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2 bits of exciting news!

I had this other big long, probably boring post written about my adventures at teh gym over the last couple days… but I find that this afternoons developments are far more interesting.

Exciting bit of news #1

I took my measurements today. I didn’t think to do it when i first started my journey at the gym.. but I did it 2 weeks into it. And then I thought about it  today, which oddly was exactly 2 weeks since I first thought to do it.  (Mind you there is a margin for error).

So… drumroll please…

I’ve lost 2.5 inches on my waist!


3 inches around my bust! (the measurement you would take to find your bra band size, around the rib case, under your boobs.)

No wonder my bra hasn’t been fitting! 


Exciting bit of news #2

We’ve had a break through in potty training!

My dear Maniac didn’t want to wear her pull up today, so she took it off and  I just kind of went with it. She’s been going commando all morning. And I’ve been reminding her that if she felt like she had to pee she needed to do it in the potty.

Then… it happened.

“Mama I have to pee.”

And she went and sat down and peed!  AMAZING!

And she’s done it 4 times now. I let her put a pair of her fancy new Spongebob underpants on.. Ooo la la!

Hopefully this breakthrough will continue.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

So, that’s all my exciting news for the day!

The Teen comes home from camp tomorrow! I’m very excited!

Have a great weekend!



I Call it “Toddler Chic”

This is my living room… early in the day.

Give her an hour or two and it gets redecorated in what I like to call “Toddler Chic.”


Oh the joys of parenthood. 🙂

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good.

 – Hubby’s check was actually enough to cover the rent. Whew! I was really worried about that. Now we just have to worry about his working this week.. we still don’t know if there is anything for him to do. Ugh. This has gotten way old way fast. He only worked 2 days last week.

– I spent all day Saturday cleaning and doing the laundry so I wouldn’t have to do it on Sunday.

-The racoon that hangs out in our yard was tormenting the dog all weekend. It was sitting on the roof above our porch just watching him Saturday evening. Then last night it was up in one of the really tall pine trees.. but the dog knew it was there, and proceeded to practically climb the tree to try to get it. The silly dog is going to get stuck one of these days. Had I thought ot grab my camera, before I went scaling the steep hill in the dark, it would have been a great picture of the crazy dog in the tree. But alas, I did not. It was a miracle I found a flashlight.

 – Hubby went out early Sunday morning and got me flowers and cards (from him and the girls). I think he was trying to make me breakfast in bed,but the Maniac wanted me to take her downstairs, so I did. She ran into the kitchen to see what he was doing and came back out yelling “Mama!! daddy got you fowers!” It was pretty cute.

– The rest of the day I just kind of lounged around. I caught up on some tv from the DVR. Although, it seems that my day off ended at 6pm, when they all wanted dinner and no one wanted to make any. Oh well.. a mothers work is never done. 😉

– This morning started with being wide awake at 4am. Luckily I fell asleep again, only to wake up at 6:30 for no real apparent reason.

– Sometime in the middle of the night, my Brother-in-law’s Baby Mama posted a rather rude comment on a picture of my Best Friend on my Facebook. I’m not really sure why she felt the need to do that. I deleted it of course. But now, I’m not sure whether I should say anything or just let it go.

 – I thought I heard the Teen in the bathroom at about 7. Which turned out to not be the case – she neglected to set her alarm and didn’t get up until almost 7:30, right about the time I realized that I hadn’t heard her again. Oh well.. maybe it will teach her a lesson about remembering to turn her alarm on. She managed to not be late.

 – Hubby went off to work. Most likely to be home sooner than later. Ugh. Keep your fingers crossed that he has work this week. He’s starting to drive me insane being here all the time.

 – I am scouring the sale ads to see who has Pull Ups on sale. We are almost out, and being that a certain small person refuses to use the potty I have to figure out how to get the best deal I can on the insanely small budget I have for the next two weeks.

Oh well.. I wish you a wonderful Monday. I’m going to go get dressed and go buy some diapers. Big fun.

Oh!! And I almost forgot! Cross one book off of my Summer Reading List! I finished “Bossypants” by Tina Fey on Saturday! Woo hoo! 🙂

Remembering my Mother-in-law

You always hear horror stories about people’s terrible “Monster-in-laws.” And yes, I did have one of those once upon a time…. My ex-husbands Stepmother was quite a piece of work. But that is a story for another day.  

I never got to meet my Mother-in-law, and it breaks me heart.

 She passed away about 10 years ago, when my Teen was almost 3. She had Lupus. It was a few weeks after the boys along with their (now ex) wives moved to Las Vegas.

My husband was devastated.  I know he still is.

I’ve heard so many stories about her.  She was a pretty cool lady. She was a strong woman who worked very hard to raise two boys on her own. Every time my husband leaves a waitress a good tip, its in her honor. The Manaic is named in her honor.  (Well, her first name is what hubby’s name would have been, had he been a girl like she thought he was going to be. And her second middle name is her middle name. Does that make any sense?)

