So apparently I somehow managed to post the wrong post yesterday. Weird. I wrote one about thanksgiving and thought I posted it.. Seems it was some other random one about watching American horror story that I never finished. Sorry if you were confused!

Bizarre! The perils of posting from my iPhone! Haha!

Hope everyone had a great Black Friday! I didn’t do any shopping! I take that back… I ordered some photo prints online, after torturing my family into taking a picture of all of us. I then spent like 2 hours turning it into the perfect holiday card… To find out they wanted more to ship it than the 50% off cards were! I’ve opted to buy cards and include the picture. The prints were only10 cents each. Much better deal!

I’m going to get up now and say bye to my parents-they’re heading to my brothers this morning. Then I have 32 chair covers to make! šŸ™‚

Happy Saturday!


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