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Busy, busy, busy!

In case you missed me, yes I’m alive!

Things have been super-duper busy since Halloween!

– Halloween was fun.The kids had a blast!

-My birthday was pretty good. It sucked that Hubby wasn’t here for it, but he did manage to send me flowers all by himself via the internet! That was the first time he’s ever done anything like that!

-My one and only birthday present- a new iPhone 4GS! Woo hoo! I finally got it a couple of days ago, it is awesome!

– I opened a store on etsy.com. I’ve been crafting – A LOT! I’ve sold 2 things so far!

– I’ve been commissioned to make 48 chair covers for my friends christmas party. They are coming along.. I hope to have them mostly done this weekend. I’m also making some sock hobby horses for a birthday party and 150 cake pops for a Quincenara.

– as of Monday (I think) the Teen officially has another half sibling that she’ll never know. I refuse to say “little brother,” it feels wrong to say it like that.

-Hubby is on his way home right now! He should be here until after Thanksgiving! YAY!

See, I’ve been kind of busy! ūüôā I really can’t believe Thanksgiving is only a week away! I better go make my grocery list!

Hope everyone is well out there in cyberspace !


Saturday Night!

It’s Saturday night. It’s getting pretty crazy up in here. Okay, not at all.

I am sitting on the couch catching up on some DVR stuff. Hubby is snoozing on the recliner, and the girls are watching TV in the other room.

We are celebrating my birthday this weekend. it’s actually next weekend, but sadly my hubby will be away working. ūüė¶ I’m sad… but at least we can have some birthday fun this weekend.

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch today! It was fun.. far more expensive than you would think, picking three pumpkins would be, but its all about the experience, right?

We took the wagon ride around the farm, went to the petting zoo & fed the goats, managed to not get lost in the corn maze, and picked our pumpkins. It was fun. The maniac had a great time, and managed to carry her pumpkin most of the way to pay for it.

Tonight, we are going to go have a birthday dinner. I got a free dinner for my birthday from Black Angus Steakhouse for joining their e-club, so we are going to use that coupon! I’ve also gotten birthday emails from Chili’s (Free dessert), Lonestar (Free appetizer) and Sephora (A¬†free philosophy body wash.)

Woo hoo for my birthday!

I’m not sure what we are going to do tomorrow… but it will be something birthday-rific!! ūüôā

Well, I’m going to go take a shower and get pretty for dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! ūüôā

Happy Birthday to my Blog!

My little blog turns 1 today!

Who woulda¬†thunk it?!?!?!¬† Not me.¬† A year ago today, I was up really late because I couldn’t sleep and I was on Facebook. My cousin’s status said something to the effect that she was thinking of starting a blog. I don’t know if she ever did… but a few minutes later…¬†“A Not-So-Wicked Stepmom” ¬†was born. (I posted my first entry 7/13/2010 at 4:40am)

Why did I pick the name? I don’t know really. It was the best I could come up with at that moment… and the other seemingly clever things I thought of were already taken.¬†¬† And the more I think about it.. being a step mom is a huge part of my life, is one of the things that has changed me the most, and one of the things I am the most proud.

Whether you are reading this for my sage¬†ūüėȬ†step mothering advice, the teenage trials and tribulations, my wacky adventures of the Maniac..or just my ramblings about my life I’m glad you’re here.

Honestly, I didn’t really think that anyone would even read this… or for that matter KEEP reading it!¬† I actually have¬†9 subscribers! (Okay, it’s really 8.. the 10th is myself. Yes, I’m a dork I subscribe to my own blog.)

Since I’m talking numbers… In case you were wondering.. or care… here’s some stats about my blog…

All time Views: 3904   Busiest day: 2/6/2011 with 146 views

136 posts with 113 comments

Top Searches:  1.Glee cake 167    2. Funny birthday pics 149  3. Funny birthday

Top Referer: wordpress.com 79

Top Posts:¬† Homepage 1858¬† 1. Super Bowl XLV…¬† 373¬†¬†¬† 2. Why Do People Suck? 113¬† 3. Let The Birthdays Begin¬† 101 4.I ate an Entire Pizza… 76¬†¬† 5. Good Bye New Girl¬† 69

I think it’s cool. I’m always amazed that¬†I have views when I check the stats… even a year later!

