What an evening.

I found a tick on the dog.

So unbelievably disgusting.

Why does this kind of stuff happen when Hubby isn’t here? Oh yea, it’s because he isn’t here. Duh.

This totally tops the half eaten pigeon carcass I had to remove from the garage once a couple of years ago… that was pretty gross. (There was a cat getting into the garage and having its dinner. )

I have to check him tomorrow for more when there’s better light. I’m just so looking forward to that.

And then, as I was headed to take the trash out that had the tick in it…

I found out the hard way that my dear potty training maniac has peed on the linoleum. I was wearing flip-flops that if you add water, its like ice skating.

Hence the OUCH.

I’m totally going to be feeling that fall in the morning.

I already have a nice painful bruise on my knee, and my wrist is feeling sore.  I think I caught myself with that wrist and the knee. Super fun.

OH well.. I need to go to bed. I am surprising the girls and taking them to the LA Zoo tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be a good time!  I’m excited!

Nighty Night! 🙂



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