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Here we go… School is in full swing so is the procrastination.

The Teen has had a few pretty good bouts with the procrastination already in the last couple years. The first time was a research paper that she had to do in 5th grade (why in the world they had 5th graders doing research papers still baffles me to this day). She had a month to do it, and she told me about the assignment about two weeks into the assignment. Those were two very long weeks… But somehow she managed to get 100% on the silly thing.

Last year she had a couple of book reports to do. She did okay on the first one…except for the part where she just scrawled down some stuff and was just going to turn it in as is until I reminded her that it was for ELA (which back in the day was just known as “English” and not “English language Arts.”) , and there should probably be some drafts and editing involved. She was mad, but thankful when she got an A on it. The second one she gave herself a week to do, but spent three days working on drafts for the pictures she was going to put in it instead of working on the content. Again, she lucked out and got a good grade.

I decided that this year I was going to let her learn the hard way. You snooze you lose. I think we’ve all had to learn this lesson that way. I know I have… for me it was a big fat D on a huge research project in 11th grade honors English that I waited until the last minute to do.

I got an email on September 1st from  the Teen’s science teacher letting me know she has two “major” projects due soon. The first one I knew about.. But the “proposal for a science fair project” I knew nothing about. Sounds like something that involves some thought and planning doesn’t it?

Every day since I got the email I asked “is that all the homework you have?”
Every day “yep. Just algebra.”
Okie dokie. If you say so.

This proposal was due  9/9.  So on the 8th when she got home I asked the same question… “Is that all the homework you have?”

“No, I have science too.”

Fancy that.

Then I got the “I forgot about it.” 

Then I read the assignment. She has to come up with a proposal for a science fair project that will have to be completed, and will end up being 25% of her science grade.  For the proposal, she had to have a question that her experiment would answer, 7 references she would use for her project, a budget and explain the purpose of the experiment. Sounds like I was right in thinking this was something that needed more than a few hours to do.

Then she says, “I’ve been thinking about what I want to do all day since the teacher reminded me.”

All day= since after lunch.

The only things she could come up with were:

1. Getting 3 plants. Watering 1 plant with water, Another plant with sugar-water and the other with artificial sweetener water.

2. Getting 4 plants. Watering 1 with water, one with soda, one with juice and one with something else.

3. Researching methods of dog training, and using 3 different methods, teaching the dog 3 different tricks of equal difficulty.

She opted for the dog training.  Which is something that she definitely can’t procrastinate when it comes to actually doing the project.. since it’s not something you can do the night before.  I thought it was pretty clear that the proposal was not well thought out, and it was obviously done at the last-minute. Her references were three websites she Googled,  2 documentaries she found of Netflix, some random book she has with something about dog training in it… and she supposedly went to the library that morning to look up a seventh one. 

Anyway… there was much talk about procrastinating. I told her straight up that I wasnt going to say a word about the assignment and I was going to let her go to school without doing it just to learn the lesson. 

 She swore she isn’t going to do it anymore.

Then came the essay she had to do last weekend. She wanted to get it done friday night… then we ate dinner.. then she sat on her butt all day saturday. Finally she decided to finish it on Sunday… not even knowing if we had any plans. She just assumed that she’d have all day to finish it.  Sheesh.

Next up… a book report for ELA…she has six of them due by the end of the year.  She’s known about this since  the first week of school. I’m pretty sure she’s read the book. I heard her tell my sister that she finished whatever it is. But here we are.. its due on Friday and she hasn’t started it. One would think that after all lectures and talks about putting things off.. that she’d think to start the silly thing.

So, here is the thing that totally frustrates, irritates, and just pisses me off.

I checked her science grades on-line yesterday afternoon.

That teacher gave her 100% on the proposal.


How is she going to learn the lesson I want her to learn, when she keeps getting great grades when she turns in less than great work?

This is supposed to be Honors Science. You’d think she’d expect more than something clearly thrown together at the last-minute. Grrrrr. Part of me wants to email her teacher and say WTH? Was it not clear that it didn’t have any thought behind it? Or was it just that she turned it in?

 Maybe her ELA teacher will be less forgiving when she scribbles something down at the last-minute.

I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed.


Suspicions Confirmed. Ugh.

So, I’ve been trying really hard to stop obsessing about all this stupid psycho-people drama in my life. I’m not a fan of the drama. Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t mind sitting back and watching other people’s drama, but I don’t like it invading my life.  Ugh. I really just have to let it go already.

Anyway-  today I have drama of a slightly different nature.

My suspicions have been confirmed.

The Teen’s mother (and I use the word mother very loosely… I’ve started referring to her as “that woman.”)  is indeed pregnant.  UGH.

She so kindly posted a picture of her “baby bump” today on Facebook.

