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I’ve been a little busy- plus a new recipe!

I guess it’s been a little while since I’ve written! I’ve thought about it, but never seem to be able to fit it in.  I’ve been busy planning the Teen’s 14th birthday party. This thing has kind of taken on a life of its own.. and I’m still not sure if anyone is coming. Apparetnly people don’t know what RSVP means anymore. Which is totally annoying. If nothing else, 6 of her friends said they would be here. That’s what’s important I guess.

Other than that.. just been loving that hubby has been home these last few weeks… although I am sick and tired of the history channel. That’s all he watches. If I see one more episode of Storage Wars or Modern Marvels I will scream. I’m not kidding. He watched 4 Modern Marvels in a row yesterday! Yeesh!

I should go, since I have a to do list as long as my arm. I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already! But I will leave you with the recipe I made for my Super Bowl watching on sunday. Which, I really only saw less than half of, since I had the longest lunch ever with a friend. We met at 11:30 had lunch, a margarita, and were jsut sitting there talking and all of a sudden it was 4:00! It was wonderful though! I think we both needed it!

Anyway- I found this on my newest adiction- Pinterest!

Peanut Butter Cheeseball!

1 Package cream cheese (room temp)

1 cup powdered sugar

3/4 cup creamy peanutbutter (I used half crunchy, since we didnt have much creamy left)

3 table spoons packed brown sugar

3/4 cup milik chocolate chips

3/4 cup peanut butter chips

graham cracker sticks, teddy grahams, apple slices or pretzels for dipping

Beat cream cheese, piwdered sugar, peanut butter and brown sugar in large mixer bowl until blended.

Spoon onto a large piece of plastic wrap (I used wax paper), form into a ball.

Freeze 1.5 hours unril firm enough to keep its shape. Place chocolate/peanut butter chips in a flat dish, remove plastic wrao from ball and roll in chips until completely covered.

Place ball on serving dish; cover and freeze for 2 hours until almost firm. Serve with graham cracker sticks, teddy grahams, apple slices or pretzels for dipping or spreading.

It is good enough to just eat with a spoon (I ran out of pretzels.)! 🙂

Wishing you a terriffic tuesday!


From 0 to cake in 5 minutes flat!- Recipe of the week #3

I tried a few new recipes this week, but I think this one deserves the most attention 🙂

I’m not kidding when I say you get cake in 5 minutes flat!

This is: 5 minute Chocolate Mug Cake!

Thank my mom for sending me this! She forwarded it from a recipe exchange email that one of her friends sent her! And I really wanted something sweet last night and I remembered that it was in my inbox! So I threw it together, and 5 minutes later there was cake!

Here’s what you need:

4 Tablespoons Flour

4 Tablespoons Sugar

2 Tablespoons Cocoa

1 egg

3 Tablespoons Milk

3 Tablespoons oil or butter (I liked it way better with the butter!)

3 Tablespoons of Chocolate Chips-optional (I used peanut butter chips)

a small splash of vanilla extract

(I also added a pinch of baking powder)

1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly. Pour in the milk and oil/butter and mix well. Add the chocolate chips and vanilla extract and mix again. (The chocolate chips sink to the bottom, so if you want them throughout I suggest putting in half and mixing them, and then just putting the rest on top)

Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 min at 1000 watts (HIGH). THe cake will rise over the top pf the mug, but don’t be alarmed! Allow to cool a little, then tip it out onto a plate and EAT! It’s a little rich, so you might want to share it with someone you love! ❤

The other recipes I tried out this week were:

Real Sopapillas– As per my hubby’s request, they turned out pretty good!

Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole – We were using what we had, and there was some turkey left from Thanksgiving and mashed potatoes left from the night before and I made this! There were no leftovers!

Crispy Potato Roast – I found this recipe on Pinterest, I seasoned it a little differently, but it was delish! 🙂

That’s 6 new recipes for the year! 🙂




They’re not pretty, but they’re Pierogi- Recipe of the Week #2

On Sunday, in honor of my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers who lost in the most horrible 5 seconds of OT ever… I tried my hand at home made pierogi. (If you don’t know what a pierogi is.. it’s a little dough pillow filled with potatoes, cheese, onion or even sauerkraut. I belive it is a traditionally Polish dish.)

