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I’ve been a little busy- plus a new recipe!

I guess it’s been a little while since I’ve written! I’ve thought about it, but never seem to be able to fit it in.  I’ve been busy planning the Teen’s 14th birthday party. This thing has kind of taken on a life of its own.. and I’m still not sure if anyone is coming. Apparetnly people don’t know what RSVP means anymore. Which is totally annoying. If nothing else, 6 of her friends said they would be here. That’s what’s important I guess.

Other than that.. just been loving that hubby has been home these last few weeks… although I am sick and tired of the history channel. That’s all he watches. If I see one more episode of Storage Wars or Modern Marvels I will scream. I’m not kidding. He watched 4 Modern Marvels in a row yesterday! Yeesh!

I should go, since I have a to do list as long as my arm. I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already! But I will leave you with the recipe I made for my Super Bowl watching on sunday. Which, I really only saw less than half of, since I had the longest lunch ever with a friend. We met at 11:30 had lunch, a margarita, and were jsut sitting there talking and all of a sudden it was 4:00! It was wonderful though! I think we both needed it!

Anyway- I found this on my newest adiction- Pinterest!

Peanut Butter Cheeseball!

1 Package cream cheese (room temp)

1 cup powdered sugar

3/4 cup creamy peanutbutter (I used half crunchy, since we didnt have much creamy left)

3 table spoons packed brown sugar

3/4 cup milik chocolate chips

3/4 cup peanut butter chips

graham cracker sticks, teddy grahams, apple slices or pretzels for dipping

Beat cream cheese, piwdered sugar, peanut butter and brown sugar in large mixer bowl until blended.

Spoon onto a large piece of plastic wrap (I used wax paper), form into a ball.

Freeze 1.5 hours unril firm enough to keep its shape. Place chocolate/peanut butter chips in a flat dish, remove plastic wrao from ball and roll in chips until completely covered.

Place ball on serving dish; cover and freeze for 2 hours until almost firm. Serve with graham cracker sticks, teddy grahams, apple slices or pretzels for dipping or spreading.

It is good enough to just eat with a spoon (I ran out of pretzels.)! 🙂

Wishing you a terriffic tuesday!


My Post Game Show



My Steelers lost. 😦

But I think winning 6 out of 8  Super Bowls that you’ve played is not too shabby!I can remember when I was a kid, we all had t-shirts that said  “One for the Thumb in 81!” And here we are in 2011 and we’re working on the other hand!   Its pretty awesome no matter who won.

I think its funny that my husband didn’t call or text during the game. I got a single text when it was over that read: “Whoops.”  It made me laugh for quite a while.  I sent him congratulations back.  When I finally talked to him he said..

“Being a good loser sucks.”  ha ha ha Gloating isnt as fun when the other person isnt completely upset.

Little did he realize that when found out that the Super Bowl was Packers-Steelers I decided that its fine who ever wins. The Packers deserved to be there just as much as the Steelers did.  Yes, it stinks that we lost, but I’m glad that the Pack took the Lombardi home.  (Please note, if it was the Patriots that had beat us, I don’t think I would be such a gracious loser. I’m just saying..)

But, we still have 6 and they only have 4… neener neener neener! LOL


Potato Skins! Half with Bacon, half without!

My not-quite-famous black bean white corn guacamole with homemade chips!


Home made Salted and Cinnamon Sugar Soft Pretzels!

My Teen walked into the kitchen while the pretzels were baking and said “It smells like the mall in here.” They absolutely tasted just like the ones you get in the mall! They were super easy and awesome! And I will make them again- A LOT! 

Here’s the recipe.

Oh yea, and all of this food was just for me, my sister and the kids.  Needless to say the pretzels are GONE. We also had brownies and cookies.


Were there A LOT of car commercials or was it just me?

I was really confused by the Emimem Chrysler spot.  Confused meaning, when did Eminem suddenly decide he was going to start peddling things? (there was an iced tea commercial with his likeness too.)  After that aired, one of my friends Facebook status said: “I’m sorry. Did Eminem just try to sell me a Chrysler?”

The finger licking Doritos one was pretty hilarious, as was the little Darth Vadar.. there was another one I can’t remember right now… Oh yea.. the NFL commercial with all the old tv shows- I liked that. And some of the CarMax spots were cute.

The Snickers one with Richard Lewis and Rosanne, was funny, but will never top the one from last year with Betty White! That is classic!


I really like the Black Eyed Peas usually… but that was awful. And seriously where did Slash or Usher really fit into that extravaganza? Weird. And all the light-up dancers, which were kind of cool in theory,  made me feel like I was watching the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics.. but not really in a good way.


