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Getting back to “Normal”

It’s official.

The Teen is finally back to school today so the holiday season is finally over for us! Woo hoo! While it’s been nice having her around for three weeks, it’s good for her to get back to school! I think she missed it.

What I may not have mentioned is that my dear hubby has been home and not working pretty much as long as the Teen has been on break.  It’s wonderful that he’s been home that long.. way not great that he hasn’t been working.  And of course it seems that he filled something out wrong on an unemployment form, so that’s been held up.. (But I just talked to him, and they have supposedly straightened it out.)…so these last few weeks have not been easy for us.

But we are getting back to normal.

He started back to work last Thursday.

Wait- are you ready for this..?

He’s going to be working here for a whole, entire month! I don’t know the last time that happened! He can go to sleep in our bed, wake up, go to work and come home and have dinner as a family …. like a normal person!

I kind of forgot what that felt like.

It was seriously weird those first two days.  It was like the good ol’ days when he had a “normal” job, and we were a “normal” family.

Yes, we have created a “new normal” with his being gone all the time… and we’ve managed pretty okay over these last couple years.

But going back to the old way, is kind of refreshing. I think everyone needed this. Which also means it’s probably going to suck that much more the next time he goes out-of-town.

Oh, and the icing on our “normal” cake- my brother-in-law is working with him on  this job, and is going to be staying with us for a month! So it’s really a flash back!  The kids really miss him a lot. (Shhh.. don’t tell him, but I miss him too.)When I told the Maniac that he was coming, for three days  every time someone whet near the door she said “Is uncle here!?!?!”

He just got here yesterday, and first thing out of her mouth this morning, was “Is uncle still here?” I had to reassure her that he was just working with daddy and they would be home later. “Okay Mama.. let’s go to the airport and get them!”  It’s probably not good that she thinks we have to get daddy at the airport every time he comes home from work.

Oh well… Reality beckons… I have a huge mountain of laundry waiting for me, and a to do list a mile and a half long.

It’s going to be a busy day!











If you couldn’t tell I’m a little excited about that.  He’s only here for a few days, but I’ll take it!

Have a great day! 🙂

“It was AWESOME!”

So, as I’m sure everyone knows, the final installment of the Harry Potter saga premiered in theatres.  My dear Teen is a big fan. She’s read all 7 books, which is more than I can say for myself. I read half of the first one and I was done.  When she moved in with us, she even had a “clope” (6-year-old for Cloak). 🙂

I promised her a long time ago that I would take her to the midnight showing for the last one… as long as the planets aligned properly and I had someone to watch the Maniac. Amazingly enough the planets aligned and my wonderful Hubby is actually home for the weekend.

I decided to not tell her we were going. Which, is a move I am famous for… and honestly, you’d think after all these years she’d catch on. She doesnt.

For the last week or so, I’ve been tormenting her with talk of Harry Potter. She’ll say “I can’t wait to see it!” I say.. “You only get to see it if I let you.”  Stuff like that.. It’s been far too much fun messing with her. And yesterday all she did was talk about the movie. And all we did was shoot her down, telling her she can’t see it until it comes out on DVD. We are so mean, I know.

As luck would have it, she even took a nap in the afternoon, so I didn’t have to spill the beans as early as I planned. I kept it up until the last-minute. We all stayed up late playing the Wii.. Hubby and I got into a 3 point contest on the basketball game.. I kept beating him and he didn’t like that one bit! haha!

A little before 11 I went upstairs to put different pants on.. which was of course when she caught on. I took the tickets and said, “Oh I found this on the floor.” As soon as she realized what they were, she starting jumping up and down! She was sooooooo excited! She didn’t stop talking the whole way there either!

Luckily, the theatre wasnt the zoo I was imagining it would be. I didn’t see any costumes.., just one chick in a Hogwarts scarf.  As far as midnight showings go, it was pretty mellow.

She watched the movie very intently.. clapping and cheering with the crowd. She loved every second. I enjoyed it too actually. Don’t tell her, but I cried a little. 😉 It was much faster paced than the rest of them. I always found the flow of the other movies annoying… you’d think it would end and it would keep going.. and you’d think it would end.. and it’s still going! This one kept my attention the whole time.

On the way home.. she said “That was AWESOME!” about 50 times… so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she liked it. hahaha!

I’m glad I could make her day. Now she doesn’t know what to do with herself now that HP is finished.

I told her she could start reading Twilight.

Hope you are having a great weekend! I’m going to go get ready for my girls night out! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What’s up with me this week…

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a busy week, and looking to be an even busier weekend!

