Breaking through the Thursday morning wall!

So, I’ve noticed that during the Thursday morning Zumba class I hit a wall about half way through. My arms and legs start to feel like boulders or cinder blocks or both. I’m tired. Everyone else is still going strong..

Well, everyone except the girl who never moves her feet.  She drives me nuts.

If only you could hear the conversation I have with myself.  (The following is a dramatization.. although some of it is real. LOL)

Crap. Its only6:30.  Heres the wall.  You can do it! Keep going.

I’ m so tired.

Another one down. Drink some water.

OMG girl move your feet! This is supposed to be dancing not rapid arm movements! Ahhhhh!

keep going.

Arms.. legs… arms.. legs… (there is this one step I still can’t get the arms going with the legs. and its so simple., but it messes me up!)

3… 4…5.. Breathe.

Okay.. crap. the clock hasn’t moved.

Stop looking at the clock.


too many distractions today.

Dude stop watching us through the window.


You can do it.  keep going.

6:45 crap. Another wall.

Keep going.. three songs left.


two songs left!

keep going!  Seriously..why are you even here if you aren’t going to do it! (that girl was really annoying me.)


Last song! My favorite! (It’s the song at the end of Beetlejuice where Winona Ryder is dancing while floating.)

Almost done! Shake..shake.. shake.. senora..

work work work senora…

I’m sweaty. need water. Almost done.

YES! I made it! Whew!


I defnitely need to sleep in tomorrow.


4 responses to “Breaking through the Thursday morning wall!

  1. Zumba is amazement, humiliation and self-loathing all rolled into one. I so terribly bad want to be able to dance like the instructor but more often than not I catch my reflection in the mirror and think to myself “Whoa! That chick dances like Gumby…Oh wait, that’s me.”

    • notsowickedstepmom

      That is it exactly! I try really hard not to look at myself while I’m doing it. Now I find myself distracted watching the ladies around me. Especially the chick who doesn’t move her feet. I really think she doesn’t want to sweat. 🙂

  2. Did you ever know that you’re my hero.

    • notsowickedstepmom

      Aww. Thanks. And thank you because now the wind beneath my wings is in my head. Lol. I was thinking about you in yoga yesterday.. She was trying to get us to do the “plow” pose. It took me back to our yoga days. Do you remember that one? You lay there and put your butt over your head. I was unsuccessful.

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