Awesome. Thanks.

Now the problem is how and when do I break the news to the Teen?

I don’t think she’s going to take it well. I sure wouldn’t, and I don’t expect anything less.

How would you feel if you hadn’t heard from your so-called mother for over a year and then one day you find out she’s going to give birth to another half-sibling that you’ll never know…. and she couldn’t be bothered to call and tell you herself.

Man Alive. What is wrong with this woman???

I just don’t get it. Since I’ve found out for sure, I’ve been doing a little research about adopting her as my own. I’ve wanted to do it for a while now, and I think we need to make it happen. Well, that is of course if she wants me to.  I think we could probably do it without a lawyer, as long as that woman agrees to terminate her parental rights without a fight. Aside from a lawyer, the most expensive thing I’ve found so far is the social worker investigation/visit.  I found a family lawyer that had a pretty good section about step parent adoptions, maybe a free consultation would be worth the trip. I need to talk to hubby of course. I haven’t even told him the news about that woman.

Oh well… enough about that! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’ll post more tomorrow about ours! I finally got to meet my could-be-future-sister-in-law. Did I even mention my Brother-in-law has a new girlfriend? Well, he does. LOL 😉

But that’s for tomorrow! Enjoy your Labor Day!





Remembering my Mother-in-law

You always hear horror stories about people’s terrible “Monster-in-laws.” And yes, I did have one of those once upon a time…. My ex-husbands Stepmother was quite a piece of work. But that is a story for another day.  

I never got to meet my Mother-in-law, and it breaks me heart.

 She passed away about 10 years ago, when my Teen was almost 3. She had Lupus. It was a few weeks after the boys along with their (now ex) wives moved to Las Vegas.

My husband was devastated.  I know he still is.

I’ve heard so many stories about her.  She was a pretty cool lady. She was a strong woman who worked very hard to raise two boys on her own. Every time my husband leaves a waitress a good tip, its in her honor. The Manaic is named in her honor.  (Well, her first name is what hubby’s name would have been, had he been a girl like she thought he was going to be. And her second middle name is her middle name. Does that make any sense?)

 I hope she would have liked me.  It kind of sucks that she only knew the Teen’s mother.  You, know she is such a stellar example of woman/motherhood. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think that she liked the Baby Mama very much.  At least we would have had that in common. hahaha

I know that she would be very proud of the man her boy has grown into- An amazing father, a great husband, hard-working, funny, stubborn… the list goes on and on. 🙂   And my Brother-in-law too… despite his life having many moments that could be featured on the Jerry Springer Show.

It also makes me sad that she will never get to meet my little Manaic or my Brother-in-law’s kids, and hasn’t been able to watch the Teen grow into the amazing young woman she is today. Although I have no doubt she was blessed to be able to enjoy her granddaughter for the time she did.

I’m not sure that my husband knows how deeply I feel for her, even though I only know her through him.  I honestly have a hard time thinking about her without crying, let alone talking about her.  I’m sitting here crying as I type this.

 I just wanted to take a moment to remember her. . She was a very special woman, and she is greatly missed. 

 We love you Judy. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day!

Superbowl XLV: Packers -vs- Steelers or in my world: Husband -vs- Wife

It was a big football day in our house.

My beloved Pittsburgh Steelers and my husband’s equally as beloved Green Bay Packers were in the AFC and NFC championship games respectively.

My husabnd and I have been together for 9 years. In all of that time nothing like this has even come close to happening. The six-time Super Bowl Champion Steelers have won the big game twice in the last 5 years and the Packers… Well…Uh… Have not.

We talk about it happening at the beginning of every season- the dream Packers and Steelers Super Bowl.

Last season, when the Steelers played the Packers there was a lot of trash talking surrounding the game.  Oh wait.. But who won? Let me try to remember… the Steelers.

Let me just say for the record- when we are not playing against each other, I root for his team. He, on the other hand,  does not reciprocate. If I didn’t already bleed black and gold (I was born and raised in Pittburgh after all), and was in need of a team I could be a Cheesehead.

I rooted for the Pack in the NFC Championship game. Honestly,  I think it is awesome that they won.

So here we are…

the Packers vs the Steelers Superbowl is officially our reality.

About 30 seconds after the game ended, the gauntlet was thrown by my hubby.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks around here. I foresee lots of smack talk, mud-slinging and the kids will probably have to pick a side. Yes, I’m sure even our two year old will have to choose.

We found out last week that hubby will be out-of-town for the big game. Which is probably a good thing. It could get ugly. But the odds of both of our teams making it to the big game together happening again are probably slim, and I’d like to enjoy it together.

But then again… This way I don’t have to see him cry WHEN the Packers lose.

Go Steelers!