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The Tale of the Marker Mishap

Since my last post was kind of heavy… I thought I’d post something a little lighter. I give to you…

the Tale of the Marker Mishap

My dear, sweet Toddler had a run in with a marker. First- NOT MY FAULT! Hubby was packing and not paying attention to her going through his tool bag, where she found the marker.  I was in the kitchen and I heard him sort of yell.. I knew she did something not good.  I asked what happened… and  I heard-

“She got a sharpie.” 

Instantly, my brain went to all of the pictures that I see on shitmykidsruined.com – permanent marker everywhere… This is what I found:

What you can’t see is that it’s on her face, and even on the bottom of her foot. I was freaking out how I could get it off of her. We headed up for a bath.

I tried to get some of it off with nail polish remover.  It seemed like it was coming off too easy. I used a wet washcloth on her face and the ink just came off.

Luckily, it wasnt a sharpie!

What was it?

A Brown Mr. Sketch Cinnamon scented marker.


I laughed for about an hour! My big burly tattooed hard-working husband has been carrying around a smelly marker in his tool bag.


Have a great weekend!