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The Big 1-3! Part 3: Let’s Party!

Well, a Gleek-tastic time was had by all. I think I am fully recovered.. my livingroom has not. I’ll get it all cleaned up eventually.

So, Friday night, we hosted 4 of my Teen’s friends from school. They seemed to have a fantastic time! She was sooooooooooo excited! We got the hopped up on sugar and fed them pizza! The Slushie cupcakes were a big hit!

 Cupcakes, cookies, doritos, and candy!

Then they spent a couple of hours playing on the Wii. One of the girls brought the “Michael Jackson experience ” game. They danced around to MJ songs for a while then played “Just Dance 2” and danced some more! The best part was the Toddler just dancing right along with them! It was hilarious!

By the time they left, I was exhausted! And there was more to do in the morning!

Saturday was party #2 with my family and it was the “Gleek-tastic” extravaganza!

I pretty much went all out. Take a look:

 The “Gleek-tastic” banner

Top view of the Glee cake

The Glee Cake!
Cafeteria style lunch- Chicken nuggets, mini hamburgers, grilled Cheesus an TOTS! We even had “school lunch tray” plates.
I even made some high school-ish posters
The view of some decorations from the stairs

The best part of the whole day was that she had no idea about the Glee theme. I banished her to her room while I decorated. She came downstairs and was thrilled! That was what it was all about.

The surprises didn’t stop there. My BFF came from Vegas to surprise her. And if she hadn’t gotten enough from us already- (along with my BFF) got her the gift of all gifts…….

The Cruz Tablet.

And my devious little mind decided that she needed it wrapped in a real book. A real hollowed out book! HAHAHAHA! My dad took care of that part of the project.  It had to be a book that she’d have no interest in at all.

PC’s for Dummies- Windows 95

I was hoping for something in another language.. but that will do.

Turn to page 17!

She was so thrilled! And she wants to download about a million books!

The perfect gift for my bookworm who reads about 4 books at a time. 
Oh, and I think her other favorite gift was the Red Converse high tops (like they wore in the Superbowl episode of Glee) that my brother-in-law got her.
Everyone seemed to have a good time.  My Toddler and my niece had a blast playing together. My dad complained about the Glee playing on the tv all day, which was just kind of funny.
So..despite the Bieber-ific bathroom,  my new Teen had the best.birthday.ever.
I couldn’t have asked for more.

The Big 1-3! Part 1: Beib-her-bathroom!

I know I have a million things to do right now, but I wanted to share this while it is still making me giggle! 🙂

I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought it would be funny to Bieb-ify the birthday girls bathroom as her early morning birthday surprise, since I believe she is the only 12-year-old 13-year-old girl on the planet that does not swoon over Justin Bieber.  I have been teasing her a lot about taking her to see his movie “Never Say Never” since it opens today.   So last night, I put Operation: Bieb-her-bathroom into action!

Her bathroom door. It reads "Happy 12th Birthday AGAIN!" And the decorations were left over from her birthday last year.

Her mirrors.. what she saw as she walked in! The mirror says "Have a Bieberific Birthday!"

moving to the right... more Justin!

The shower doors... I put a purple table-cloth behind the doors. For some reason, I associate purple with the Bieb.

The back of the door... it's really 360 degrees of Bieber-ness!

And the last little bit..

Her early morning presents!

She had not idea what was in store for her when she went in to pee. SHe thought the stuff on the door was it! It was AWESOME! I couldn’t stop laughing! It was so hard to keep my poker face until she went inside. 

The look on her face was PRICELESS. Well worth the $10 I spent on Justin Bieber magazines.
She was super excited with her “I’m a Gleek” wristband and t-shirt!  Of course, she wore them to school!  And she’s been dying to read “Beastly” and the Glee novel. I bought just because.   I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that she is a total bookworm. Well, she’s a bookworm.  She reads and reads and reads and then reads some more.  She will read 2 or three books at a time, which I don’t understand, but whatever works for her.
She is going to be even more excited when she gets her big gift tomorrow!
We got her an eReader. Its pretty darn cool.  It’s more of a “tablet”… I wanted to get something that would be more functional than just for books.  Oh, and here’s he BEST PART….
We are going to wrap it in a hollowed out book. (compliments of my dad).
I’m so evil. But its going to be Legend…… wait for it…… ary!
I can’t wait!
Well.. I have to go make frosting,  then put it on the cake, pick up my hubby at the airport and then do all the other million things on my list!
Happy Friday!