When I first started writing, I was determined to write something clever, funny or interesting enough to make it onto Freshly Pressed.¬† I decided that it’s probably not really realistic to try to make the cut… so I gave up. Maybe someday…if it happens it happens. ¬†I’ve found that I just¬† write for myself… The wacky sort of stream-of-consciousness¬†thing that I do.¬† I just think and it comes pouring out onto the screen. Actually, sometimes I get so into what I’m writing and sooo¬†into detail that I have to stop myself, scrap what I’m writing and start over.¬† I’m sure you can tell I tend to be a detaily person.:)

Oh, have I ever mentioned that I don’t really tell people about my blog? It’s kind of super-secret.¬†¬†¬† Is that weird? My sister knows, my aunt.. my 2 Best Friends know but I don’t think I’ve ever really sent them the link.¬† I don’t promote it on Facebook. I do have another blog about our adventures in potty training¬†that I¬† share with everyone.. but this one is really more for me… and the entire blogosphere.. did I even spell that right?¬† Maybe someday I’ll share it.

Well.. I think I will leave you with a couple of my favorite posts from this year.

1. “No, I forgot.“~¬†Ballad of¬†the¬†¬†12-Year-old.

2. What A Glorious Day

3. The Big 1-3! Part 1: Bieb-her-bathroom!

Thanks so much for a year of support and comments and following my journey! ūüôā

*Images from www.free-extras.com*

I have a giant toddler.

My dear Toddler went to the doctor for her 3 year appointment today.

¬†(Which reminds me, I don’t think I ever posted about her Puppy party! I’ll have to get on that.)¬†

I was very interested to see how much she’s grown. And let me tell you – it was A LOT! She is such a big girl! But, she comes by it honestly.¬† I stand a mere 5 ft 6.5 inches. (I have to add that half an inch in there, since it is the half an inch I am taller than my sister. ūüôā ) My husband, on the other hand, is a tall drink of water, the jolly green giant… a tree. He is 6 ft 7 inches. And, not a scrawny 6’7″.. he’s a BIG guy. As one of my Aunts would say, “He’s built like a brick shithouse.”¬† LOL

When my bundle of joy was born she was 8 pounds 3 ounces an 20.5 inches tall. ¬†They thought she was going to be over 9 pounds. Which led to being induced and then the super-fun-time of a C-section (but that’s a story for another day).

On her first birthday she was 26 pounds 10 ounces and 31 inches tall.

On her second birthday she was 36 pounds and 36.5 inches tall.

Today she is 48 pounds and 41.25 inches tall! She grew 5 inches this year!

Obviously, she has always been at the top of the growth charts, in the 95-99th percentile. Which, if you don’t know, means that she’s taller and weighs more than 95-99% of other kids her age.¬† ūüôā

At her height and weight today, she is off the charts for a 3-year-old. However, she is the perfect size for the average 4-year-old.  I even looked for myself You can find the growth charts if you google the CDC growth charts. Or just click here.

I’ve been told that if you measure a child on their second birthday and double that number, that will be how tall they will be as an adult. And its supposed to be more accurate for girls than boys. So, she could very easily be 6’1″.¬†

Everyone has always said that the Teen was going to be tall, but she’s really just average for her age. Her mother is only like 5’3″ (maybe). She is looking forward to being taller than me… and is joking that the Toddler is going to be taller than she is before she gets to Kindergarten. That would be horrible… poor thing.

My husband claims that he outgrew his teacher in 3rd or 4th grade.  Crazy.

I hope she owns her height when she is older. Right now, people see that she’s so big and think she IS older. She is the size of a 4-year-old after all.. ¬†So when she’s acting cray, like a three-year old (like the mayhem she was causing/ meltdown she was having in Staples today) they are kind of shocked since they are expecting something different.

I guess it is a cross we will have to bear. It will be interesting to see how much she grows this year.. and interesting to see how much longer I can pick her up¬†and carry her. I have baby muscles, but man she’s heavy!

The Big 1-3! Part 3: Let’s Party!

Well, a Gleek-tastic time was had by all. I think I am fully recovered.. my livingroom¬†has¬†not. I’ll get it all cleaned up eventually.

So, Friday night, we hosted 4 of my Teen’s friends from school. They seemed to have a fantastic time! She was sooooooooooo¬†excited! We got the hopped up on sugar and fed them pizza! The Slushie cupcakes were a big hit!

 Cupcakes, cookies, doritos, and candy!

Then they spent a couple of hours playing on the Wii. One of the girls brought the “Michael Jackson experience ” game. They danced around to MJ songs for a while then played “Just Dance 2” and danced some more! The best part was the Toddler just dancing right along with them! It was hilarious!

By the time they left, I was exhausted! And there was more to do in the morning!

Saturday was party #2 with my family and it was the “Gleek-tastic” extravaganza!

I pretty much went all out. Take a look:

¬†The “Gleek-tastic” banner

Top view of the Glee cake

The Glee Cake!
Cafeteria style lunch-¬†Chicken nuggets, mini hamburgers, grilled Cheesus an TOTS! We even had “school lunch tray” plates.
I even made some high school-ish posters
The view of some decorations from the stairs

The best part of the whole day was that she had no idea about the Glee theme. I banished her to her room while I decorated. She came downstairs and was thrilled! That was what it was all about.

