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Sleepless ramblings that started at 2am this morning…

So this must be the night I drive myself insane this week.

I thought I was doing better in the me vs things that go bump in the night arena. Granted, I have been staying up until like 3 every night this week watching tv until I pass out… Which helps. But not so much in the waking up early with the toddler.

I’m just jumpy tonight. Which I hate.

I was hoping to fall asleep before 2.. But alas it’s 2:08. Logically I know that the house is probably just creaking, since I have been keeping the heat lower than normal in an effort to not have a skyrocketing gas bill. I don’t hear all the creaks and pops that freak me out when the heat is on.

My feet are freezing… Maybe I should go turn it up a degree or two. Maybe that will help me sleep.

*     *       *      *      *

So I turned up the heat.
It’s now 4:16am.

My night thus far:
2:30 fell asleep with the lights on.
3:00 hubby called to say he was done working and going to bed.
4:00 woke up to pee.
4:06 dozed off, only to awaken suddenly after hearing imaginary noise.

Yea. I’m tired.

*    *    *    *    *

Somewhere between 6 and 6:30… Rudely awakened by a toddler wanting juice and Cheerios. I say rudely because I believe that she punched me or hit me. And then was climbing on me to try to wake me up. So much fun.

Finally I dragged my super tired butt downstairs to get the juice and Cheerios. Now spongebob is on the tv and I can only hope she falls back to sleep when she’s done eating. I doubt I will make it that long.

*     *      *      *      *       *

Well, it is not well into the afternoon. 3:20 to be exact.

I think I passed out again right after I delivered the juice and Cheerios to she who beckoned for them. At some point she curled up with me and went back to sleep.  I figured that would happen.

I finally got up and moving at about 11. She didn’t get up until noon. Which gave me a little time to pick up the living room and fold some towels.

I guess I should go tend to my laundry… I needed to wash the sheets since when my dear toddler woke up, she and my bed were covered in pee.  Seriously, she was soaked from her neck to her knees. I will never understand how that happens… other than I wasnt conscious enough to change her before I went back to sleep this morning.

I guess I’ve bored you enough with my ramblings for today…


My weekend wrap up…

What a silly title. Do you really care what I did all weekend?  Probably not. But I’ll give you the highlights anyway.


  • I enjoyed a leisurely shower that did not include a toddler. 🙂
  • was overflowing with motivation, and actually got the kitchen completely unpacked and rearranged, so it is functional and uncluttered. It was driving me insane.
  • tried a new recipe for dinner that K called “the best thing ever.” I don’t really agree, but since she liked it I will make it again.
  • had a nice nap after  dinner – in other words, completely passed out on the couch from 6:30-8
  • KT did too… which made her stay up until 1:30am.
  • Once KT went to sleep, I actually was able to sleep. (Sleep 4, Bumps in the night 4.)


  • Slept until until 9:30am
  • My sister came over to hang out/do her laundry! (I Loooooove that we can do that!)
  • She brought Peanut Butter Chip cupcakes from Sprinkles! Yummy!
  • Watched a few episodes of Top Chef
  • We took the dog for a walk for the first time ever. He and KT did pretty well. It was just a short walk, to see how it worked out. My goal is to be able to walk them both to the bus stop to take/pick up K. I’m a little scared to do it by myself yet – wrangling both of them alone.
  • Made grilled chicken, white cheddar shells and carrots for dinner.
  • Once my zany toddler fell asleep- I watched True Blood!
  • Once I fell asleep, I mostly slept. Had a weird dream that woke me up. But after that- Zzzzzz’s until my alarm went off (the second time!)  (Sleep 5, B.i.t.n.4  Only 3 more nights until my honey comes home!)

That brings us to this lovely Monday afternoon. They must have put a shot of motivation in my coffee this morning. I’ve been going all day! KT and I went to the grocery store and I’ve been cleaning since we got back.  The kitchen is sparkling! Its amazing! My mother is not going to have a thing to clean when she comes later this week! 😉

I’m going to go back to my cleaning… have to head to the bas stop in 40 min or so.  Gotta use nap time to the fullest!

Until next time!

Hello night… we meet again.

So the last time I posted about my war between sleep and things that go bump in the night, the score was Sleep-1 Bumps in the Night-3.

As of right now it is Sleep-2 Bumps in the night-4. But the night is young.. it can still go either way. Last night was bad.

