“It was AWESOME!”

So, as I’m sure everyone knows, the final installment of the Harry Potter saga premiered in theatres.  My dear Teen is a big fan. She’s read all 7 books, which is more than I can say for myself. I read half of the first one and I was done.  When she moved in with us, she even had a “clope” (6-year-old for Cloak). 🙂

I promised her a long time ago that I would take her to the midnight showing for the last one… as long as the planets aligned properly and I had someone to watch the Maniac. Amazingly enough the planets aligned and my wonderful Hubby is actually home for the weekend.

I decided to not tell her we were going. Which, is a move I am famous for… and honestly, you’d think after all these years she’d catch on. She doesnt.

For the last week or so, I’ve been tormenting her with talk of Harry Potter. She’ll say “I can’t wait to see it!” I say.. “You only get to see it if I let you.”  Stuff like that.. It’s been far too much fun messing with her. And yesterday all she did was talk about the movie. And all we did was shoot her down, telling her she can’t see it until it comes out on DVD. We are so mean, I know.

As luck would have it, she even took a nap in the afternoon, so I didn’t have to spill the beans as early as I planned. I kept it up until the last-minute. We all stayed up late playing the Wii.. Hubby and I got into a 3 point contest on the basketball game.. I kept beating him and he didn’t like that one bit! haha!

A little before 11 I went upstairs to put different pants on.. which was of course when she caught on. I took the tickets and said, “Oh I found this on the floor.” As soon as she realized what they were, she starting jumping up and down! She was sooooooo excited! She didn’t stop talking the whole way there either!

Luckily, the theatre wasnt the zoo I was imagining it would be. I didn’t see any costumes.., just one chick in a Hogwarts scarf.  As far as midnight showings go, it was pretty mellow.

She watched the movie very intently.. clapping and cheering with the crowd. She loved every second. I enjoyed it too actually. Don’t tell her, but I cried a little. 😉 It was much faster paced than the rest of them. I always found the flow of the other movies annoying… you’d think it would end and it would keep going.. and you’d think it would end.. and it’s still going! This one kept my attention the whole time.

On the way home.. she said “That was AWESOME!” about 50 times… so I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she liked it. hahaha!

I’m glad I could make her day. Now she doesn’t know what to do with herself now that HP is finished.

I told her she could start reading Twilight.

Hope you are having a great weekend! I’m going to go get ready for my girls night out! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




2 responses to ““It was AWESOME!”

  1. YOU are awesome! What great memories she’ll have of her great mom.

  2. We also went for the midnight show–we had a blast!
    what a fun treat for you and your stepdaughter.
    Love takes many shapes! 🙂

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