This week- the highlights

I’ve been really bad about posting this week. I have sat down at least five times to write something and it just hasn’t really worked out. So, here are the high lights of this week:

Sunday- took the kids to the LA Zoo. It was HOTTTT and packed. But it was a fun day, even though  the elephants were never where we could actually see them. But I did see an Ocelot come out of hiding for probably the first time ever.

Monday- Took the kids to the beach with my Brother-in-law, Niece & nephew. Watched fireworks on the beach. It was a fun day.. even though I really really really missed my hubby. 😦

Tuesday- took the Maniac to the park. The Teen spent the night at my Brother-in-laws to hang out with my niece.

Wednesday- Went to the gym. rented some games. The Teen finally came home from playing with her Uncle and cousins.

Thursday- Spent not one, but TWO hours at the gym. The girls and I hung out and played Wii games..oh and I took a nap.

Today- spent 2 more hours at the gym! I’ve decided to kick it up a notch!  Started on the laundry. The Teen has her twin friends over.. she’s subjecting them to Glee.

I know.. it’s all pretty exciting. My wrist still hurts from my freak potty training accident on Saturday. I think I sprained it. It definitely feels better today though.

  Speaking of potty training…

It’s actually going fairly well I think. As long as she’s not wearing a pull-up she will just go pee when she needs to! She did ask to pee twice while we were at the Zoo, and she actually went! It was pretty cool.  And she asked this morning before I had taken her pull up off. And.. a couple of days ago she actually pooped on the potty! That was major progress!

Well.. that’s the highlights for now.

Hopefully, I’ll find a minute or two to post something more interesting later!



3 responses to “This week- the highlights

  1. What do you play on the Wii?

    • Not-So-Wicked StepMom

      We’ve been playing Toy Story Mania that I rented. It’s pretty easy for the little one to play. We’ve also been playing “the fighting game” or as we know it Wii Sports Resort. The Maniac loves the sword play game and the dog frisbee. She’s getting pretty good!

  2. Wii Sports Resort is a lot of fun! 🙂

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