I was going to call it a draw – I fell asleep at about 1:30am. I consider anything before 2 golden anymore. I had a little freak out about 12:30.. I thought all was well. But nooooooooooo…. 2:16 am I awake with my heart pounding for no real reason I could make out. The Direct Tv box was resetting itself, which I thought was weird, but whatever. I think it must have been the click of it turning back on that woke me… maybe? Who knows.

I managed to fall back to sleep… briefly. 3:19 am- same thing happened. Woke up heart trying to pound its way out of my chest. I really HATE that feeling. All I really want is to sleep.. wonderful sleep, full of dreams of sugar-plum fairies and purring kittens… ahhh.. that would be so nice.

Moments after waking up the second time… the dog FREAKED out barking at something… complete with a huge noise- once again scaring the ever-loving-crap out of me. UGH. Breathe please. Remain clam. I’m fairly certain it was a cat again, or some other nocturnal critter. The big noise was him jumping up to chase said critter and hitting and moving the screen door (for the sliding patio doors). Stupid dog. Stupid critter. Stupid jumpy me.

When I went downstairs for the .. uh.. fourth time (I think) because he kept freaking out, I went to get a drink and noticed tha the clock on the stove was blinking… the power had gone off in those 45 minutes I was sleeping the first time. (Thank goodness I was sleeping.. I couldn’t have handled that.) But that explains the Direct tv resetting itself. Of course that just sent my brain and very vivid imagination into a tizzy. Ugh, Needless to say, I made sure there is a flashlight within my reach.

After tonight.. I only have 6 more nights to go until my hubby gets home. He will be home thursday morning. So long Hellaska! Hello Honey! I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am to have him home. And its supposed to be for “a while.” But knowing the way these people operate, that could really mean anything. I would just appreciate a few weeks… get some much-needed rest. Get away from the children for some me time… ahhh….

Me time. What a novel concept. The grocery store without screaming, begging, grabbing… getting a coffee… going to the farmers market. Going anywhere for that matter, At this point – going to the dentist for a root canal BY MYSELF would be AWESOME.

After this whole experience, I have an incredible respect for single moms. I have no idea how they do it. They are awesome, I can not even fathom working full-time, taking care of the kids, running the house… doing it all, all alone, all the time. Kudos to those who do it! You are amazing.

It is now 1:18am. In the time I have been typing this the dog has barked crazily twice and I have developed some Dr.Pepper induced heart burn. Fun. I’m going to go find some Tums and then give this sleeping thing a whirl. I am pretty exhausted… three hours of sleep will do that, Let’s hope sleep wins this battle…

Until next time…

Another episode in the continuing saga of Sleep -vs- Bumps in the night..

If you are keeping track… The score is now Sleep-1 Bumps in the Night-3

This was my night.
12:34am: KT finally goes to sleep. The 6:30 nap- not a great plan.
1:30am: my iPhone finally finishes syncing. It seriously took forever!
1:35am: I actually doze off
2:15am: I wake up hacking on the phlegm in my throat/have to pee
2:25am: doze off again
2:55am: did I hear a noise that woke me up again?
3:00am: dog starts barking at the neighbor leaving
3:06am: dog starts barking at neighbor coming back. Where he went for 5 minutes I have no idea.
3:16am: dog starts freaking out with that something is out there bark, knocking something over, scaring the bejeezus out of me once again. I’m assuming there was a cat- Who obviously didn’t learn his lesson last time or didn’t get the meowmo (Get it, Meow + Memo? okay it was probably funnier in my head) about the giant dog in our yard who doesn’t like cats.
3:30am: can’t sleep so I downloaded some songs from iTunes that K asked for.
3:40am: found my toe ring that vanished stuck to the embroidery on my comforter.
3:43am: started writing this post
3:51am: wondering if I’m ever going to sleep….
4:00am: sprinklers come on… Man they are loud! I hate when I’m up for that.
4:02am: weird noise from outside downstairs- go make sure it was just the dog.
4:03am: yea it was a tail on the screen door. Let him in for a few minutes. He sneezes wildly and loudly to stir KT, he hunts a fly or two.
4:10am: fridge makes a really weird noise. That I’m hoping isn’t as bad as I think it could be. Well see if it’s still cold in a few hours.
4:14am: put the dog back outside and go back upstairs.
4:17am: pee and get back into bed… Let’s try this sleeping thing again.
4:30am: I actually fell asleep! Yay!
5:16:am: “Mama, I bump my head.  I want milk.” ugh.
5:30am: after getting milk, (Yay! the fridge is alive!) changing a diaper, cleaning up milk spilled on the bed five seconds after handing her the cup… Finally some sleep.
10:36am “Mama I want juice.”
And I’m up.