Sex, Lies & Facebook

Dear Girl-I-sort-of-knew-in-High-School,

I love some good drama as much as the next guy… but I barely know you and I was embarrassed that you felt the need to air what seemed to be ALL of your dirty laundry for all of Facebook-land to see. 

I appreciate the fact that you were trying to tell “your side of the story”… I get that. But there is this fabulous invention on Facebook called PRIVACY SETTINGS. Use them.

It’s awful that you cheated on your husband… that your husband cheated on you… that your husband’s family thinks the worst of you (what do you really expect they are going to be on his side no matter who is really at fault) and I’m really sorry that your poor kids are stuck in the middle of all your drama.  

They should be the #1 reason NOT to share that kind of stuff so publicly.

I have no doubt that you could have gotten your side explained to your in-laws in a much less public forum. Write them a letter or email, go visit, call a meeting, singing telegram, conference call, Skype, or just use your privacy settings so only they can see.

If you want to really be public about it-  go on Maury or Jerry Springer.. (wait, are either of them even still on?) .. or whatever the newest talk show is where you can get a paternity test and air all of your grievances for the general tv watching public.  

See, you have options.  

Oh, and one other thing… in the wake of announcing your failed marriage to the world… maybe you should have held off on letting us know about the new boyfriend for a little while.  I’m just sayin’… it doesn’t really help your cause at all.

 I wish you luck on this new chapter in your life…   Please just think twice before you o all TMI on us again. I don’t want to know THAT much about it. 🙂





One response to “Sex, Lies & Facebook

  1. Maybe she was “drunk posting”. The worst!

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