday. I swore I wrote something this week! I probably did and it’s just hiding in the vast nothingness that is my drafts folder.


Good Morning!

Its 7:38am. Yes, I dragged my sorry and sore butt to the gym this morning.  I took yoga yesterday for the first time.. it was awesome, but I felt every bit of it when I woke up. I am definitely taking tomorrow off, since about half way through Zumba this morning I thought my arms and legs had both magically turned into cinder blocks. It was a hard one to get through. But I made it. Whew!

Important lesson learned this morning- If you wear your sneakers to a farm, check your shoes for mud before going to the gym. Oops! It was a little embarrassing when I realized the big chuck of mud that was on the floor was from me. Oh well.. You live and you learn. I cleaned it up. 🙂

Why was I at a farm you wonder? The play group took a trip to go Strawberry picking yesterday. It was fun. Pricey, but fun. (I basically paid $45 for 3 pounds of strawberries. $15 a person. Including the 3-year-old! 2 and under were free.)

You get to take a tractor pulled wagon tour of the farm. And as your tour guide is talking about all the organic farming methods they use, and some history about the farm and other various farming things.. you stop along the way and sample freshly picked veggies!

We got to try wax beans, green beans, celery, carrots and onions. The wax beans were surprisingly good. (I’m not really a green bean fan). And the carrots were delicious! The Maniac couldn’t get enough! She at the whole thing, and wanted more! I bought some more in their little farmers market, and she wanted to eat them on the way home.

Then we stopped in a strawberry field and picked a pound a piece.

Of course they don’t really give you enough time, especially when you are dealing with toddlers. I was trying to help her, and pick my own.. and I don’t think we really filled out containers enough. I guess it was more about the experience. Right? Now I have to figure out what to do with all these strawberries before they go bad!

Behold!  This is what $45 worth of strawberries look like (Of course the top one started off a lot more full than that! They did eat a bunch of them yesterday!):


All the kids seemed to have a great time! And ALL of them had some form of meltdown by the end.. well,  all of them 3 and under… the Teen managed to control herself. hahaha!

Well, I must go take a shower.. I think I may hear the pitter patter of toddler feet upstairs.  Another busy day! I have some errands to run, and a playdate at the park!!

Enjoy your Thursday!



What I learned at the gym today.

What I learned at the gym today- Day 3

1. Not all Zumba classes are alike.
2. I definitely need new sneakers.

* * * *
I took yesterday off because I was really, really, really sore. The good news is that I can now sit down to pee without wanting to cry. YES!

This morning I went and did some cardio- treadmill for 15 minutes and the elliptical for 10. Then I headed to te 8:30 Zumba class.

My gym and play group buddy, V, was already there taking some crazy Turbo Kickboxing Class. She tried to save me a spot, but I was not about to try that this morning. She is more gym savvy than I.  After that was over, she stayed for the Zumba class.

This morning’s class was taught by a different instructor than that one I took on Thursday. This lady, was hard to keep up with and some of the routines were just plain odd. (In one of them she was yelling “I LOVE SALSA!”)  I didn’t like it at all, I did manage to stay for the whole class while V did not. 

Truth be told, I think everyone was pretty lost. I try not to watch other people (while I’m flailing around feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet)… as I would hope they are not watching me.  But today it was pretty obvious that almost everyone was in the same boat. 

I am pretty excited about taking a Yoga class tomorrow though!

Oh, and I had a conversation with the personal trainer who was manning the desk when I got there about the Zumba. As as trainer, he doesn’t really like it.. since there isn’t any weight training involved. He said something to the effect of  “I see all these desperate housewives come in here every morning for their Zumba, and then they wonder why they aren’t getting results.”

I guess he didn’t think I was a desperate housewife.. what ever that means exactly. hahaha! I promised him that I would do weight training- and he’s not even my trainer. Oh well. I think the Zumba is fun.. so poo on him. 😉

Oh well.. I am going to go find something productive to do. I don’t want to waste all of this good energy sitting on my butt!

Happy Saturday!