A Virus, Camp and the Gym.

How’d it get to be Wednesday already?

I feel like this week is going super fast, yet super slow all the same.. does that make any sense? Is that even possible?

The teen is at camp this week. She comes back on Friday. I miss her. As much as she drives me insane some times, and as much as we need this week apart from each other every year.. I miss her. sigh.

To make matters worse, I got a call Monday night that she had a fever. It was 101.something. They were going to keep her in the infirmary over night to keep an eye on her.  Luckily her fever broke over night and  she’s fine. Whew! that would stink to have to come home early.

Actually we’ve all had whatever this little virus is. The Maniac had it first.. then the Teen then me. Woo. It was like I had a fever for a few hours, my head is stuffed with snot.. and as soon as the fever broke I felt better.. except for the snot of course.  Same with the Maniac. She had a bit of a fever, and as soon as it was gone she was fine. Weird.  I’m assuming that we all got it from the 5 hours we spent in the car together going to meet my BFF to give the Teen to her so she could get her to camp. Luckily, I havent heard that anyone on her end is sick. (knock on wood.)

I havent even been to the gym since Saturday.  I know.. its cray huh? I’m going to go tomorrow though, since I have a session with my trainer. Hopefully she will take it easy on me because of the snot. I doubt it though.  Since it’s been a whole month since I joined, I’m going to see if she’ll do the BMI thing and see if there is a difference. I hope so. Some days I feel skinnier, some days I don’t.

I have a couple of shirts that feel looser. And my bra isnt fitting right either. So I’m taking that as a good sign. I’ve been trying to eat better too. Which I’m sure helps. I’ve had a few days where i just havent cared.. like yesterday.. I just wanted to eat oreos and cheese balls all day. I didn’t eat them all day.. but I ate more than I should have. 😉

Oh well.. I am going to try to clean up the house a bit today. It is officailly a disaster.. since I havent felt like doing anythign the last couple days .



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