Even though I am 50% polish, I’m pretty sure we never had pierogi at home growing up. But they do remind me of my Pittsburgh roots, which is why I usually to serve them during Steeler games.

Normally I go to the grocery store and buy a box of Mrs. T’s frozen pierogi.. but  I was feeling adventurous.

They are kind of a lot of work, and since I have never even seen someone make them, I was kind of flying blind.

Here is the recipe I found on allrecipes.com: Pierogi

It was the one with the most good reviews that I looked at, and that made the most sense to me. I just used the dough portion of the recipe, and made my own mashed potato filling. Which, I basically just made mashed potatoes like I normally would.

So here’s the before picture. They are not pretty at all. I got the hang of it more as I went on.. the later ones are much better than the first few.


Tada! Here they are, cooked with sautéed onions in butter ready to eat! They were surprisingly good!


And I actually made 2 new recipes today! We had leftover mashed potatoes so I tried this: Crispy Parmesan Potato Puffs.  Compliments to my sister for finding this one! They didn’t come out as nice as the ones they show on the recipe, but they were tasty!


There you have it! I have now tried 2 new recipes in the first 10 days of the year!


Not much new & exciting around here.

I really didn’t want to get dressed today. I’m not sure why  even bothered.

I’ve decided that on laundry day it should be mandatory to stay in your pj’s until the laundry is complete. Sometimes that takes a couple of days if I’m feeling particularly lazy. haha!

Not much is really new and exciting around here.

We’ve been dealing with some uber-procrastination from the Teen…which I am going to let her learn about the hard way, even if it means her getting a terrible grade. I think that’s the only way that she’s going to get it.

The Maniac has been being an even bigger handful than normal. There’s been lots of screaming, tantrums and just big fun where she’s concerned.

I got to see my Vegas BFF on Sunday, which was much-needed and quite refreshing. My amazingly wonderful sister (who really is amazing and wonderful and I’m not just saying that because she reads this.) came over and watched the kids so we could spend some quality child-free time together. We had lunch and went and wandered around this crazy mall/shopping center thing.  It was a nice afternoon just window shopping and chatting and catching up. She’s been really busy between work and her new boyfriend that we havent talked as much as we should have!

The Steelers lost. No, they just didn’t lose.. it was a bloodbath. I really think it wasn’t them, and it was just 53 imposters in Steelers uniforms.. since they didn’t play “Steeler Football” at all.  There’s always next week. And at least we didn’t get creamed by the Raiders like my Brother-in-law’s beloved Broncos did! haha!

I’m ready to start working on the girls Halloween costumes. I have what I need to make them..I just need to make the time and find the inspiration. I usually have an October 1st deadline for the Teen’s costume decision, but I bumped it up this year, since last year her costume was a nightmare… this one should be easier… theoretically. I’ll tell you more about them later!

That’s all for now.. I just heard the washer stop, and the Maniac is wanting my attention and keeps sticking her head under my arm while I am trying to type.

Have a terrific Tuesday! 🙂

This too shall pass… Right?

I may have mentioned that I’ve been in this funk since my hubby left the last time. I really just can’t seem to get myself out of it. Every time I think I’m feeling better something knocks me down again.

Today is no exception.

I had a breakdown yesterday. I talked to my best friend, had a good cry and got some sleep and I thought I was going to have a better day today. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I was looking forward to hubby coming home tomorrow.

Of course, that’s now not happening… until Friday. Nothing like kicking a girl when she’s down people.

Seriously, these people really need to learn how to run a business. I can not fathom how they are still in business since NO ONE has any clue what is going on with them EVER. I’m seriously about to go postal on them.

They really need to stop efffing up my life.

Hubby has been supposed to come home tomorrow since before he left almost 2 weeks ago. He’s been bugging them for days about his flight arrangements.

