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Weekly Photo Challenge- SKY

I haven’t ever done one of these before.. but when I read the email about this weeks photo challenge I immediately thought of this picture. It is one of my favorites.   I took it standing in our driveway at our house in Las Vegas.


It’s okay to lie… So says the Attendance Office at School

My Teen had not missed any school this year.

When we were planning on going to Vegas to visit my BFF and see my hubby I gave her the option to skip a day of school.   But it was totally up to her. If she wanted to keep her perfect attendance we would just go around her schedule.  She has straight A’s and works really hard, and I think everyone deserves a “mental health day” as my mom used to call them.  

 She had no problem missing school, so off to Vegas we went! As things turned out, we left Thursday evening and came back late Monday night. 

As per her school’s policy, I called the attendance line and left a message that she was absent because we were out-of-town and she would be back Tuesday.  Let me just say that we did the same thing last year. The one day of school she missed was because we went to Vegas and I told them we were out-of-town too.

It seems that I needed to leave a better message.

It seems that I needed to lie.

I believe whole heartedly in honesty.  Yes, I will tell an occasional “white lie” but 99.9% of the time I just tell it like it is. Which I why I told the school we were out-of-town.  I also believe that you lie and say you are sick, you had a family emergency, or a death in the family- that odds are something to that effect will happen. Hence my telling the truth.

My Teen came home from school Tuesday afternoon, with a notice that she was assigned 2 days of “Saturday School” (aka saturday detention) because my telling the school we were “out-of-town” was not an excusable reason for an absence. I was livid. 

It also seems that I didn’t  thoroughly read the attendance policy at the beginning of the school year, or I didn’t remember what I read.  Whatever, I was still mad.

I called the school and gave the attendance lady a piece of my mind. According to her, they follow the regulations set by the state of California. That’s all fine and dandy, but last year when we did the same thing and I told the school we were out-of-town nothing happened.

So after I calmed down, we had 3 options.

1. Just don’t go and have 2 unexcused absences on her record.

2. Just go to the detention and do her time to get the absences excused.

3. Write a note on the back of the paper they sent home LYING that she was actually sick, even though they have a recorded message that says otherwise.

Seriously people. What example are you setting for our kids here?

The attendance lady seriously waited for no one to be in earshot of her and told me to write the lying note, and said I needed to leave “a better message” next time.

Let’s just lie and get out of trouble! Woo! Yea! Great message people!

 WTF. I have enough trouble trying to figure out when she’s lying to me, and she’s only been a teenager for 2 months!  I don’t need the school district reinforcing it!

We decided to do the right thing. Despite the fact that this whole debacle is my fault for not knowing. But now I know.

She did her 4 hours saturday morning. In her words “It was horrible.”  And she’s got another 4 hours to go this coming Saturday.  If nothing else, she will have had lots of time to work on her book report.

Oh, and its come to light that she may not be able to go on her class field trip since she was assigned 2 Saturdays of detention. Which, again is a load of crap. especially, since it wasnt for a behavioral problem.

We shall cross that bridge when we come to it, and believe me, if that is the case  i am going to take that one up with the Principal.   And if after fighting the good fight, if I lose… maybe she’ll be sick that day. Humph.

How I Met Your Father…

For my girls…

Ever since I saw your face,  Nothing in my life has been the same.  I walk around and sing your name, without you my world would end. 

Yes, that is from “Girlfriend” by NSYNC. And yes, I  am aware of how corny that is. But it is the song I most relate to the day I met my wonderfully amazingly fantastic husband. And how I feel about my girls now that I’m really thinking about it. 🙂

It was 9 years ago today that I first saw his face, and he changed my life.  It was the day after his birthday in 2002.  I had been living in Las Vegas for about a year and a half.  I had a job I liked, had recently moved in with my BFF at the time, and had been seeing a big fat jerk boy who wasnt very nice to me, and had recently told me to “find  someone who could be the kind of boyfriend” that I wanted.  It seems that I took his advice.

My friends and I had been going to this bar every friday night for months.  It was called Pink E’s! It was a fun place off the strip, they had pink pool tables, pink booths, and they were known for playing 80’s hair band music. If I remember correctly, the walls in the bathrooms were covered with naked pictures… Guys in the ladies room and girls in the mens room.  They also had a lot of those 80’s hair bands (that were still trying to hang onto their careers) playing live on the weekends.  I loved it there.

It was very sad when it closed.

We used to hang out in “our booth,” have a few drinks, listen to the music, people watch and just have a great time.   That friday night started out just like any other  We planted ourselves in our booth. were actually waiting for some friends,who were in town for the weekend, to meet up with us.

We had noticed this boy walk past our booth who had his septum pierced.  Back then, it wasnt as common of a piercing as it is now, so we immediately noticed it.

Not actually his nose!

Then we notice that the boy with the nose ring was really cute.  I didn’t think much else of it right then. (He had been walking back and forth past our booth in an effort to get me to notice him.)

