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Out of the mouths of babes..

A few things my little one has said lately that have made me laugh hysterically…

Mama, can I have more garbage bread?”

Translation:  “Mama, can I have more GARLIC bread?”

“I want my med-sin dolls.”

Translation: “I want my NESTING dolls.”

“Mama you the best nay-dill kipper ever!”

Translation: “Mama, you the best NAIL CLIPPER ever!”

“Mama, I have wish-ous noodles in my noodle bag.”

Translation:  “I have delicious M&M’s in this bag of M&M’s.”    She calls M&M’s or Skittles  “Noodles”.

“I want some juice knucklehead.”

Translation: Her father has said knucklehead in front of her one too many times.

Happy Thursday!