The most exciting part of the weekend is that my wonderful Hubby who I haven’t seen in a month, IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!!!  YES!

But its only for 4 days. I’ll take it though.

So, Tomorrow we have a play date at the park.. of course its the one with the water feature.. so that will be interesting to try to leave in the middle of…

Then I am surprising my unsuspecting Teen and taking her to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. She is going to FREAK! She has been dying to see it since we saw the first part back in November.  And I keep messing with her about it. Every time she sees a commercial… she reminds me of how excited she is and I remind her that she can only see it if I let her. I’m so mean.  But it’s so fun. hahahahaha! 

Friday I get to on our Mommy Groups Mommy’s Night Out! No kids, no husbands.. just us girls! I’m very excited to go! After Hubby being gone for a month it is a miracle I havent lost my mind!

Then Saturday hopefully Hubby and I will get to go on a date. My wonderful friend V said she’d watch the kids for me. I’m thinking just hanging at home and making him dinner and just hanging out together without those pesky kids! 🙂

Sunday will be a family day… and then Hubby is back on a plane for some undetermined amount of time again. Sigh. I know it will all go by far too fast.

In other news-

Yesterday I left the house for the first time with a diaper-free Maniac… and she only peed in the potty! Pretty exciting stuff! I was relieved that she did so well, since we went to a Meet Up at one of the mom’s (who i had only met once) in the Mommy Group’s house. I was so afraid she’d pee on something.  I just kept asking her if she had to pee every 5 seconds.  Of course this morning there was a pooping on the floor incident while I was in the shower. Three cheers for the Teen who cleaned it up! 🙂

I am now about 85% certain that the Teen’s mother is pregnant. Her status yesterday was “sorry boo boo there isn’t any more for u n these jeans, lol” I could be totally off base, but to me it reads prego. I still need to be 100% before I break it to the Teen.  I do not want her finding out from any one else… well the Baby Mama telling her would be swell.. but we all know that won’t happen. It is coming very close to being a year since she spoke to her.   And Crazy Grandma has been trying to call her this week. We’re kind of curious how long she is going to try to call until she gives up. I warned her that the Teen wasnt going to answer the phone. She doesn’t want to talk to her. Which is good… since I realized last night that if they talked, I bet she would spill the Baby Mama Baby beans. And I definitely don’t want THAT to happen.. not from the likes of her.

So that’s what’s up with me this week.

What’s up with you? 🙂

Random thoughts from the weekend

It is the last Monday morning of the school year for us. Woo hoo!

It’s been so long since the Teen has had a true summer vacation, I’m not really sure what we are going to do with ourselves! She has been in  year round school since 2nd grade!  I’m kind of excited.. since we won’t have to worry about school for 2 solid months, we can actually go visit hubby while he’s traveling. (He’s supposed to be in Arizona for most of June.) Of course that means that he will either 1. Not be working out-of-town or 2. Be working too far away that we can’t drive.  We’ll see what happens with that!

Random thoughts from my weekend:

1. Hubby was home for all of 18 hours. He had a flight delay that caused him to miss his connection and left him stranded in Houston.  at least we got to see him for a little while.

2. As per his request, I made a “Trifecta of Bacon” for dinner Saturday night. Bacon wrapped meatloaf, bacon wrapped hot dogs and an experimental bacon-maple gravy.

3. The Teen went on her first excursion with friends for her twin BFF’s birthdays. They went to a small amusement park nearby. The girls’ mom drove them, and stayed with them of course. Hubby was freaking out about it far more than I was.

4. I got to hang out with my sister on Sunday. We havent seen her in a while. It was nice. I made some oh-so delicious Baked Potato Soup for lunch/dinner.  I think its our new tradition for her visits. Yummy! I ate some for lunch today too!

5. I randomly felt like eating brownies last night. So I made some from scratch, since I didn’t have any mix. I had some strawberry cheesecake ice cream on top. Also Yummy!  Although, not helping with my weight loss goals.

6. I read a trashy romance novel (not on my reading list) on Friday. I think you need read one every now and then.. its good for your soul.

7. I have crossed three things off of my to-do list for the day. I’m not feeling motivated enough to do much more than that at the moment.

8. Oh, and I have been saving my receipts from my grocery shopping and whatnot lately, and I figured out that (for the reciepts I have) from April and May, I have saved $379 in just coupons in that time. Not too shabby.

Oh well.. That’s all I have for now.  Hope you had a great weekend!

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good.

