Busy, busy, busy!

In case you missed me, yes I’m alive!

Things have been super-duper busy since Halloween!

– Halloween was fun.The kids had a blast!

-My birthday was pretty good. It sucked that Hubby wasn’t here for it, but he did manage to send me flowers all by himself via the internet! That was the first time he’s ever done anything like that!

-My one and only birthday present- a new iPhone 4GS! Woo hoo! I finally got it a couple of days ago, it is awesome!

– I opened a store on etsy.com. I’ve been crafting – A LOT! I’ve sold 2 things so far!

– I’ve been commissioned to make 48 chair covers for my friends christmas party. They are coming along.. I hope to have them mostly done this weekend. I’m also making some sock hobby horses for a birthday party and 150 cake pops for a Quincenara.

– as of Monday (I think) the Teen officially has another half sibling that she’ll never know. I refuse to say “little brother,” it feels wrong to say it like that.

-Hubby is on his way home right now! He should be here until after Thanksgiving! YAY!

See, I’ve been kind of busy! 🙂 I really can’t believe Thanksgiving is only a week away! I better go make my grocery list!

Hope everyone is well out there in cyberspace !


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