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Random thoughts from the weekend

It is the last Monday morning of the school year for us. Woo hoo!

It’s been so long since the Teen has had a true summer vacation, I’m not really sure what we are going to do with ourselves! She has been in  year round school since 2nd grade!  I’m kind of excited.. since we won’t have to worry about school for 2 solid months, we can actually go visit hubby while he’s traveling. (He’s supposed to be in Arizona for most of June.) Of course that means that he will either 1. Not be working out-of-town or 2. Be working too far away that we can’t drive.  We’ll see what happens with that!

Random thoughts from my weekend:

1. Hubby was home for all of 18 hours. He had a flight delay that caused him to miss his connection and left him stranded in Houston.  at least we got to see him for a little while.

2. As per his request, I made a “Trifecta of Bacon” for dinner Saturday night. Bacon wrapped meatloaf, bacon wrapped hot dogs and an experimental bacon-maple gravy.

3. The Teen went on her first excursion with friends for her twin BFF’s birthdays. They went to a small amusement park nearby. The girls’ mom drove them, and stayed with them of course. Hubby was freaking out about it far more than I was.

4. I got to hang out with my sister on Sunday. We havent seen her in a while. It was nice. I made some oh-so delicious Baked Potato Soup for lunch/dinner.  I think its our new tradition for her visits. Yummy! I ate some for lunch today too!

5. I randomly felt like eating brownies last night. So I made some from scratch, since I didn’t have any mix. I had some strawberry cheesecake ice cream on top. Also Yummy!  Although, not helping with my weight loss goals.

6. I read a trashy romance novel (not on my reading list) on Friday. I think you need read one every now and then.. its good for your soul.

7. I have crossed three things off of my to-do list for the day. I’m not feeling motivated enough to do much more than that at the moment.

8. Oh, and I have been saving my receipts from my grocery shopping and whatnot lately, and I figured out that (for the reciepts I have) from April and May, I have saved $379 in just coupons in that time. Not too shabby.

Oh well.. That’s all I have for now.  Hope you had a great weekend!


There’s a Coconut in my Mailbox!

I went out to get the mail a little while ago.

When I opened it, I was completely shocked to find a large coconut inside!

Seriously, it was a coconut!

I took it out, and found that it was a postcard for the Teen from my BFF. She’s in Florida visiting her sister this week. She has apparently decided that she’s starting a new tradition of sending  the Teen “weird things from exotic locals.”

She went on a cruise back in November, and mailed her a message in a bottle.

I can only imagine what our mail carrier thinks.

Oh, and if you are curious- she sent it priority mail. 🙂


It’s okay to lie… So says the Attendance Office at School

My Teen had not missed any school this year.

When we were planning on going to Vegas to visit my BFF and see my hubby I gave her the option to skip a day of school.   But it was totally up to her. If she wanted to keep her perfect attendance we would just go around her schedule.  She has straight A’s and works really hard, and I think everyone deserves a “mental health day” as my mom used to call them.  

 She had no problem missing school, so off to Vegas we went! As things turned out, we left Thursday evening and came back late Monday night. 

As per her school’s policy, I called the attendance line and left a message that she was absent because we were out-of-town and she would be back Tuesday.  Let me just say that we did the same thing last year. The one day of school she missed was because we went to Vegas and I told them we were out-of-town too.

It seems that I needed to leave a better message.

It seems that I needed to lie.

I believe whole heartedly in honesty.  Yes, I will tell an occasional “white lie” but 99.9% of the time I just tell it like it is. Which I why I told the school we were out-of-town.  I also believe that you lie and say you are sick, you had a family emergency, or a death in the family- that odds are something to that effect will happen. Hence my telling the truth.

My Teen came home from school Tuesday afternoon, with a notice that she was assigned 2 days of “Saturday School” (aka saturday detention) because my telling the school we were “out-of-town” was not an excusable reason for an absence. I was livid. 

It also seems that I didn’t  thoroughly read the attendance policy at the beginning of the school year, or I didn’t remember what I read.  Whatever, I was still mad.

