Thursday morning after the gym…

Wow. I can’t believe I havent posted anything since Saturday. I swore I wrote something this week! I probably did and it’s just hiding in the vast nothingness that is my drafts folder.


Good Morning!

Its 7:38am. Yes, I dragged my sorry and sore butt to the gym this morning.  I took yoga yesterday for the first time.. it was awesome, but I felt every bit of it when I woke up. I am definitely taking tomorrow off, since about half way through Zumba this morning I thought my arms and legs had both magically turned into cinder blocks. It was a hard one to get through. But I made it. Whew!

Important lesson learned this morning- If you wear your sneakers to a farm, check your shoes for mud before going to the gym. Oops! It was a little embarrassing when I realized the big chuck of mud that was on the floor was from me. Oh well.. You live and you learn. I cleaned it up. 🙂

Why was I at a farm you wonder? The play group took a trip to go Strawberry picking yesterday. It was fun. Pricey, but fun. (I basically paid $45 for 3 pounds of strawberries. $15 a person. Including the 3-year-old! 2 and under were free.)

You get to take a tractor pulled wagon tour of the farm. And as your tour guide is talking about all the organic farming methods they use, and some history about the farm and other various farming things.. you stop along the way and sample freshly picked veggies!

We got to try wax beans, green beans, celery, carrots and onions. The wax beans were surprisingly good. (I’m not really a green bean fan). And the carrots were delicious! The Maniac couldn’t get enough! She at the whole thing, and wanted more! I bought some more in their little farmers market, and she wanted to eat them on the way home.

Then we stopped in a strawberry field and picked a pound a piece.

Of course they don’t really give you enough time, especially when you are dealing with toddlers. I was trying to help her, and pick my own.. and I don’t think we really filled out containers enough. I guess it was more about the experience. Right? Now I have to figure out what to do with all these strawberries before they go bad!

Behold!  This is what $45 worth of strawberries look like (Of course the top one started off a lot more full than that! They did eat a bunch of them yesterday!):


All the kids seemed to have a great time! And ALL of them had some form of meltdown by the end.. well,  all of them 3 and under… the Teen managed to control herself. hahaha!

Well, I must go take a shower.. I think I may hear the pitter patter of toddler feet upstairs.  Another busy day! I have some errands to run, and a playdate at the park!!

Enjoy your Thursday!




One response to “Thursday morning after the gym…

  1. I am so happy to hear about your continuing fun at the gym.
    My brown eyed girl and I (she is 17) are going to try BodyCombat today at the gym–both of us for the first time.

    should be…interesting and laugh-inducing.

    I have NEVER had so much fun sweating before.

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