He was there with his brother and a friend, celebrating his birthday.  They happened upon Pink E’s! on a night where Jeannette Lee (a female pool champion) was doing an exhibition/meet and greet thing. She is known as “the black widow.” My brother-in-law is a huge pool guy, so he was super excited to see her do her stuff.

I was sitting in our booth facing the crowd for the exhibition. I was on the phone with my then roommate. I looked up and realized that the cute boy with the nose ring was staring at me.

I smiled at him.  he smiled back.

A little while later,  I realized that he was gone.  NOOOOOO!  

He came back! Whew! (They had gone to get food at Del Taco.)

Next time I saw him, he was sitting in a booth a few feet away from us. Obviously, wanting me to come talk to him.  I was probably as chicken as he was. Myfriends were making a big, loud deal about it, which was making it hard to just go over there without it being a big scene. So I didn’t.

Then, once again – HE WAS GONE.

I swore to myself that if he came back, I was going to talk to him.

A little while later,  he came back. YES!!!! 

They actually had left for good, then he convinced his brother to take him back. Thank goodness.

So after they miraculously returned,  they were about 4 feet away from us, and just kind of stood there.

Again, my friends were making a big loud deal about it, so I made an equally big loud deal about me being mad about them being loud and I went and sat at the bar by myself.

Then his brother sat down next to me, and bought me a drink.  He did it just to prove the point that he could talk to me. I had absolutely no interest in whatever small talk he was making with me. My eye was on the cute boy with the nose ring.

And my friend was mad that he was talking to me, since she thought he was cute. (Sidenote- that particular friend is the reason I no longer let him date my friends.)

So he sat down next to his brother, and then we finally got introduced.

While  his brother was talking to me, I kept looking around him to see the cute boy with the nose ring. Around front… around back… and finally….

“Did that hurt?” That broke the ice.

Once we started talking, we really didn’t stop. At some point his brother left. And when I say left, I mean completely ditched him. We didn’t even notice.

We sat at that bar talking until about 5 in the morning.  Which is very easy to do in Las Vegas, since the bars don’t close- ever.  He told me about the Tween in the first ten minutes we were talking. She was about to turn 4.  We discussed our crazy ex-spouses, our jobs, and pretty much everything else you could imagine.

Once we were ready to leave we realized he bad been ditched.  I ended up driving him home. Turned out they lived pretty close to me.  When I dropped him off, I gave him my number, and he just gave me a peck on the lips.

I  couldn’t stop thinking about the cute boy with the nose ring. I was kicking myself for not getting his number.  I scoured the phone book for his number to no avail… (turns out the phone was in their old room mates name.)

Then he finally called. It was Tuesday night. (A nd seriously his brother made him wait three days to call me. Boys.) I freaked  out!  YAY! We made a plan for him to call me again on Thursday, and we would do something on friday.

And that we did.  We have been inseparable since. 

 We celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary on New Years Day.

And I love my cute boy with the nose ring (okay, he doesn’t actually have it any more… I kind of miss it actually) even more than I did back then.  In fact I love him more every day. 

And I know that even if that night hadn’t unfolded the way it did, if he hadn’t convinced his brother to bring him back, I know without a doubt, that somehow…. some way… we still would have found each other.

Remember & Reflect ~ My 9/11

It is the eve of 9/11.

We have been watching 9/11 related programming for most of the evening.

I watched a very interesting show about the air traffic controllers from 9/11 and we just finished watching a show that discussed all the conspiracy theories. I never really thought about those until recently. I’m not sure what I really believe. I’m not going to get into that today.

I just want to remember that day. Reflect a little about my life.

I do remember a lot of it like it was yesterday, as I’m sure most people do.

I was living by myself in Las Vegas, I was going to fly to Pittsburgh in a few days to move my soon-to-be roommate there. We were going to embark on a fun and fabulous  cross country road trip.

I was Assistant Manager at a store in the outlet mall. I got up early that beautiful Tuesday morning to go in and work on a shipment of stock for a few hours before the store opened.  I was in the shower when I heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.

I thought it was a joke.

I was listening to one of those comedy pairs that are commonly on in the morning. I can’t remember the station, but I know it was “Trejo and Nikki in the morning.”

I got out of the shower and turned the tv on, just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower.


I don’t think there are really words to describe what you felt in that moment. When you realized that it was true. It wasnt just some tv show or movie, this was real life. This was a moment that would change the world forever.

We were watching history unfold right before our eyes.

I got ready for work.  By the time I got to the mall,  the third plane had crashed into the pentagon, and there was talk of another plane over Pittsburgh. That worried me since I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and have lots of family and friends all around the area.

I got into the store and turned on our little black and white tv that we watched during breaks. I think it only got one channel clearly enough to watch. I don’t remember who was working with me that morning. But we couldn’t fathom what we were watching,

One tower collapsed. Then the other.