I called the school and gave the attendance lady a piece of my mind. According to her, they follow the regulations set by the state of California. That’s all fine and dandy, but last year when we did the same thing and I told the school we were out-of-town nothing happened.

So after I calmed down, we had 3 options.

1. Just don’t go and have 2 unexcused absences on her record.

2. Just go to the detention and do her time to get the absences excused.

3. Write a note on the back of the paper they sent home LYING that she was actually sick, even though they have a recorded message that says otherwise.

Seriously people. What example are you setting for our kids here?

The attendance lady seriously waited for no one to be in earshot of her and told me to write the lying note, and said I needed to leave “a better message” next time.

Let’s just lie and get out of trouble! Woo! Yea! Great message people!

 WTF. I have enough trouble trying to figure out when she’s lying to me, and she’s only been a teenager for 2 months!  I don’t need the school district reinforcing it!

We decided to do the right thing. Despite the fact that this whole debacle is my fault for not knowing. But now I know.

She did her 4 hours saturday morning. In her words “It was horrible.”  And she’s got another 4 hours to go this coming Saturday.  If nothing else, she will have had lots of time to work on her book report.

Oh, and its come to light that she may not be able to go on her class field trip since she was assigned 2 Saturdays of detention. Which, again is a load of crap. especially, since it wasnt for a behavioral problem.

We shall cross that bridge when we come to it, and believe me, if that is the case  i am going to take that one up with the Principal.   And if after fighting the good fight, if I lose… maybe she’ll be sick that day. Humph.

The Big 1-3! Part 3: Let’s Party!

Well, a Gleek-tastic time was had by all. I think I am fully recovered.. my livingroom has not. I’ll get it all cleaned up eventually.

So, Friday night, we hosted 4 of my Teen’s friends from school. They seemed to have a fantastic time! She was sooooooooooo excited! We got the hopped up on sugar and fed them pizza! The Slushie cupcakes were a big hit!

 Cupcakes, cookies, doritos, and candy!

Then they spent a couple of hours playing on the Wii. One of the girls brought the “Michael Jackson experience ” game. They danced around to MJ songs for a while then played “Just Dance 2” and danced some more! The best part was the Toddler just dancing right along with them! It was hilarious!

By the time they left, I was exhausted! And there was more to do in the morning!

Saturday was party #2 with my family and it was the “Gleek-tastic” extravaganza!

I pretty much went all out. Take a look:

 The “Gleek-tastic” banner

Top view of the Glee cake

The Glee Cake!
Cafeteria style lunch- Chicken nuggets, mini hamburgers, grilled Cheesus an TOTS! We even had “school lunch tray” plates.
I even made some high school-ish posters
The view of some decorations from the stairs

The best part of the whole day was that she had no idea about the Glee theme. I banished her to her room while I decorated. She came downstairs and was thrilled! That was what it was all about.

The surprises didn’t stop there. My BFF came from Vegas to surprise her. And if she hadn’t gotten enough from us already- (along with my BFF) got her the gift of all gifts…….

The Cruz Tablet.

And my devious little mind decided that she needed it wrapped in a real book. A real hollowed out book! HAHAHAHA! My dad took care of that part of the project.  It had to be a book that she’d have no interest in at all.

PC’s for Dummies- Windows 95

I was hoping for something in another language.. but that will do.

Turn to page 17!

She was so thrilled! And she wants to download about a million books!

The perfect gift for my bookworm who reads about 4 books at a time. 
Oh, and I think her other favorite gift was the Red Converse high tops (like they wore in the Superbowl episode of Glee) that my brother-in-law got her.
Everyone seemed to have a good time.  My Toddler and my niece had a blast playing together. My dad complained about the Glee playing on the tv all day, which was just kind of funny.
So..despite the Bieber-ific bathroom,  my new Teen had the best.birthday.ever.
I couldn’t have asked for more.

10 days until Teenagerhood

FINALLY… a napping maniac toddler. I can relax for a little while.

I’m sure I say this every month…

But seriously, How did it get to be February already?

Where, oh where has the time gone?

I have no clue.

In 10 days my Tween will officially be a Teen.

It feels like it was just yesterday that she was 4. (that’s how old she was when we came into each others lives.)