The surprises didn’t¬†stop there. My BFF¬†came from Vegas to surprise her. And if she hadn’t¬†gotten enough from us already-¬†(along with my BFF) got her the gift of all gifts…….

The Cruz Tablet.

And my devious little mind decided that she needed it wrapped in a real book. A real hollowed out book! HAHAHAHA! My dad took care of that part of the project.¬† It had to be a book that she’d have no interest in at all.

PC’s for Dummies- Windows 95

I was hoping for something in another language.. but that will do.

Turn to page 17!

She was so thrilled! And she wants to download about a million books!

The perfect gift for my bookworm who reads about 4 books at a time. 
Oh, and I think her other favorite gift was the Red Converse high tops (like they wore in the Superbowl episode of Glee) that my brother-in-law got her.
Everyone seemed to have a good time.  My Toddler and my niece had a blast playing together. My dad complained about the Glee playing on the tv all day, which was just kind of funny.
So..despite the Bieber-ific bathroom,  my new Teen had the best.birthday.ever.
I couldn’t have asked for more.

The Big 1-3! Part 2: Baby Mama Drama. UGH.

Last week I wrote a post¬†about my Baby Mama because my dear Teen was worried and very upset¬†that she wasn’t going to call her on her birthday.

Well… She didn’t.¬† Shocker.

What she did do was send me a message via Facebook which read “omg today is her birthday. I just got a phone. call me ”

I believe that is translated as: ¬†“I forgot her birthday.”

And I wasnt about to call her, since I’m sure she did not want to hear anything I had to say in that moment.

And then she had the nerve to post her Facebook status as : “Happy 13th Birthday to my wonderful and brillient daughter!”

I was livid.

First of all- learn how to spell.
Secondly- you have no clue how wonderful or brilliant she is. Don’t suddenly pretend you give a crap about her.

I wanted to call her and tell her to remove that post.

Then I realized¬†that I didn’t want to do anything that would ruin my Teens big day. I could tell her off later- When I was calmer.
I did tell the Birthday Girl about the message, minus the part where she forgot, and she seemed okay. I think she was too excited about everything else to really care.

I’ve been jotting down my thoughts to¬†write¬†back to her. I’m just going to tell her how my daughter feels, leaving my feelings on the matter aside. This is despite knowing that it will be a waste of my time and energy.. . but I feel that I need to say SOMETHING to her.. I just can’t let her think this is okay.

So enough of that! Next up…

The Birthday Gleek-tastic extravaganza!

The Big 1-3! Part 1: Beib-her-bathroom!

I know I have a million things to do right now, but I wanted to share this while it is still making me giggle! ūüôā

I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought it would be funny to Bieb-ify the birthday girls bathroom as her early morning birthday surprise, since I believe she is the only 12-year-old¬†13-year-old girl on the planet that does not swoon over Justin Bieber.¬† I have been teasing her a lot about taking her to see his movie “Never Say Never” since it opens today.¬†¬† So last night, I put Operation: Bieb-her-bathroom into action!

Her bathroom door. It reads "Happy 12th Birthday AGAIN!" And the decorations were left over from her birthday last year.

Her mirrors.. what she saw as she walked in! The mirror says "Have a Bieberific Birthday!"

moving to the right... more Justin!

The shower doors... I put a purple table-cloth behind the doors. For some reason, I associate purple with the Bieb.

The back of the door... it's really 360 degrees of Bieber-ness!

And the last little bit..

Her early morning presents!

She had not idea what was in store for her when she went in to pee. SHe thought the stuff on the door was it! It was AWESOME! I couldn’t stop laughing! It was so hard to keep my poker face until she went inside.¬†

The look on her face was PRICELESS. Well worth the $10 I spent on Justin Bieber magazines.
She was super excited with her “I’m a Gleek” wristband and t-shirt!¬† Of course, she wore them to school!¬† And she’s been dying to read “Beastly” and the Glee novel. I bought just because.¬†¬† I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that she is¬†a total bookworm. Well, she’s a bookworm.¬† She reads and reads and reads and then reads some more.¬† She will read 2 or three books at a time, which I don’t understand, but whatever works for her.
She is going to be even more excited when she gets her big gift tomorrow!
We got her an eReader. Its pretty darn cool.¬† It’s more of a “tablet”… I wanted to get something that would be more functional than just for books.¬† Oh, and here’s he BEST PART….
We are going to wrap it in a hollowed out book. (compliments of my dad).
I’m so evil. But its going to be Legend…… wait for it…… ary!
I can’t wait!
Well.. I have to go make frosting,  then put it on the cake, pick up my hubby at the airport and then do all the other million things on my list!
Happy Friday!