This too shall pass… Right?

I may have mentioned that I’ve been in this funk since my hubby left the last time. I really just can’t seem to get myself out of it. Every time I think I’m feeling better something knocks me down again.

Today is no exception.

I had a breakdown yesterday. I talked to my best friend, had a good cry and got some sleep and I thought I was going to have a better day today. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I was looking forward to hubby coming home tomorrow.

Of course, that’s now not happening… until Friday. Nothing like kicking a girl when she’s down people.

Seriously, these people really need to learn how to run a business. I can not fathom how they are still in business since NO ONE has any clue what is going on with them EVER. I’m seriously about to go postal on them.

They really need to stop efffing up my life.

Hubby has been supposed to come home tomorrow since before he left almost 2 weeks ago. He’s been bugging them for days about his flight arrangements.

Friday it was “oh.. no we havent made them yet.”

Monday it was “Oh… so and so isn’t here today.”

Today it is”oh we just made them.” Which was a flat-out lie. She made them on friday. Then when I went to check hubby in… I realize that…


Apparently he has a job on Thursday that no one had any idea about. Except the scheduling chick who hadn’t bothered to go to work for the last several days. (Not to mention that this new job is 8 hours away from where the airport is. So he has to work all day thursday and then drive 8 hours and then maybe sleep before hs 6:30 am flight) 


I’m seriously teetering on the brink of probably a real live nervous breakdown and you are going to keep my husband away for 2 more days?  Now he only gets to be home for three freaking days?

Three days.. and then he’s gone for at least three more weeks. I honestly don’t know how much more of this any of us can take.

Somehow it will all be okay right? This too shall pass? The “At least he’s working” mantra is wearing a little thin. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful in this craptastic economy that he’s working. I am.  But I think I need more than that to cling to right now. )

I just hope my sanity can hang in there for a little while longer.


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