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I’m in business!

So, it’s official.
I have a business.
For real.

It’s totally crazy.

I’m all legit.

I have a sellers permit, a business license and an officially filed fictitious name.

The only thing left is a bank account.

But I guess I need money before I can get that.

I also have a Facebook page, a twitter account, a pinterest page, a (one month free trial) website and blog.

Not to mention the etsy store… And the shop on thecraftstar.com (if they ever get it fixed).

I think I’ve covered all the bases.

Now I just need people to buy stuff.

But, of they buy stuff from all the places they can buy stuff at once,
I’m screwed. LOL


Happy Birthday to my Blog!

My little blog turns 1 today!

Who woulda thunk it?!?!?!  Not me.  A year ago today, I was up really late because I couldn’t sleep and I was on Facebook. My cousin’s status said something to the effect that she was thinking of starting a blog. I don’t know if she ever did… but a few minutes later… “A Not-So-Wicked Stepmom”  was born. (I posted my first entry 7/13/2010 at 4:40am)

Why did I pick the name? I don’t know really. It was the best I could come up with at that moment… and the other seemingly clever things I thought of were already taken.   And the more I think about it.. being a step mom is a huge part of my life, is one of the things that has changed me the most, and one of the things I am the most proud.

Whether you are reading this for my sage 😉 step mothering advice, the teenage trials and tribulations, my wacky adventures of the Maniac..or just my ramblings about my life I’m glad you’re here.

Honestly, I didn’t really think that anyone would even read this… or for that matter KEEP reading it!  I actually have 9 subscribers! (Okay, it’s really 8.. the 10th is myself. Yes, I’m a dork I subscribe to my own blog.)

Since I’m talking numbers… In case you were wondering.. or care… here’s some stats about my blog…

All time Views: 3904   Busiest day: 2/6/2011 with 146 views

136 posts with 113 comments

Top Searches:  1.Glee cake 167    2. Funny birthday pics 149  3. Funny birthday

Top Referer: wordpress.com 79

Top Posts:  Homepage 1858  1. Super Bowl XLV…  373    2. Why Do People Suck? 113  3. Let The Birthdays Begin  101 4.I ate an Entire Pizza… 76   5. Good Bye New Girl  69

I think it’s cool. I’m always amazed that I have views when I check the stats… even a year later!

When I first started writing, I was determined to write something clever, funny or interesting enough to make it onto Freshly Pressed.  I decided that it’s probably not really realistic to try to make the cut… so I gave up. Maybe someday…if it happens it happens.  I’ve found that I just  write for myself… The wacky sort of stream-of-consciousness thing that I do.  I just think and it comes pouring out onto the screen. Actually, sometimes I get so into what I’m writing and sooo into detail that I have to stop myself, scrap what I’m writing and start over.  I’m sure you can tell I tend to be a detaily person.:)

Oh, have I ever mentioned that I don’t really tell people about my blog? It’s kind of super-secret.    Is that weird? My sister knows, my aunt.. my 2 Best Friends know but I don’t think I’ve ever really sent them the link.  I don’t promote it on Facebook. I do have another blog about our adventures in potty training that I  share with everyone.. but this one is really more for me… and the entire blogosphere.. did I even spell that right?  Maybe someday I’ll share it.

Well.. I think I will leave you with a couple of my favorite posts from this year.

1. “No, I forgot.“~ Ballad of the  12-Year-old.

2. What A Glorious Day

3. The Big 1-3! Part 1: Bieb-her-bathroom!

Thanks so much for a year of support and comments and following my journey! 🙂

*Images from www.free-extras.com*

Wait, What? 1,004 Views! Holy Smokes!

I interrupt my regularly scheduled programming aka birthday celebration posts to bring you a tidbit I noticed perusing my stats page just now..

My little blog has 1,004 views.

And I thought no one (except you Jane and my sister) was reading this!

I have to say most of that is because of my highest viewed post to date about the superbowl:  Superbowl XLV: Packers -vs- Steelers or in my world: Husband -vs- Wife with 353 views!

My highest day is 143 views. For the longest time it was 11.

And I now have 4 subscribers! 🙂

Thanks to all who have taken a peek into my world… and who find it interesting enough to continue to read about it!