One of the other assistant managers had a daughter who lived in Manhattan. We were worried for her. And hoped that she was okay.

When it was time to open the store, no one wanted to leave the TV. But we had to. It was insanely slow, so we took turns being out front and staying in the back keeping an eye on the news.

We heard that we were the only mall that was actually open in Las Vegas that day. The other malls closed in case there was any other kind of threat to public places. But we were a huge tourist attraction, being the “outlet mall,” it stayed open.

The only people in the mall were foreign tourists. We found it hard to wait on them, we wanted to be at home watching what was happening with our country, which is where I imagine all of the american shoppers were. Dont take that the wrong way at all. I have nothing against anyone foreign, I waited on tourists every single day.  That’s just how we felt in that moment. There were so many emotions, it was all very intense. It was hard to put on a happy face at all, let alone deal with some of the customers we had that day.

Finally word came down from our “powers that be” that we could close. They would have to pay a fine for closing early, but they were willing to do it so we could all go home.

Another aspect of my day, was that one of my good friends from college was supposed to fly from LA to Las Vegas to go to a concert with me that night. It was the band 311 on 9/11. (I think  still have the ticket somewhere.) Needless to say, that once they grounded the flights he wasn’t coming to Vegas. And the concert got cancelled anyway due to the circumstances. And as I mentioned I was supposed to fly to Pittsburgh I think it was on the 12th or the 13th to move my roommate here. That was put on hold.

Once I finally got home, I couldn’t peel myself away from the tv.

It was all so…


It was so much to take in. I was all by myself. Well, me and the TV.

I really didn’t want to be alone.

The boy I was dating at the time, was being a jerk. Even though I understand his motivation, it was still pretty jerky. He had this rule that when his daughter was with him, I wasnt allowed to come over. Which I totally get. He and his ex had an agreement. But seriously. There was a major catastrophe in the world and I really didn’t want to be alone. It had been an incredibly dramatic, insanely emotional day. I just wanted come comfort, companionship. But nope.

I stuck it out by myself.

The weirdest things I remember, was the next day. I was driving to work, and to get there from my apartment, I had to drive sort of through the airport. Seeing all the planes parked, all lined up along the road, was incredibly eerie. It was so quiet. It was downright creepy. And the mall was fairly close to the airport, and it being Vegas, there were constantly planes flying overhead. But for those days the flights were grounded there was nothing.

I was finally able to reschedule my flight to Pittsburgh on the 14th of 15th I think. I cant remember exactly, I know it was one of the first few days the planes were flying again. There were only a few people on my flight from Vegas to Chicago.  I chatted a lot with the flight attendant. I remember talking about the outlaw of plastic knives.  Oh, and I made the mistake of buying the time magazine that had some out with pictures from that day.

Not a good idea right before you get on a plane.

I think I opened it once, and realized what I had done and put it back in my bag to be looked at a later date. I’m not sure If ive actually read it since then.

Its funny, I remember so much of that day so clearly. How blue the sky was, so crystal clear. But I couldn’t tell you much about the road trip back from PA other than there is A LOT of corn in Kansas. It was the trip where I coined my “HAY!” joke.  (You see a bale/pile of hay in a field. You yell “HAY!!” the other person freaks out.. “What!!!” and you say “there’s some hay over there”. HAHAHAHA!)  And we spent one night somewhere in Colorado. that’s about all I remember. Funny, huh?

So I think about my life that day. And I look at my life now.

I’ve just realized that I do this every year.

The difference 9 years can make is pretty incredible.

On that day I was a mostly carefree single girl, enjoying life in Las Vegas. Dating a crappy guy.

Four months exactly from that day I would meet the man who would change my life. The love of my life, my soul mate, my hubby.

On that day, having kids was not even something I think I wanted.

Now, I don’t know how I ever lived without them.

On that day, I had a job I liked.

Now, being a stay at home mom is the best job a girl could ask for.

I’m not sure how much the events of that day have impacted the events of my life. I know it drastically impacted the lives of thousands of people who were lost, and who lost the ones they love on that day. My heart goes out to them. I can’t imagine all that the families have endured.


I am thankful for my life. For my husband and my two beautiful daughters and even my dog. I am thankful that I have family and friends that I love and love me back.  I am thankful that there are soldiers who fight for our freedom and to keep us safe.

I remember that day. To one day tell my children what it was like to watch history unfold.

Where I was on that fateful day, on my 9/11.

Its hot.

OMG. You’d think after living in Las Vegas for almost 10 years I could handle a little heat. It’s 102 right now, and I’m melting. I’ve turned into such a wimp since we moved to California.

I have errands to run, sand to play in.. And I really don’t want to leave the comfort of my A/C, even though I’m having some cabin fever because we haven’t left the house since the movie Wednesday morning.

I think the dog is melting too.