 I hope she would have liked me.  It kind of sucks that she only knew the Teen’s mother.  You, know she is such a stellar example of woman/motherhood. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think that she liked the Baby Mama very much.  At least we would have had that in common. hahaha

I know that she would be very proud of the man her boy has grown into- An amazing father, a great husband, hard-working, funny, stubborn… the list goes on and on. 🙂   And my Brother-in-law too… despite his life having many moments that could be featured on the Jerry Springer Show.

It also makes me sad that she will never get to meet my little Manaic or my Brother-in-law’s kids, and hasn’t been able to watch the Teen grow into the amazing young woman she is today. Although I have no doubt she was blessed to be able to enjoy her granddaughter for the time she did.

I’m not sure that my husband knows how deeply I feel for her, even though I only know her through him.  I honestly have a hard time thinking about her without crying, let alone talking about her.  I’m sitting here crying as I type this.

 I just wanted to take a moment to remember her. . She was a very special woman, and she is greatly missed. 

 We love you Judy. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m surprisingly chipper for it being monday.

**So, I thought I posted this, but it seems that I didnt. Hmmm… weird.

It is a beautiful, sunny Monday morning.

I havent had any coffee, yet I am surprisingly chipper.

The good news, Hubby is on his way out-of-town to work this week! YES!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I hate when he’s gone, and would always rather have him home… just home and working. He didn’t work at all last week. Which is definitely going to make the next couple weeks really tough. . Thanks to the wonderful people at his office, and him being such a good employee.. we should be able to pay the rent. Whew. I was really worried about that. It’s just the few other things that are due between now and him getting paid the next time that are going to be tricky. Somehow it will work out though.

So, the Teen spent ALL weekend working on her book report that is due today. I discovered on Thursday that this assignment was due today. She had been working on it since Monday.. and she barely had anything done by Thursday.  The assignment was that they had to read a book (obviously, it is a book report), write a summary of each chapter(Which were turned in last week), and then make a booklet that included pictures detailing things like the protagonist, setting, conflict,climax, resolution, and some personal thoughts about the book.

Personally, I would think that she content of this booklet would be the most important part of this assignment. Oh no..not to the Teen. She spent THREE days on the pictures for her DRAFT! Not even the real ones.. on her draft. They were colored and everything. When I questioned her about it, she “had to plan what she was going to draw.” Okay, I get that.. but its a draft!

So, she spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on the content. Which, I felt she really did most of it on Sunday. I felt like she was just writing stuff to write stuff, and not really answering the questions that the teacher was asking her to answer.

She really just drove me crazy with it all weekend. She would ask for help, and then get totally defensive every time I gave her an answer. She had such a bad attitude about it too. Every time I asked a question (I havent read the book, all I know about it is what I’m reading in her work) she wouldn’t answer it.. she would just say “It’s wrong” or “its bad I’ll change it.” I don’t know how many times i said “I’ll change it does not answer my question.”

SOOOOO frustrating. Part of me hopes she gets a crappy grade on it. Maybe it will teach her a lesson. If you do crappy work, you get crappy grades. It seriously looked like she did it last-minute. It was messy, she doesn’t have the best handwriting in the world, so she needed to be extra careful and take her time writing it. She just scribbled the last couple pages. She didn’t check her spelling or punctuation and at some point she stopped erasing her mistakes, and just wrote over them. UGH. It makes me crazy thinking that she turned this thing in looking the way it did. I just have to hope her teacher feels the same way.  She also chose not to get up early and fix it either. So it’s really on her.

Oh, and I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing here… but she has had the information about her school field trip in her backpack for over a week now. She mentioned it when she brought the paper home. Last week when I was doing a random check of her backpack (to make sure there wasnt any food rotting in it) I saw the paper in her binder. I read it and put it back. She keeps talking about going, But the paper has still not made it into my hands. She has to have the money and the permission slip turned in this Friday. I feel like if she wants to go, its her responsibility to give me the info. As far as she knows, I have no idea about any of it.   We’ll see… what happens this week. I hope she realizes that if she gives it to me friday morning, she’s out of luck. Other than my “I dont sign things 5 minutes before you’re leaving” policy, I have to give them cash and I don’t normally have any.

Oh, so how about this Osama Bin Laden being dead thing? Crazy. After all this time, did you ever think we’d see the day?  I found out thanks to Facebook. Gotta love social networking! I was giving the Maniac a bath, and my phone dinged that I had a text and it was an update from a friends FB status…I put on the news and there it was.  Unbelievable. I watched the President’s address, I thought he did a great job. I wonder how excited he was on the inside?  Do you think he wanted to skip for joy back down that hallway when he was done? 🙂 It is a funny thought though.

