Have you missed me?

I’ve kind of been MIA for a while.

I just had to go look when the last time I posted was, since I had no idea. Apparently it was the 15th of July, after our Harry Potter fun.

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. I have tried to post a couple of times.. but somehow I never got anything finished.

What’s been going on? Here’s some high lights!

1. Hubby is 2 weeks into another month sweating his butt off in the south. I miss him terribly.  We did have a really great time when he was home.

2.  I spent a week alone with the Maniac while the Teen was visiting my parents. It was good for her. And quite a challenge for me to keep my sanity while keeping the Maniac entertained solo. Especially the handful she is at the moment. I was sooo happy when the Teen came home!

3.  My ever-proving-their-stupidity Health Insurance company (remember the one who sent me the $0.27 check?) decided to not process my payment correctly and sent me a refund check for the dental portion of my payment and proceeded to cancel the policy. Awesome.  I knew there was no way I could have over paid THAT much, especially since I just paid the amount the website said was due! Idiots.

4. I got a good laugh when the Teen refered to her maternal grandmother as”Crazy” like that was her name. “Crazy keeps sending me texts.” That was awesome. At least she’s seeing the light.

5. I have been watching “Charmed” from the beginning. Somehow I never got into that show when it was on.. but now I have 173 episodes to keep me entertained for a while.

6. School starts one week from today! Yikes!

7. I’ve been working very hard to deep clean the house this week. I scheduled a Meet Up here on Friday (What was I thinking!?!?!) and the Management coming to do their yearly inspection on Monday. I guess I’m killing two birds with one stone. Woo.

8. We had an unexpected trip to Urgent Care on Sunday. The Teen had this weird (and scary) light-headed hyperventilation episode.  The 500-year-old doctor kept saying it was probably stress.. but she doesn’t seem to be stressed out at the moment (but then again, she hasn’t heard from her mother in a year, and school starts in a week). They did find out that she has a “pretty nasty” kidney infection.  I am glad I followed my gut and took her in.

9. I took the Teen school shopping at the thrift store and spent $31 on 6 pairs of jeans. Yes I said 6! And every pair of jeans I bought would have been FAR more than $31 each.  One was from old navy, two from Express, one from Hollister, and probably my biggest score ever… a pair from 7 for all mankind. If you don’t know of  7 for all mankind. I think they are probably the most expensive jeans ever. No joke.. they run about $175 a pair or more.  For jeans. Its crazy.  I paid $5 for them. Go me.

10. Oh, get this one… Do you remember “The New Girl”? My Brother In Law’s old girlfriend who I have sort of kept in touch with. By sort of I mean- I am friends with her on Facebook, I havent actually talked to/texted her in a couple of months, have seen her one time since she moved back to Las Vegas in January.  She texted me out of the blue the other day asking if she, her new boyfriend and their kids (they each have 1) could stay with us when they come out to go to Disneyland. Kinda random, kinda rude.   The best part was that I saw her post something on FB about wanting a Disneyland weekend and told the boyfriend that she had a place for them to stay. Little did I realize that it was my house, she has another friend that lives in the area and she usually stays with her when she comes out.  She just posted on my FB (moments ago) that it’s tentatively in 2 weeks.. which is hopefully the weekend that Hubby should be back. Yea.. he’s not going to be down with that at all. Sorry about her luck. 😉

Well.. That’s about it. I must get back to my cleaning. Today’s agenda is getting the laundry put away and starting on the dining room. I’m sooo looking forward to the floor scrubbing part of this deep cleaning project. awesome.

I hope everyone is well!  🙂


One response to “Have you missed me?

  1. You’ve been super busy!
    I LOVE 7 jeans…my husband splurged on a pair in Vegas…before the terrible economy, a few years ago.
    My fave jeans come from Buckle–mainly because I don’t have to shop while I am there, some skinny young salesgirl is at my beck and call…
    Your thrift store finds are KILLER.
    hang in there.

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