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Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning. It was quiet for about 2 seconds. Then I realized my Maniac was already awake and in bed with us. It was 8:15. I do find it rather impressive that she wasnt awake and ready to go by 4am.. she fell asleep at 6:50 last night. We tried to wake her after an hour, but she was down for the count. Not taking naps does have its good points. She falls asleep early (most of the time) but is a bear until she does.

Nothing much is happening here today. Hubby and I are going to clean out the garage. We are hoping to have a yard sale next weekend. We need to get rid of 90% of the crap in the garage, and we need some extra funds.

That should be a good time. Okay, not so much. We’ll see how it goes. As long as the Teen can keep an eye on the Maniac while working on her book report, that is due on monday, we should be okay. Otherwise we’ll never get anything done.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning. I’m trying to rid my house of the massive amount of clutter that has taken over. Every time I try to clean it up, it just gets cluttery again. It drives me nuts. But this time, I am going to make it stick.

I need to get into the purging mode.  Just get rid of it. Which is hard for me, since I think I tend to be a pack rat. 

Oh well.. I should go get dressed and moving. It’s almost 10.. I should get moving!

Have a good weekend! 🙂


Enjoying the Quiet and Some Coffee

It’s a lovely Wednesday morning… I am enjoying some quiet and a cup of coffee before my dear sweet Maniac wakes up.

She was something else yesterday… she was acting like she needed a nap all day long. Whiny, crying at every little thing that didn’t go her way. And even crying at things that went her way. Hopefully today will be better. She’s got a lot going on today!

First, we are headed to story time at the library.  Of course, she has to do her “homework” from last week before we go. They gave her a little sheet to color that had a sandwich on it. (The theme of the day was lunch.) Then we are headed to aMeetUp..which is naturally a MeetUp that only me and my new friend (Who I shall call V.)  are going to, since no one else (out of the 20 people who have joined our group and not come to anything yet) RSVP’d. We are braving the movie theatre to go see Rio! We’ll see how it goes… the Maniac is super excited about the “moo-vee fee-at-er” but I think that’s mostly about the popcorn. I did take her one time last summer.. and she sat through half of it successfully. Maybe she can hang longer this time. We’ll see.

And to make everything ever more fantastic… Hubby isn’t working AGAIN today. UGH. He went in for a while yesterday for a meeting… they swear that he’ll be working Thursday and friday and they have enough work to keep them busy through May.. and then will be in Arizona in June.

Let’s do a little math here…. Last week he worked 3 days. This week he will have worked 2.5 days.  3 days + 2.5 days= not enough money to pay the rent.


We are hoping that he can sweet talk the Payroll lady into giving him a few vacation days early. He boss said it was okay. He gets his new vacation in July, so it’s not that early. Keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise we have to come up with emergency plan B.

The good news is- we got the info in the mail yesterday about renewing our lease and they are not raising the rent! I was a little worried that they were going to. ( the rent was originally about $200 more a month. They lowered it right before we found it.) Thankfully it will remain the same which is a huge relief.

And seriously, how has it been a year since we moved already? CRAZY how time flies!

Oh, and in sad news. I’ve been doing some research. It seems I am going to have to put my dreams of a Cake Pop business on hold for a while. The great lame state of California is not a fan of the in-home bakery business. While, it is not illegal to have one, the Health Department has to approve them and it “rarely” does. What ever.

I did find some commercial kitchen space that you can rent by the hour. I think I’d have to be in a place to make a real huge committment, and have some money to spend.  It’s like $18-$25 an hour, plus a boatload of deposits.And you have to have all your licenses and whatnot… I think I’m going to consider myself in research & development mode and work on my product from my own kitchen and see how it goes.

But I still need to find a way to supplement our income.

Oh well.. I’ll keep looking.

Hmmm.. I think that’s about it for now.  I’m going to finish my coffee, maybe Farmville a little… and if the Maniac is still asleep, I’m going to catch up on some DVR’d shows.. I’m seriously behind!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Digging myself out..

