The Good, the Weird and the Psycho.

It’s been kind of an odd day. There’s been good, weird and just plain psycho.

Good: I’m feeling better right now than I have in the last week. I guess all the crying I did paid off.

Good: I finally got the Maniac to poop in the potty! She’s been telling me “Mom, I just want to poop in my underwear.” but I caught her in time today.. She got some Squinkies as a prize.

Weird: We had a play date today at V’s house. Almost everyone bailed at the last minute. It was me, V and one other mom. Then one of V’s non-playgroup friends showed up. I’m not sure if she was invited or just dropped by. Anyway- after the other mom left, V and her friend sat down on the couch and started talking and completely ignored me. They didn’t look at me or anything. It was quite rude and made me very uncomfortable. So I grabbed the Maniac and we left. I don’t know if its the craptastic mood I’ve been in lately, or just mw being paranoid… But I’ve kind of been feeling like V is mad at me for some unknown reason for the last few weeks. She’s stopped texting me and has been kind of distant and stand off-ish the last time I saw her. Very weird.

Psycho: My Brother-in-law’s Baby Mama is up to some weirdness. She unfriended my niece and I for some unknown bizarre reason. I knew when I realized that she and my niece weren’t on my friends list anymore, and when I sent my niece a new request and she didn’t approve it… That She had something to do with it. I messaged my niece asking why we weren’t friends like 2 weeks ago and she replied just tonight “my mom.” who knows why She’s mad at me this time. (trying to explain our relationship is probably closer to a book than even a blog post. It’s been quite a journey with her.) Psycho. It also could explain what prompted her mother to put that rude comment on my FB the other day. The apple doesn’t fall far from the psycho tree.

Oh well… Here’s to an even better tomorrow and maybe managing to get up and go to the gym!


One response to “The Good, the Weird and the Psycho.

  1. haha the world is full of psychos haha! i hope everything goes well and thanks for posting!

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