Back in the land of the living

Well, I think I am officially back in the land of the living. Whew. I hate being sick. Especially that nasty flu sick. I will be just fine if it’s another 7 years or more until I get that again.

Anyway.. It’s a good thing I am feeling better today since we had to go to school this morning and get the Teens schedule and text books. I think this makes her really truly officially and 8th grader. Crazy.

Anyway… I barely survived that trip since I have been asleep for two days and have barely eaten. I was sweating profusely the entire time even though it was 73 degrees outside. I felt like i went from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and then hit a wall. Awesome. Luckily the lines weren’t too long and we got out of there pretty fast.

We came home and have been just relaxing since. I did go to McDonalds to get cheeseburgers since that is all I could think about yesterday. I ate half of mine and some French fries. Which is better than the applesauce and stale saltines I ate yesterday.

I will say if there is a plus side to the flu.. I did lose 6 pounds since Tuesday. Now if only that would actually stay off I would be super happy. I am actually missing the gym. I can’t wait to feel well enough to go back!

Oh well… I think that’s enough for now. We still have to go over to the school district office and pay for the Teen’s bus pass. I was going to do it this morning but the line was out the door. I’m hoping that it will be better since the Back to school thing is over today.. Although somehow I doubt it since school starts in 3 days.

I wish you a good weekend! I will be finishing the housework that the flu prevented (since our landlord will be here on Monday for the yearly home inspection)… And hopefully finding something fun to do for the Teen. Pinkberry is most definitely on the agenda. 🙂


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