What a Wednesday.

So here are the highlights of my Wednesday:

-I actually managed to get up and go to the gym. My trainer made me do far more lunges than I’d care to- which would naturally be 0 and she made me do like 1,000,000. Okay, maybe not.. but it was still a lot.

-By 10:30am, the Maniac was on her 3rd pair of underwear. Pair #1 was soiled with some #2 and pair #2 was drenched in #1 right in front of the toilet. Awesomely frustrating.

-While picking her up to put her in time-out for throwing something at me, the Maniac bit me really hard in the shoulder. There’s still a mark.

-While in the kitchen getting her something to eat, she got a fork out of the drawer and proceeded to stab me in the butt with it.

-Around 1:30 I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I tried to convince her to take a nap, but of course she was far too busy to sleep. I dozed off a couple of times and was rudely awakened by being poked in the eye, and then jumped on.

-She finally decided that she did want to sleep at  6:30pm. I only let her sleep until about 7:15 since I wanted to sleep before midnight. (Not that I actually ot to sleep before midnight… but it wasnt because of her.)

-I had what I think to be a pretty good talk with the Teen. Hopefully she actually heard what I had to say.

-I did get to watch America’s Next Top Model All Stars and CSI uninterrupted. Which was quite wonderful and refreshing.

And then I went to bed far too late and didn’t get up for this gym this morning.

Wishing you a Thursday that does not include a fork in the butt! hahaha! 😀



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