What a strange  concept.

I will be the parent of a Teenager.


 Teenagerhood is a terrifying prospect. She is insanely excited about it.. but it opens doors to some heavy and scary stuff (At least from our perspective.) That big stuff looms in the distance like that big black monolith thing from 2001: A Space Odessy.

Drugs. Alcohol. Boys. Sex.Teenage Pregnancy. STD’s. Gangs. Violence. Guns.

Sheesh. That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.  Don’t get me wrong, I know there are lots of good things that teenagerhood brings… All I can do is hope we are teaching her to make good decisions, to be honest and to not get herself into any of the bad stuff.

I guess it’s just such a terror-inducing birthday(for me), since it is a completely different world than when I turned 13.  I wonder if my parents worried about all of those things 24 years ago?  I doubt they had to worry about kids bringing guns to school and shooting up the place.

What I remember about being 13/in 7th grade?

Getting a maybelline eyeshadow quad for my birthday. I remember having A LOT of fun: Having sleepovers with my BFF, making crank calls, eating pizza, going to the mall, liking boys, making a leaf collection for science class, and being picked on by my own personal “Mean Girls” (Okay, that was not so much fun. 7th grade was one of the worst years ever for me. But that’s probably a whole other post.)

And in today’s world, its hard to let her do any of that.

Her BFF has been to our house once. Yes,  once. (And that was after asking about 4 times. She finally convinced her mom it would be okay.) And a sleepover? I somehow doubt that would happen anytime soon.  She’s had sleepover sbefore… with my niece, and with a couple of friends we were close with when we lived in Las Vegas. But since we’ve been here, we don’t really know anyone well enough to even try to hold such an event.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that her friends moms will let them come to her birthday festivities.  She is inviting up to 5 friends to come over and eat pizza, watch movies, play Wii, and hang out (and eat surprise Glee inspired cupcakes).

So, I get to spend the next 10 days cleaning the house, and getting ready for the arrival of teenagerhood, and the (family) party that will commemorate this momentous day.   

Well… I should probably go make some dinner.  Hubby is heading out again tomorrow.  (That is depending on the gigantic storm taking over half of the country. )  Home cooking is always appreciated before he goes. And I need to make some Superbowl cookies to take with him…. I’m torn between sending him Packer cookies.. or to mess with him and send Steeler ones. muah haha!

Happy February!


I’ve got the pre-birthday blues

It seems like yesterday that we were all marveling in the fact that it was suddenly September.

Now shockingly it is October.

October means Halloween costume creating, mother nature finally turning the thermostat down, Columbus Day, falling leaves(maybe), pumpkins, and…

my Birthday.

I am going to be 37 in 27 days.

Normally, my birthday is my very favorite holiday.

It’s the one day of the year that is (supposed to be) 100% about me.

I’m not sure whether I should be excited this year or not.

I’m still kind of really bitter about last year.

My hubby was traveling (of course).. I have no idea where he was.. Washington maybe…? Who knows.

As bitter as I am about the day, there were good parts:

  • My lovely daughter made me a card that made me cry (in a good way).
  • My sister called me. (And for my birthday present she watched the girls so hubby could take me to dinner  once he got back from where ever he was.)
  • Hubby texted me a stupid picture of himself.

That’s about it.

The annoying things:

  • My 2 BFF’s didn’t call me.
  • My mother didn’t even call me. She texted me happy birthday.
  • it didn’t occur to my husband to send me flowers, a card or anything for that matter. Even when he got back, he didn’t get me a single thing other than taking me to dinner. Even knowing what a crappy day I had.
  • I really spent most of the day being homesick, lonely and miserable. I probably cried 5 times. It was horrible.

I have spent the last year trying to focus on the good stuff from that day, but I’m finding it really hard.  I know I shouldn’t still be mad. but I am.

And the logical part of my brain knows that most of my anger & disappointment is really due to my own expectations not being met, or just being too high.. I expected my husband to have the sense to send me flowers or something and he didn’t. That’s probably the thing that hurt me the most.

And now I’m worried that this year is going to stink too.

Part of me wants to remind my hubby that I was miserable last year… but part of me just wants to see what happens.

