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Mean Girl Down!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the anonymous crayon scrawled hate letter that I got in the mail. You can read it here if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I think the drama is finally over. Whew!

It turns out that it was (most likely) not who I thought it was.

I kept it quiet for a few weeks. Then, in a sort of calculated move.. I told one person. Let’s call her “The Mouth” (hahaha).  I told her and she “swore on her children’s lives” that she wouldn’t tell a soul. I knew she would tell the Organizer, little did I realize she would tell EVERYONE.

One friday night, there was a Mamma’s Night Out, where 8 moms from the group gathered and had dinner. I did not go. (Thankfully) But my best friend in the group did. (Also thankfully.) It seems that in the middle of dinner, The mouth tells everyone about the letter and basically says “Which one of you did it?”  Then proceeds to throw the Organizer under the bus and say she did it.  After that, there was lots of talking crap about all the people who weren’t there.

So, the next morning, I wake up to a FB message from one of the other ladies saying how horrible she thought the letter was and she couldn’t believe someone would do that. I guess the cat was out of the bag.

After a series of phone calls and text messages with different people all day Saturday- One thing became increasingly clear. The Mouth was the one who seemed the most guilty.  She was quick to accuse everyone else, she kept bringing it up, and I was starting to see all the crap she was talking about everyone else.


I finally talked to the Organizer  Monday.

She said “do you know who I think did it?”

We both said “the mouth” at the same time.

After talking to the Organizer for quite a while, I decided to just confront the Mouth myself. Put an end to all this crazy drama nonsense.

And that’s what I did.

The next day, I stopped at her house. I rang the doorbell. She wasnt home. Just as I was pulling away from her house she got there.

I started by saying:

“I am done with all of this talking behind everyone’s back, drama bullshit. Did you write the letter??”

She was appalled that I would suggest such a thing. I personally believe that no one has ever called her on her crap before.

She “swears on her children’s lives” that she didn’t do it.

I said “just like you swore on their lives that you wouldn’t tell anyone about the letter?”

There was heated conversation after that. She swore she didn’t do it, but really, she’d never fess up. Not backed in a corner like that.

The whole thing ended by her yelling “I hope who ever did send it dies! I hope they die in a car accident!!!!”

Seriously. That is exactly what she said.

Then she closed her garage door in my face.

It was crazy. I felt a little bad for making her cry.. but really, her guilt was really becoming more obvious.

Of course, after that happened, she posted a message on the Groups message board about what a horrible person I am and how i showed up at her house yelling accusations at her. Whatever.  After that the Organizer kicked her out of the group.

And after people starting comparing notes, it became increasingly clear that the Mouth was really the root of a lot of things. She would talk about EVERYONE behind their backs, even her “closest friends.” And tell blatant lies too. I think the girl was pathological.

And all of her lies finally caught up with her all at the same time.

I think three people called her on the same day confronting her about things she said about them. Of course she denied everything. I guess we are all liars and not her.

I really hope the Mouth has learned some lessons through this whole debacle. I know I have.

My wish for the Mouth, is that when she moves out-of-state this summer, that she can start fresh, and really change her life and be a better person. For the sake of all her potential new friends and for her daughters.

I’m just glad its (hopefully) over. The organizer and I have had several really good talks.  And I feel like we are in a really good place right now. We are going to try to move forward.

But I’m still going to watch my back. 😉










I need to shake off the crazy and move on.

I’ve reached my limit of dealing with crazy people for the day. 

I have hit psycho overload.

Yes, I admit, I did open the can of worms. But it was with the best of intentions and I was just trying to get some answers since I am baffled.

As I mentioned yesterday the Psycho part of my “The Good, the weird and the Psycho” day is my Brother-in-law’s Baby Mama.

We have had quite a volatile relationship, I’ve known her for a little over 7 years. We’ve had our share of ups and many many MANY downs.  She’s always been on a roller coaster of being like my sister and then finding weird reasons to hate me. I really don’t get it. Other than she’s had a kind of rough life, and like I said yesterday the apple doesn’t fall far from the psycho tree.  She had a baby when she was 15 and I don’t think sometimes she’s matured beyond that.

She has quite the history of violence in her life, lots of lies and manipulation, drinking and drugs.. the list really goes on and on.  She’s married now, and has 3 kids and is living a pretty normal life. From what I’ve seen and heard I thought she was really a new person and had changed a lot.

But as they say: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

As it became clear to me this morning, she hasn’t changed one bit.

It just makes me sad that she has to drag my niece into the middle this stupid mess.  I still don’t have a clue as to why she’s mad at me, but it is very clear that she is. And she doesn’t feel it is necessary to clue me in to the reason.

To be frank, is really pissing me off. Which, is probably the point. She’s acting all high and mighty, like she has some upper hand in the situation… She is probably completley enjoying the fact that she got under my skin.

She said she “would never” keep my niece away from me. But who unfriended us? Hmmm… Um.. she did.

She said it’s “not important” and “not serious” why she’s mad at me. Then just tell me. But in the same breath she says it would “offend” me. I said bring it on.. offend me. Oh, and then she went on to say that my niece is “a good judge of character.” Which sounds like to me this is some attack on my character.


I just don’t know what to think anymore. I know I need to stop worrying about it… shake off the crazy and move along.  But it’s really bugging me.. she’s making it out to be like my niece has some problem with me too… since she’s such a “good judge of character” and all.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what I did that was so wrong.

I think I’m a good person. After all I have been through with this person, I have tried to be civil and friendly to her.  I’ve ALWAYS been good to the kids. I love them more than she will ever know… I would give them the shirt off my back.. I would do anything for them. I can’t understand how she can call my character into question, when she is the one with the incredibly spotty track record.

UGH. I’m just so frustrated. And I guess I will never know… since I kind of told her I didn’t need people like her in my life. Which, is very very true.

I’m trying to cut down on the crazy. 

My only hope now is that my brother-in-law can get to the bottom of this, or that my niece will tell me… although I doubt that since she has to live with the psycho… and any repercussions that go along with talking to me… becasue sadly I’m sure there are.