Friday it was “oh.. no we havent made them yet.”

Monday it was “Oh… so and so isn’t here today.”

Today it is”oh we just made them.” Which was a flat-out lie. She made them on friday. Then when I went to check hubby in… I realize that…


Apparently he has a job on Thursday that no one had any idea about. Except the scheduling chick who hadn’t bothered to go to work for the last several days. (Not to mention that this new job is 8 hours away from where the airport is. So he has to work all day thursday and then drive 8 hours and then maybe sleep before hs 6:30 am flight) 


I’m seriously teetering on the brink of probably a real live nervous breakdown and you are going to keep my husband away for 2 more days?  Now he only gets to be home for three freaking days?

Three days.. and then he’s gone for at least three more weeks. I honestly don’t know how much more of this any of us can take.

Somehow it will all be okay right? This too shall pass? The “At least he’s working” mantra is wearing a little thin. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful in this craptastic economy that he’s working. I am.  But I think I need more than that to cling to right now. )

I just hope my sanity can hang in there for a little while longer.

A very Trying Tuesday.

Well.. the weekend went by way too fast, and here it is Tuesday. and a trying Tuesday it has been.

I really wanted to get up and go to the gym, I didn’t hear any of my 3 alarms that I set to get up at 5.  I guess I needed to sleep.

I was rudely awakened by a Maniac pooptastrophy. UGH. I don’t know what she’s been eating… actually I think it’s probably the allergy medicine I’ve been giving her.. but the last couple days have been some of the foulest, nastiest smelling packages she has ever shared with me. Just what I wanted to deal with a 7am.  And it required a hose-down in the bath tub both times it happened this morning.  EWWWW. And you should consider yourself lucky i did not go into further detail of the situation.

In other excitement… the Teen decided to take Choir as her elective this year. I’m not really sure why exactly, being that she has never showed any interest in singing before and I’m not confident that she could carry a tune in a bucket. But whatever, that’s what she picked and she actually go it.  She has been in Choir for 5 minutes. Okay, today will be the 7th class she’s had. and they have a performance tonight at the “Back To school Night.” I am not sure how they could have even learned the words to a song in 7 hours.

I guess we shall see how that goes for her. I keep forgetting about back to school night. I would have been completely content not getting out of my PJ’s today. Then i realized at about 1pm that we have to go to it. I wouldnt mind so much if it wasnt for the incredibly crazy 3-year-old I have to drag along with me. I am not really a fan of taking her anywhere lately… this should be a super awesome good time. We have to follow the Teen’s schedule and go from class to class and listen to all of her teachers give a little talk about their classes this year.  last year it was not pretty. By the time we got to about 4th period, the Maniac was over it. I don’t think we even went to her last period class because of all the screaming. I may have to break out the big guns and let her play games on my phone or something if I have to.

And in even more exciting news… my wonderful Hubby will be home tomorrow afternoon for a few days. YAY! That is, Now that we got his flights fixed. The new girl who made his reservations didn’t know that he doesn’t fly into LAX…so she had him flying in there at 4:30 pm. Yea.. I’m not driving  the 1-1.5 hours it is with no traffic to LAX, let alone at rush hour. It would take me 2 hours to get there and 3 hours to get home. Especially when even with traffic, it takes about 20 minutes to get to his usual airport.  Luckily she was able to change it.

At least he will be home for a little while. Then he goes back to North Carolina for a week and hopefully will be back for a few days before they ship him off somewhere else. woo. yea, i can’t think about that yet. I’m just going to be thankful that I get to see him tomorrow!

Well.. that’s all the excitement for now. I need to go gather my Maniac entertainment supplies and figure out what to feed them for dinner!



“To a nice chic who is almost always in a bad mood.” ~ Remembering 8th Grade

In honor of my Teen embarking on her 8th grade journey today, I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane.

For me, 8th grade  was the 1986-1987 school year.   No, I just can’t say that was 25 years ago out loud. Crap, I just did.  I mean… man, that was a long time ago.