So I am digging myself out of the pit that I found myself in this week.

I had a pretty good day today. Not super-uber-fantastic… but not craptastic either. It was full of ups and downs.

In the spirit of being positive Let’s focus on the ups!

1. I found the $5 that I lost out of my pocket on Halloween at the end of my driveway when we were going for our walk this morning. I really should stop putting cash in my pocket. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve done that. Luckily, I have found the money all but once.

2. Got a random $30 check in the mail from our heath insurance company. Yes, I said Health insurance company. It said “explanation of refund: Insufficient Payment.” I have no clue what that means, but I’m cashing that sucker first, THEN asking questions. LOL

3. I think i’ve lost 2 pounds this week. I wasnt going to weigh myself until monday.. but I couldn’t help it. We’ll see if the scale is still my friend monday morning.

4. Hubby’s paycheck was finally back to normal. Hallelujia! We are officially almost back on track. I got to pay some things that were almost behind… we still have a little way to go to be 100% but at least i don’t have to do any more creative financing for the time being. Our goal is to NEVER let us get into that pickle again.

5. Oh! I caught a glimpse of the Turkey Vulture that I’ve suspected has been hanging out in our trees. Actually there are 2. It was very cool. I’m sorry I’m a bit of a bird nerd. If there is such a thing. I should post a picture of the feather I found in our yard. It’s the biggest feather I’ve ever seen- hence my suspicion, oh and the neighbor told me.  He also told me there is an Egret of some kind roosting up there too.. Hubby and the kids saw it one day. I havent gotten to see it.

6. My darling maniacal toddler actually went to sleep at a normal time. YAY! I’ve quite enjoyed the last couple hours of quiet down time. I havent gotten that in quite a while.

7. Best thing I heard all day: “Mama you don’t change my diaper. It’s MY poop. You can’t have it.”

8. My darling Toddler doing her version of a “tap dance” and when she was done bowing  saying “wank you, wank you”. Hilarious!

9. I extended an offer to the dear 12-year-old to invite her friends over for pizza and movies. She was very excited and actually thanked me. Sadly, her friends mom said no. 😦

10. I realized that when counting calories order thin crust pizza. Its way loess calories than regular pizza… it doesn’t quite fill you up the same way, but you get to eat more of it confusing yourself into feeling fuller. LOL

I think those are 10 pretty good parts of my day.

yes, I did have to steam clean part of the carpet where someone decided she was going to throw her bowl of soup that she didn’t want to eat… and that same someone dumped an entire bag of popcorn (from  Target) out in the car because she didn’t want it and it is everywhere….  but we aren’t dwelling on that.

I’m trying to follow some sage advice:

“Keep breathing… breathe  through each moment. Draw in the source and exhale all that troubles, all that distracts.”

I’m just going to do that… keep breathing.

Keep going… not dwelling…

focus on the positive!

What’s on my mind… Thursday afternoon edition


The cranky toddler is FINALLY napping, I have about an hour before we have to hike to the bus stop to pick up K. What shall I do, what shall I do?

Obviously, I picked that I would write a little something.

But what to write about?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff today.

Its September all of a sudden. Christmas is coming. Old friends. Bills. Money. a budget. My husband. My brother in law’s crazy baby mama. Bills. Money. a Budget. Christmas is coming. Old friends. Money. bills. A budget.

Yes, I guess money and bills and a budget have been the majority of my thinking today. I should not have to be the sole responsible party for our finances, I am really not any good at it. Really. I’m not. Every time I get things in a good place, we start getting a little ahead. I somehow manage to screw it all up. Hubby has been saying for months that we are going to do it together and he’ll help.. but here I am still doing it myself.  I give him a partial pass, since he was in the great white north for 2 months. But before that, we got as far as I told him what the bills were. woo. We need to sit down and figure out an actual budget. An actual budget that will help us not live paycheck to paycheck.

An actual budget where at some point we can get to a point where I can just go get a pedicure or a haircut and not have to worry… or that we can go get him the glasses he needs.

I hate money.