So my Tween , I mean my Teen has been dying for Glee to come on ALL DAY! I was getting an hourly countdown during the game.  Then the game was over and I hear: “Wait. There is a post game show? I thought Glee was on! UGH!”

The poor thing had to wait another half hour.

But it was worth it since the episode was GREAT! Love the Thriller/Heads will Roll mash-up! I’ve been listening to the song all week and seeing it finally was awesome!  We LOVED IT! YAY GLEE!

It was definitely a great ending to a pretty good day, even though the Packers won.

Now, my problem is getting the Toddler back to sleep. She passed out around 7:30 or so.. and I was hoping for her to sleep through the night.. but alas she woke up around 10… sigh.. I don’t think we’re going to bed anytime soon.


I had all intentions of posting this last night, but that didn’t seem to work out due to one super spunky toddler who was demanding my attention. Go figure. I did manage to get her to go back to sleep around 12:30, and she slept until 8:30. Could have been worse!

Yes, I’m a slacker…

I haven’t really been thinking a lot about blogging the last couple of weeks, as you can plainly see by my lack of posts. Yes, I admit it- I am a slacker.

Not that I’ve really been just sitting around slacking… well, a little bit maybe. But I’ve had other stuff going on.  I was sick for almost two weeks, my husband had his whirl-wind 24 hour visit, we’ve been school shopping, trying to unpack.. and just deal with the maniac 2-year-old.

Today, I realized that I needed to bloggity-blog-blog. I have about a hundred ideas of things that I want to write about. So many in fact that I actually made a list of topics so I wouldn’t forget.

But where to start is the question…

I should be headed to the airport to go to Alaska for my fabulous 5 day vacation with my husband right now.  Sigh. The universe seems to have had other plans for me this weekend. I guess it all works out okay since my mom ended up not being able to come this weekend to watch the kids after all.  It still makes me sad that I’m not going.  And hubby can’t come home until (maybe) next weekend- that is if they even let him since he is coming home for good the week after that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So the whirl-wind 24 hour visit- Yea, that was great. Dont get me wrong- I LOOOOOOVED seeing him.  But his flight was 3 hours late… cutting down is 27 hour trip to 24.  He was supposed to get in at 9am, and didn’t actually get in until noon.   After we picked him up we just hung out at home.  Everyone took a nap… I made a nice dinner for him (after 2 trips to the store to get 2 things I forgot to buy) of pulled pork sliders, home-made onion rings and fresh corn on the cob.  He was very surprised by the meal.  K planned the menu.  They love the pulled pork- it’s quite delicious! You just cook the pork roast in root beer basically until it falls apart.

Here’s the recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Slow-Cooker-Pulled-Pork/Detail.aspx

The recipe calls for 12 oz of root beer, but I usually dump the whole 2 liter in there. And just cook the crap out of it.  In the slow cooker 6-8 hours or on the stove about 3-4.  The actual “pulling” of the pork seriously grosses me out, so I wait until it pretty much does it on its own.  And i use the sweeter honey bbq sauce and it is delish!

Anyway- back from my pork tangent – we had a nice dinner and nice family time together. And then SUnday morning, we got up early… and headed to the OC. We had to run an errand for my brother-in-law(We’ll call him BIL for short)… we had to go to his apartment and get his birth certificate so he could apply to get his passport. Which is a WHOLE other saga that I will explain later.   So we first went to the airport so he could check in and get his exit row seat (I don’t know if I mentioned but my hubby is REALLY tall- 6′ 7”). He’s really uncomfortable in most planes, but the exit row seats are a little roomier. And you can’t just request one when you make the reservation or when you check-in online, so he has to wait until he gets to the airport to do it.   And the earlier the better!

So we did that and then went to Brother in law’s apartment. And since he lives literally 50 ft from the beach, we used our extra 45 minutes to go to the beach. The girls had fun. It was overcast and a little chilly… but they loved it. KT walked around picking up sea shells and putting them in her bucket. It was nice. I pretty much just followed her around the whole time making sure she dint touch anything gross or step on any glass.  I must say it was nice to have somewhere to clean up and pee. Normally the beach is not my fave place to go with the children. My dream is to just go to the beach and sit and read a book- ALONE. Ahhh…. that would be so nice.

Then it was time for hubby to get to the airport.   And then one of this flights got cancelled and it took him way longer to get back than planned. But he wasnt the only one.  BIL got stuck in Salt Lake City for the night… and then slept in and missed his flight Monday morning, and missed his job. So now they have made it a “Company Policy” that they HAVE to come home on early flights on Sundays so ensure everyone gets back in time to work. Which I totally get- but totally sucks- which is why he can’t come home this weekend.

Oh well…. this is getting really really long… And I could probably go on and on and on… Until next time..