I can’t recall what I wore on the first day of school, but let me tell you about the ensemble I pulled together for my school picture.  It was either a sign of the times or a sign that I was definitely marching to the beat of my own drummer.

Picture it: Bright yellow blazer with bright blue shirt.. or maybe it was a bright blue blazer and a bright yellow shirt.  A lapel pin that was a lady’s head with a mohawk (I wish I still had that pin) and I’m pretty sure I was rockin’ the 4 in wide white belt with it. Oh yea… I thought I was awesomesauce. I wish I had a copy of the color picture… the black and white in my 8th grade yearbook doesn’t do it justice.  I won’t even go into my hair or the glasses. Man, they were big. The glasses, not my hair.

8th Grade memories:

1. One of the girls who made my life a living hell in 7th grade sat across from me in home room. She introduced me to my beloved Poison by lending me her tape.

2. My BFF was a girl named Kelly. She had a shit-zu named Bruno. She was obsessed with Tom Cruise.

3. My very first concert and the start of a huge part of my teenage life- Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet Tour March 27,1987. We had row M on the floor of the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. (Yes, back when they actually put chairs there.)  They filmed the “Wanted Dead or Alive” video there that night. We found ourselves in it once.

The Bon Jovi Shirt

the back... March 27-Pittsburgh, PA

Oh,  I can’t write this without mentioning THE Bon Jovi jean jacket. This was just not any Bon Jovi  jean jacket.. but one I made myself.  Well,  “made” in the sense of I put silver studs all over the back of my jacket spelling out BON JOVI.  Again, I thought I was awesomesauce. Sadly I don’t have a picture of this masterpiece. But I wore it A LOT.

4. We used to spend countless hours on the phone voting for the “Top 8 at 8” on B94 fm trying to get “Talk Dirty to Me” by Poison on the countdown.  One time the DJ (His name was John Cline)answered and asked us if we wanted to be on a commercial. .. well DUH! of course we did! So,one weekend back in 1987 you heard their commercial for a Bon Jovi tickets contest and some girls screaming “I WANT MY BON JOVI CONCERT TICKETS!!!!!” that was me and Kelly.

The Countdown Calendar! I pulled off a post it every day.. were post its even invented yet?

5. My Algebra teacher had the worst comb-over in the history of comb-overs.

6. I was the honorary ball girl at a Pittsburgh Spirit game in April of 1987. The Spirit was the professional soccer team that the Burgh had for a few years. We used to go to games a lot. I wrote a letter saying that being the ball girl would be “the highlight of my life.”  And I guess they thought I was cute because I got picked. I got to go down on the field and have my picture taken with my favorite player who was Godfrey Ingram. I don’t know why I remember that.  The team autographed ball (and Godfrey’s signature is the only one that is smudged) is still in my garage. I have the picture too.. but I’m not sure where that is at the moment.

7.  After looking back through my year book… it seems the theme was that everyone wrote “to a nice but weird girl” or a “sweet but strange girl.” I wonder why I was weird and strange.  I think my favorite thing someone wrote is: “To a nice chic who is almost always in a bad mood.” What is that about I wonder?

8. I went through my memory box to see what I could find of 8th grade. Not much really. I have far more from high school and college than middle school. I did find these though- the program and streamers from our “8th grade Farewell” dance.  I want to say I danced with a boy at that dance, but I’m not sure who that was.

8th Grade Farewell program & Streamers

9. I was in the school Chorus and the school’s fancy singing group called “Showcase.” I still have no idea how I made it in the group. But you got to audition at the end of 6th grade and then you were in for 7th & 8th.  I remember being horrified that for the Spring choral concerts we had to wear flannel shirts and sing John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.” Which is a fine song and all… but not when you have to sing it in front of your entire school.

10.  Our school had just finished being remodeled at the start of that year. We had a new gym floor and it was forbidden to have sneakers with black soles on them, in fear of them leaving marks on the brand new shiny floor. No worries, I had red high top Reeboks. Did I mention the marching to the beat of my own drummer thing? 😉

They looked something like this
What’s your favorite 8th grade memory?