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2 bits of exciting news!

I had this other big long, probably boring post written about my adventures at teh gym over the last couple days… but I find that this afternoons developments are far more interesting.

Exciting bit of news #1

I took my measurements today. I didn’t think to do it when i first started my journey at the gym.. but I did it 2 weeks into it. And then I thought about it  today, which oddly was exactly 2 weeks since I first thought to do it.  (Mind you there is a margin for error).

So… drumroll please…

I’ve lost 2.5 inches on my waist!


3 inches around my bust! (the measurement you would take to find your bra band size, around the rib case, under your boobs.)

No wonder my bra hasn’t been fitting! 


Exciting bit of news #2

We’ve had a break through in potty training!

My dear Maniac didn’t want to wear her pull up today, so she took it off and  I just kind of went with it. She’s been going commando all morning. And I’ve been reminding her that if she felt like she had to pee she needed to do it in the potty.

Then… it happened.

“Mama I have to pee.”

And she went and sat down and peed!  AMAZING!

And she’s done it 4 times now. I let her put a pair of her fancy new Spongebob underpants on.. Ooo la la!

Hopefully this breakthrough will continue.

Please keep your fingers crossed.

So, that’s all my exciting news for the day!

The Teen comes home from camp tomorrow! I’m very excited!

Have a great weekend!



The Craziest News Ever.

So, I have another blog.

It’s about poop.

Seriously. It’s about poop.

I have a 2-year-old, I couldn’t help it. I was inspired one day by a gigantic mess and Pooptastrophe was born.

I havent posted nearly as much as I do on here… we’ve actually kind of been having a dry spell with any good poop stories.

The latest post is about my crazy news.

Check it out here!

My darling toddler’s poop is going to live forever in the pages of a real live book! I submitted a picture to the website shitmykidsruined.com and it was picked to be in their new book! It comes out November 23rd! You can pre-order it on Amazon.com.

I can’t stop laughing. It’s so hilarious. It really made my day!

And I pre-ordered 2 copies already! One for me, one for my darling daughter so she can one day tell her kids that her poop was famous!

Have a great weekend!