 – Hubby’s check was actually enough to cover the rent. Whew! I was really worried about that. Now we just have to worry about his working this week.. we still don’t know if there is anything for him to do. Ugh. This has gotten way old way fast. He only worked 2 days last week.

– I spent all day Saturday cleaning and doing the laundry so I wouldn’t have to do it on Sunday.

-The racoon that hangs out in our yard was tormenting the dog all weekend. It was sitting on the roof above our porch just watching him Saturday evening. Then last night it was up in one of the really tall pine trees.. but the dog knew it was there, and proceeded to practically climb the tree to try to get it. The silly dog is going to get stuck one of these days. Had I thought ot grab my camera, before I went scaling the steep hill in the dark, it would have been a great picture of the crazy dog in the tree. But alas, I did not. It was a miracle I found a flashlight.

 – Hubby went out early Sunday morning and got me flowers and cards (from him and the girls). I think he was trying to make me breakfast in bed,but the Maniac wanted me to take her downstairs, so I did. She ran into the kitchen to see what he was doing and came back out yelling “Mama!! daddy got you fowers!” It was pretty cute.

– The rest of the day I just kind of lounged around. I caught up on some tv from the DVR. Although, it seems that my day off ended at 6pm, when they all wanted dinner and no one wanted to make any. Oh well.. a mothers work is never done. 😉

– This morning started with being wide awake at 4am. Luckily I fell asleep again, only to wake up at 6:30 for no real apparent reason.

– Sometime in the middle of the night, my Brother-in-law’s Baby Mama posted a rather rude comment on a picture of my Best Friend on my Facebook. I’m not really sure why she felt the need to do that. I deleted it of course. But now, I’m not sure whether I should say anything or just let it go.

 – I thought I heard the Teen in the bathroom at about 7. Which turned out to not be the case – she neglected to set her alarm and didn’t get up until almost 7:30, right about the time I realized that I hadn’t heard her again. Oh well.. maybe it will teach her a lesson about remembering to turn her alarm on. She managed to not be late.

 – Hubby went off to work. Most likely to be home sooner than later. Ugh. Keep your fingers crossed that he has work this week. He’s starting to drive me insane being here all the time.

 – I am scouring the sale ads to see who has Pull Ups on sale. We are almost out, and being that a certain small person refuses to use the potty I have to figure out how to get the best deal I can on the insanely small budget I have for the next two weeks.

Oh well.. I wish you a wonderful Monday. I’m going to go get dressed and go buy some diapers. Big fun.

Oh!! And I almost forgot! Cross one book off of my Summer Reading List! I finished “Bossypants” by Tina Fey on Saturday! Woo hoo! 🙂

Remembering my Mother-in-law

You always hear horror stories about people’s terrible “Monster-in-laws.” And yes, I did have one of those once upon a time…. My ex-husbands Stepmother was quite a piece of work. But that is a story for another day.  

I never got to meet my Mother-in-law, and it breaks me heart.

 She passed away about 10 years ago, when my Teen was almost 3. She had Lupus. It was a few weeks after the boys along with their (now ex) wives moved to Las Vegas.

My husband was devastated.  I know he still is.

I’ve heard so many stories about her.  She was a pretty cool lady. She was a strong woman who worked very hard to raise two boys on her own. Every time my husband leaves a waitress a good tip, its in her honor. The Manaic is named in her honor.  (Well, her first name is what hubby’s name would have been, had he been a girl like she thought he was going to be. And her second middle name is her middle name. Does that make any sense?)

 I hope she would have liked me.  It kind of sucks that she only knew the Teen’s mother.  You, know she is such a stellar example of woman/motherhood. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think that she liked the Baby Mama very much.  At least we would have had that in common. hahaha

I know that she would be very proud of the man her boy has grown into- An amazing father, a great husband, hard-working, funny, stubborn… the list goes on and on. 🙂   And my Brother-in-law too… despite his life having many moments that could be featured on the Jerry Springer Show.

It also makes me sad that she will never get to meet my little Manaic or my Brother-in-law’s kids, and hasn’t been able to watch the Teen grow into the amazing young woman she is today. Although I have no doubt she was blessed to be able to enjoy her granddaughter for the time she did.

I’m not sure that my husband knows how deeply I feel for her, even though I only know her through him.  I honestly have a hard time thinking about her without crying, let alone talking about her.  I’m sitting here crying as I type this.

 I just wanted to take a moment to remember her. . She was a very special woman, and she is greatly missed. 

 We love you Judy. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day!