How about a little Thank You?

Seriously people…

How hard is it to say THANK YOU???

I went through the trouble of MAKING something for you and mailing it.

After a week and a half, I finally ask you if you got it…

“Yes. it came on Wednesday.”


The correct answer was actually:

“Yes! Thank you!”

or “Yes, thanks!”

or  “Thank you so much!”

or even “Thank you! That was so nice! You are so sweet and wonderful!” 🙂

But no. Just “yes.”


Not that this is really anything new for this particular person. Pretty much the norm. There was just always a little part of me that thought maybe,just maybe it could be different this time.  Show some grattitde.

The other two people I sent things to thanked me. 

 I guess two out of three isn’t bad.



One response to “How about a little Thank You?

  1. It’s true people just don’t know about common courtesy anymore, or at least they prefer not to care about it. Just the simplest little thing like opening the door for a lady, or letting someone over on the highway–talk about road rage! Thanks for writng this post! =]

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