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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

This really made me wonder…


But then 50 feet from that was this, which REALLY made me wonder..



My raccoony day- a few pics from my Thursday.

A few photos from my Thursday.

The raccoons apparently missed the memo that it was daytime. They were driving the dog nuts all day. There must have been some tasty treats in our yard today.

A raccoon tail hanging through the the patio roof thingy.

The dog trying to climb the tree to get the raccoons.


Some fresh raccoon prints right outside the front door that we found after coming back from the store. They also left some “presents” under the hibiscus tree. Awesome.
I made cake pops today for a Halloween party tomorrow. I kind of felt like they were staring at me. Lol

Saturday Afternoon at LACMA

On Saturday, I surprised the Teen by taking her to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art; and it’s pronounced “lack-ma”) to see the Tim Burton Exhibit. My sister met us there too!

She was really excited! She likes Tim Burton a lot, and was “dying” to go. (Espeically once she saw the episode of Cupcake Wars where they made thier display for the opening of the exhibit.)

You can read a little about the exhibit HERE.

Cameras and cell phones were forbidden in the exhibit, so I didn’t get to take any pictures of anything. I would have snuck a few but there were soooo many people and many cranky security guards.  It was very interesting to see his sketches and other art work. I didn’t get to see a lot of it, since I was trying to keep the Maniac entertained and remotely quiet. I must say that was quite a challenge.

After the Tim Burton portion of our day, we wandered over to the La Brea Tar Pits. The first time my sister took the Teen there a few years ago, she didn’t realize that they were real. I had never been there before. We didn’t go to the museum or anything… I don’t think a certain someone would have been up for that.  It was kind of cool to see though.

Then we had some lunch at Baja Fresh and we went back to the museum to look at some more art. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real Picasso before. It was pretty cool.

I also thought the new Monet/Lichtenstein: Rouen Cathedrals exhibit was interesting.  You can read about that HERE.  I would have to say that Monet is my favorite artist. (Do you say artist? Painter? Impressionist?) I have a few prints of his work hanging up. Waterlilies is my favorite… I know there are a bunch of them.. my very favorite is the one that (when I saw it and it could still be there) was at The Carnegie is Pittsburgh.

Anyway- Here are a few shots of some art that you were allowed to photograph:

My apologies to the artists, since I did not take note of who these works were by.

Here’s some art we got into literally:

And finally… we learned a little about the Chinese Zodiac. 

I am an Ox, The Teen is a Tiger, The Maniac is a Rat and my Sister is a Horse.


This one's for you Chickmommy!

We had a pretty good day.

We only got yelled at by security 4 times… no one fell in the fountain or broke any priceless works of art.  I call that successful.

Next time we go, I’m not taking the 3-year-old. 😉
And on our way home, we got to swing by the airport and pick up my hubby! Definitely the best part of the day.

Weekly Photo Challenge- Path


Weekly Photo Challenge: Up


Weekly Photo Challenge- SKY

I haven’t ever done one of these before.. but when I read the email about this weeks photo challenge I immediately thought of this picture. It is one of my favorites.   I took it standing in our driveway at our house in Las Vegas.

Good Morning!

5:45am- on my way to the gym! Today is Zumba toning, which is half Zumba half weight intervals. Woo.

This is the view on my way to the gym. The pic doesn’t really so it justice, but I thought I’d share! The water is the Santa Ana river.

Happy Monday!