But then I run the risk of huge disappointment again.

On the bright side- I do get to see my BFF’s the weekend BEFORE my birthday.  We are going to celebrate all three of our birthdays. The “trifecta” as we like to call it. All three of our birthdays are in the span of 4 weeks. Oct 13, Oct 29 and Nov 10.

For M’s birthday her hubby is sending her here for a week. And it was HIS idea! GO him! If only I could get that lucky. sigh.

But of course the Universe has  to put a  monkey wrench into our plans, I found out last night that hubby (who has barely worked in the last month) is going to be gone that weekend. I seriously can’t figure out why the universe hates me.

Hopefully my sister can watch the kids for on Sunday so that we can go do something without the children. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am going to try to stay positive. Send some good birthday vibes out into the Universe.

Maybe send some directly to my husband.

My brief encounter with the new girl

Last night was the night I got to meet my brother-in-laws new girl friend again. (Long story short- he dated her about 8 years ago and have recently reconnected via Facebook and are madly in love and she’s moving here to be with him. Oh, and 8 years ago- I didn’t like her.)

So… I spent a day and a half cleaning the house for them to stop here for less than 10 minutes.  I was fairly annoyed. I should really say- she was here for less than 10 minutes. My Brother-in-Law stayed for a few hours.  They got a late start and since that late start had them leaving at 5:00 it took them over an hour and a half to get here because of the traffic. (not the smartest time in the world to leave)  And she was technically on her way to go back to Las Vegas, and needed to get on the road.

All I can really say is that she doesn’t look anything like I remember. But, all my vague recollections of her are all clouded with bitterness anyway. And she was definitely nicer than I remember. She  said  Hello and chatted a little bit. Which the old her would have not even looked at me and just sat there not saying a word.  You tell that she was uncomfortable. Which I totally get. I think there was an extra amount of pressure, just because we are his family. Hopefully it broke the ice enough that we can move forward and maybe work on getting to know each other a little bit. (She did comment on my FB status this morning, which she has never actually done before. So, maybe that’s progress.)

My Brother in law told me later that she normally has anxiety and is uncomfortable around strange people. Even a clerk saying Hi to her as she walks into a store even kind of freaks her out. Which makes sense of a lot of her previous behavior 8 years ago.

I realized the other day, that it was because of this girl that my brother-in-law and I finally bonded 8 years ago. We really didn’t like each other at all in the beginning of my relationship with hubby.  He ended up having to move in with us for a while. And one night he came home late and I had to let him in. We started talking and I don’t remember what problems they were having at the time, but he was asking for my advice on the matter. I think that was the first time we really talked like that.

I love my Brother-in-law. I’ve told him he’s like the older brother I never wanted! LOL  He is 6 months older than I am… so half the year we are numerically the same age, and the other half I harass him about being old. I do live to harass him. I guess that’s how I show him I care.  And sometimes he’s like my best girl friend.(And that statement makes him very uncomfortable! hahaha)  We can chit-chat and talk like I do with my friends. He sometimes tends to tell me things about his life that I DO NOT want to know… but I know I can always be honest with him and I think he’s always honest with me.

Its really funny that he knows my hubby doesnt care about the details of the crazy drama that is happening in his life, but he will tell me every little bit of it. It cracks me up. I don’t know if I wrote about the drama he had with his ex and his daughter and the rabbit a couple of weeks ago. I think I did. He told hubby: “My BabyMama got rid of the rabbit.” I asked about his day and I got every detail, he even showed me texts that were sent. Gotta love it.

We talked about the new girlfriend last night for a while after she left. I wondered if she know about my old feelings for her. He of course wasn’t sure if he ever really told her how much I didn’t like her. Or that for the last almost 8 years I have always refered to her as “That stupid girl my brother-in-law brought to my wedding.” granted, the fact that she now owns dresses doesn’t really make up for the fact that she wore a hoodie to my wedding… but in the spirit of second chances I am going to try to let it go.

I really hope she has changed. I hope I can change my opinion of her. And if it  doesnt happen, maybe I’ll just have to wear a hoodie to their wedding (should that ever happen.)   🙂