Countdown to the BIG 1-3!

6 hours to go and it will officially be the 11th.

The day I’ve been dreading… the day we will officially have a


I guess I must accept this fact sooner or later, it’s going to happen no matter how many times I try to convince her that she’s just going to turn 12 again.

I am very excited for her though. I am hoping that she will have the best birthday ever (to date)!

I have been a busy little bee.  I’ve been trying to clean the house, even though the Toddler keeps following after me, making an even bigger mess. I’ve resigned to just cleaning up the living room tomorrow.

The balloons are ordered, the food is planned, the cupcakes are baked! I’m so excited for her to see them!



I have hidden them until she gets home from school tomorrow.

Operation Bieb-a-bathroom is ready to go once she’s in bed!

I just need to wrap presents, bake a cake and grocery shop for Saturday. Oh, and finish cleaning the house of course! LOL

At least hubby will be home tomorrow afternoon, so I can finish shopping and errand running minus the Toddler! Woo Hoo for that!

I should go do something while the afore-mentioned Toddler is FINALLY snoozing! Lots to do!

SO EXCITED! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (my squeal of excitement… since I have to play it cool….)

It’s going to be a Gleek-tastic Celebration!

My Tween officially becomes my TEEN on Friday!


And little does she know, that I am throwing her a Gleek-tastic party to celebrate!  Hopefully it turns out as great as it is in my head!

She has discovered the wonders of the tv show GLEE in the last few months.  And she is IN LOVE! Her iPod is full of Glee… she got the complete first season on DVD for Christmas. She was so excited for the new episode last night after the Super Bowl.. and is just as excited about the new episode tomorrow night!

It just made sense to throw her a Glee party!

I’m still working out the details.. which I really need to finish ironing out… since it is only a few days away!

So the festivities are as follows:

1. Friday- some sort of undetermined birthday surprise in the morning. Then she has invited a few of her friends over for movie/glee/something watching and pizza.

2. Saturday- the family is coming over for a party.

I normally try to surprise her with something in the morning when she gets up to start off her birthday with a bang! Last year, I filled her bathroom with balloons… which is kind of hard to top.   ( would have completley filled it, but I didnt have the idea until like the day before, and it was hard to blow up that many balloons myself! Had I started a few days before It would have been doable.)

She was definitely surprised!

So far,  I think I am going to deck out the downstairs in red and white streamers and balloons (McKinley High’s colors). I am toying with the idea of Bieber-ing her bathroom. Which is sort of evil.. but funny.

I think she is the only [almost] 13-year-old girl on the plant who doesn’t swoon over Justin Bieber. His movie, Never Say Never, opens in theaters on Friday. I keep harassing her, saying that we are going to go see it on her birthday. Her reply is usually, “Yea, if you want to ruin my birthday.”

So I thought it would be funny to get a Justin Bieber magazine and plaster her bathroom with pictures and a note that says something like “guess what we’re doing later!?!?!”   Her bathroom will be Bieber-ific!! LOL

A little evil? too evil? hilarious?

Anyway- only one of her friends is definitely coming over so far. But we are ordering pizza, and I’m making slushie cupcakes! I’m so excited about these. I found them on the internet of course.  Look how awesome:

Now the party:

I’m still trying to figure out a menu..

We definitely need:   Slushies, Tots and Grilled Cheeseus.

But what else? I’m thinking of doing mini burgers, and pigs in a blanket.  But i want something that isn’t horribly time-consuming and a pain. 

And I’m going to make her a cake… I have a plan… it looks pretty cool in my head. I just hope I can bring it to life the way I see it in there.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

I welcome any Gleek-erific suggestions!

Happy Monday!