Well.. I’m going to go entertain the Maniac for a while. Then I have some coupons to clip! Oh- and how annoying is this? I went to the grocery store yesterday morning to get milk. I ran into the Dollar Tree to grab a couple extra newspapers since there are some good coupons this week. (At the Dollar Tree the papers are only $1 and not $1.50!)  Later in the day I went to get the coupons out of the paper and they werent’ there! Not in any of them! SOOOO ANNOYING! I went to Walgreens and their papers didn’t have them either. GRRR. It is my understanding, that they put the inserts in the subscription papers first and then the store ones.. so they could have run out. Who knows. But it’s still annoying. I ended up ordering some on CollectableCoupons.com.

Happy monday to you! 🙂

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning. It was quiet for about 2 seconds. Then I realized my Maniac was already awake and in bed with us. It was 8:15. I do find it rather impressive that she wasnt awake and ready to go by 4am.. she fell asleep at 6:50 last night. We tried to wake her after an hour, but she was down for the count. Not taking naps does have its good points. She falls asleep early (most of the time) but is a bear until she does.

Nothing much is happening here today. Hubby and I are going to clean out the garage. We are hoping to have a yard sale next weekend. We need to get rid of 90% of the crap in the garage, and we need some extra funds.

That should be a good time. Okay, not so much. We’ll see how it goes. As long as the Teen can keep an eye on the Maniac while working on her book report, that is due on monday, we should be okay. Otherwise we’ll never get anything done.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning. I’m trying to rid my house of the massive amount of clutter that has taken over. Every time I try to clean it up, it just gets cluttery again. It drives me nuts. But this time, I am going to make it stick.

I need to get into the purging mode.  Just get rid of it. Which is hard for me, since I think I tend to be a pack rat. 

Oh well.. I should go get dressed and moving. It’s almost 10.. I should get moving!

Have a good weekend! 🙂

Enjoying the Quiet and Some Coffee

It’s a lovely Wednesday morning… I am enjoying some quiet and a cup of coffee before my dear sweet Maniac wakes up.

She was something else yesterday… she was acting like she needed a nap all day long. Whiny, crying at every little thing that didn’t go her way. And even crying at things that went her way. Hopefully today will be better. She’s got a lot going on today!

First, we are headed to story time at the library.  Of course, she has to do her “homework” from last week before we go. They gave her a little sheet to color that had a sandwich on it. (The theme of the day was lunch.) Then we are headed to aMeetUp..which is naturally a MeetUp that only me and my new friend (Who I shall call V.)  are going to, since no one else (out of the 20 people who have joined our group and not come to anything yet) RSVP’d. We are braving the movie theatre to go see Rio! We’ll see how it goes… the Maniac is super excited about the “moo-vee fee-at-er” but I think that’s mostly about the popcorn. I did take her one time last summer.. and she sat through half of it successfully. Maybe she can hang longer this time. We’ll see.

And to make everything ever more fantastic… Hubby isn’t working AGAIN today. UGH. He went in for a while yesterday for a meeting… they swear that he’ll be working Thursday and friday and they have enough work to keep them busy through May.. and then will be in Arizona in June.

Let’s do a little math here…. Last week he worked 3 days. This week he will have worked 2.5 days.  3 days + 2.5 days= not enough money to pay the rent.


We are hoping that he can sweet talk the Payroll lady into giving him a few vacation days early. He boss said it was okay. He gets his new vacation in July, so it’s not that early. Keep your fingers crossed. Otherwise we have to come up with emergency plan B.

The good news is- we got the info in the mail yesterday about renewing our lease and they are not raising the rent! I was a little worried that they were going to. ( the rent was originally about $200 more a month. They lowered it right before we found it.) Thankfully it will remain the same which is a huge relief.

And seriously, how has it been a year since we moved already? CRAZY how time flies!

Oh, and in sad news. I’ve been doing some research. It seems I am going to have to put my dreams of a Cake Pop business on hold for a while. The great lame state of California is not a fan of the in-home bakery business. While, it is not illegal to have one, the Health Department has to approve them and it “rarely” does. What ever.

I did find some commercial kitchen space that you can rent by the hour. I think I’d have to be in a place to make a real huge committment, and have some money to spend.  It’s like $18-$25 an hour, plus a boatload of deposits.And you have to have all your licenses and whatnot… I think I’m going to consider myself in research & development mode and work on my product from my own kitchen and see how it goes.

But I still need to find a way to supplement our income.

Oh well.. I’ll keep looking.

Hmmm.. I think that’s about it for now.  I’m going to finish my coffee, maybe Farmville a little… and if the Maniac is still asleep, I’m going to catch up on some DVR’d shows.. I’m seriously behind!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!