The good news I guess, is that we have the truck more than half paid off now. Only 26 payments left! Woo. I think we need to have a party the day that happens. Things would be SO much better if we didn’t have that giant payment to worry about every month. Life without a car payment is just a distant memory… but starting to become a glimmer in my eye again… well, in 26 months anyway.

Really, overall we could have so much more debt. I guess (if you don’t count the truck) we are below average for what most people have in debt (so “they” say).  We just have to find a way to cut back and pay things off.


We have almost no money until he gets paid next friday. Seriously. The paycheck the rent comes out of is always makes it a lean two weeks, but I think this is the worst one to date. It was a combination of not enough hours on the check, spending too much moolah when we went to the beach last weekend, and really getting used to hubby being at home again.

We are back to putting gas into 2 vehicles, and when he travels he gets money from the company to eat. Normally we actually end up with a little extra money, but this Alaska thing was different from the normal travel money they got. He only got $30 a day to eat, and they had already made their accommodation arrangements, so him being there actually ended up costing  us money.

Okay, enough belly aching about our finances. I figured out what our bills are for September, and hubby and I are sitting down this weekend and figuring out a budget, No exceptions! 🙂

Hmmmm…. What else?

I caught up with my old roommate from college today. That was nice. I miss her. I haven’t seen her in… gosh…. since her wedding I think. Which was in/around 1997. Until we had talked back in April, we hadn’t talked on the phone in about 10 years! Its way too long!  That was definitely a good part of today.

I am without a vehicle today too… not a super bad part, but not super fantastic. It just means that I have to walk to pick up K at the bus stop, and its about 100+  today. Yuck. Hubby & Brother In law had to leave for work at 4 this morning. (BIL was here because he had an appointment out our way, and they decided it would just be easier for him to spend the night since they had to be up so early.)  BIL used hubby’s truck to go to his appointment. When they went to leave at 4am, hubby’s truck had a flat. I was awakened at 4 by:

“Babe, he got me a flat tire, I need to take your truck.”

Sure… fine.. I don’t need to go anywhere I couldn’t walk to.  And I really didn’t care since I was asleep.

I did promise myself I was going to walk K to the bus three days this week.It gives me a good excuse to actually have to do it!  I just hope the bus is on time, and not half an hour late like I was yesterday! The kids get out of school at 3:30- the bus didn’t show up there to pick them up until almost 4! She didn’t get off the bus until 4:15! I will not be happy if I have to stand in the heat waiting that long.

Oh what else…

The baby mama drama.

First a little back ground on this one- My brother in law’s ex-girlfriend & baby mama has 2.5 kids. She has a 12-year-old girl “T”(from a previous boy friend) my nephew “D”with my Brother in law and a bun in the oven with her new husband.

My BIL is the only dad my niece has ever really known(she has never actually met her real dad). He’s been her dad since she was in Kindergarten. He pays child support for her when he clearly doesnt have to.  He loves her like his own, we all do. She’s my niece plain and simple.

Anyway- it seems that a couple of months ago they found a rabbit. T fell in love with it and they decided to keep it. I guess she hasn’t been taking care of it as BabyMama would like. While T was at school yesterday BabyMama took the rabbit to an animal hospital and said “I found this” and gave it to them.

T was devastated to say the least. BIL said that she was clearly in pain, and crying that she lost her “daughter.”  and that she “never wanted to be happy again.”  Yes, she is 12, she can be dramatic, but he said this was different.

Long story short, he called BabyMama and said “go get it, or tell me where it is.” She told him. His new girlfriend offered to go pick the rabbit up. (the kids and New girlfriend live in Las Vegas). Bunny is rescued, T is relieved, BIL now has to figure out how he’s going to deal with this rabbit once he gets it back here to CA, and BabyMama is furious. Not only for him rescuing the bunny, but for getting new girlfriend involved.

It’s really this whole huge crazy, Jerry Springer thing. I will have to explain my BIL’s crazy life sometime. he totally could be on Springer.  I think BabyMama should think about the silver lining;She got the rabbit out of her house and now its BIL’s problem. I think that would be a bright spot.

