My Summer Reading List *UPDATE*

I am sure you are just dying to know how I’m doing on my summer reading list challange to myself.

It’s been a month since I posted it. (Read it here) 

Here’s My Updated list:

DONE!1. Bossypants- Tina Fey  I actually am about half way through this. It’s pretty funny, I was laughing just reading the back cover!  I love Tina Fey.  I thought it was funny! The stuff about her doing Sarah Palin was  interesting!

 DONE! 2. Naptime is the New Happy Hour-  Stefanie Wilder-Taylor    I started reading this a while ago, then I lost it. After finding that it had fallen behind our bed, I plan on finishing it. It too is pretty funny.  It was amusing. I had a hard time finishing. I know its got “happy hour” in the title… but the amount of times she talks about drinking kind of bugged me. 

3. Eat, Pray, Love.  A woman at work bought this for me for my birthday like 3 years ago. I started reading it once. I’d really like to read it in its entirety.

 James Patterson is one of my favorite authors. Which is obvious from all of these books that I ordered and havent read.  These next ones are all him:

4. The Postcard Killers

5. Swimsuit

6-8 8th Confession DONE!, 9th Judgement, and 10th Anniversary (I havent gotten 10th anniversary yet since it just came out.. but I really want it!)

9. Worst Case

10. Cross Country

11. I, Alex Cross

12. Relentless- Dean Koontz

13. Your Heart Belongs to Me- Dean Koontz

14. The new Sookie Stackhouse novel . I can’t remember the title. I havent gotten it yet either, but its a must!

15. The other Charlaine Harris book I bought from a different series.. I also can’t remember the title… I have to find it.

16-? Anything else I get around to reading, should I make it this far down the list. I also currently have 4 books I got for free on my Kindle App on my phone, and a couple that the Teen got that I wouldn’t mind reading either.


DONE!17. The Lost Symbol- Dan Brown This should have been on the list to begin with. I really enjoyed it! I spent about 5 hours on Monday finishing it! I couldnt put it down! 🙂

DONE! 18. A trashy romance novel I downloaded for free on my Kindle App. 🙂


One response to “My Summer Reading List *UPDATE*

  1. It’s a great feeling, encouraging, to do the things we’ve set out to do–be it tackling a book list or washing the car…

    good for you!

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