Our new addition!

Hi there!

I’ve got some time to kill this morning, so I thought I’d actually post something for you!

Our big excitement is that we got a new bed and a new sofa over the weekend!

It’s a big deal in our house! This is the first time we have EVER had brand new furniture! It’s fabulous!

And it fit perfectly! Totally meant to be!

When we went shopping that day, we were planning on just buying a mattress. We have needed a new one for a few years… If for no other reason just so hubby fits on it. We had a queen size and his feet hung off the end! He’s 6’7″! So we got a fabulous California king! It’s so big and comfy!

Anyway.. We had started talking about getting a new sofa. We had found a couple sectionals on Craig’s list that we wanted to check out. And then when we were at the furniture store looking at mattresses we saw that we could get a new one for close to what they were asking for a used one.. So we came home with a sofa & a mattress!

And we have decided to have a yard sale next weekend to get rid of our old couches… Which has inspired me to get spring cleaning and purging. I’ve got quite a get rid of pile going! Hopefully I will be making it even bigger today!

Oh well.. That’s all our news! Enjoy your Wednesday! 🙂


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