For the record, in my mind the jury is still out on whether he really “did the right thing” or not. I think she could have made a better choice on how to “punish” T’s lack of care… I think that she just wanted it gone and just decided to get rid of it and used that as an excuse. Even so, his overriding her decision may or may not have been a good move. I’m not sure.

Oh well… It is time to gather the juice, water, and get the sleeping toddler into the stroller to hoof it to the bus stop.

Please oh please don’t let it be too late.

6:30 Monday Morning

Yes, its true. Its 6:30 on a Monday morning and I am awake.

I have actually been awake for an hour. That is practically unheard of in my world. But today I did it! I got up ( strangely before my alarm went off) to make my hubby lunch to take to work. I know he’d never actually do it himself. And we really need to buckle down these next two weeks and spend as little money as possible.  Which translates to: Take your lunch to work buddy. Which really is fine with him.

After the sandwiches were made and he was out the door… I wondered what to do with the rest of my day. There are twelve hours until he gets home from work. This is by the way, his first day back to work since returning from Alaska.

And I love him, and I love that he got to stay home and get some rest and spend some time with us… but  WOO HOO! Things can finally start to really get back to normal. He kinda messes up my daily groove when he’s home during the day.

Anyway- then I actually took a shower and got dressed.  Seriously, that’s pretty amazing to me since that rarely ever happens.

So now I sit here at the kitchen table, with a cup of coffee and the sliding glass door open with the cool morning air coming in, the sun coming up, and the dog has finally given up his quest to come inside. Its peaceful, and quiet.  But I know that will be short-lived. K’s alarm will be going off in a few minutes. And I’m sure a toddler who fell asleep at 8pm will be up shortly there after. Until then I’m just going to enjoy the hum of the refrigerator and my coffee.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to set a few goals for myself this week.

1. We are going to walk to the bus stop at least 3 times this week. The heat wave is over and I really don’t have any other excuses not to walk other than my own laziness.

2. I am going to do something with the garage this week. I seriously CAN NOT take the chaos any longer. I was making a dent and then someone (who shall remain nameless, but it wasn’t me or the children) was looking for something and completely destroyed it and did not put all of his tools/tool boxes back.

3. I am going to put some stuff up for sale on eBay. We have so much crap I can/need to get rid of.. I need to just do it already.

I think those are do-able. We shall see now wont we?

Well, it’s now 6:44. There will be an alarm going off in a minute. And then the choruses of “No. I forgot.” will undoubtedly start. Although she swears she has everything ready for today. The PE clothes were washed, she actually didn’t let her water bottle fester in her backpack all weekend, she claims she picked out her clothes for the week… so maybe today will be different. We shall see…

There’s her alarm…

Oh, and I obviously survived our beach adventure. I’ll tell you more about that later!

Happy Monday!

Tuesay morning…

Today is the first “minimum day” at K’s school. On a normal day she gets the bus at 8:26am and school starts at 9. On a minimum day she gets the bus at 10:26 and they start at 11. Why you ask? I have no clue. At her school last year (which was in a different district) they had minimum days on Wednesday and they got out an hour early. And that time was used for teacher development.

I was kind of excited of the prospect of sleeping in. 7am and I are not friends. I set my alarm for 7:45. I actually got up without snoozing. I went downstairs and was going to make coffee but decided I was too lazy for that, so I got a glass of diet pepsi. I grabbed a camp chair (its way comfier than the folding chair thats out there now) out of the garage and went out to enjoy some quiet out on the patio.

I was greeted by a dog that was very happy to see me! I gave him some love and set up camp. One thing I must say about Southern California… The mornings can be spectacular. It was a comfortable 75 or so, the sky blue, sun shining. Just perfect.

The birds were chirping… There was a hummingbird buzzing around the feeder looking for it’s morning nectar. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… So wonderful. So quiet… So peaceful…

That is of course until I hear: “maaaaa maaaaaaa!”

I guess 5 minutes of quiet is better than none.