Oh the miracle of life… Oh how gross you are.

What a day! We had a play date at the park Friday morning, which seems like it was days ago. Then we spent most of the rest of the day at V’s house helping her get ready for her son’s birthday party that is this afternoon.

A few days ago she told me that one of her dogs is pregnant. She has 3 pugs. So mama pug decided to have her babies in the midst of the party prep. (At least it wasn’t during the party!)

I got to see some of it.

Oh the miracle of life… Oh how gross you are.

She ended up having 8 puppies, although sadly, 1 didn’t make it.

That’s A LOT of puppies!! V thought she was going to have about 3. But then they just kept coming…and coming…. and coming….!

It was kind of amazing to watch… To see someones (even a dog) natural instincts at work…. and so completely disgusting.  If you’ve never witnessed such a thing I won’t go into the details.. It’s just kind of… for lack of a better word… Eeewww.

It made me very thankful that humans don’t have litters (unless you are Octomom of course). And that we don’t do all of that nasty post-birth clean up ourselves. I think there would be a lot less babies in the world if we did.  

Here’s Mama and her puglets. They are sooooo tiny! And completely adorable.

It’s going to be fun to watch them grow up! And I know a certain little Maniac that is never going want to leave V’s house once they get old enough to play with!


2 responses to “Oh the miracle of life… Oh how gross you are.

  1. I hear ya’ on the “gross” part. When the doc asked me if I wanted the mirror “down there”, I said NO WAY. I knew how it felt, (no drugs!) and I certainly didn’t want to see it! And if I had to lick the afterbirth off my kid, she’s still be dirty! 🙂

  2. notsowickedstepmom

    I’m not sure if I’d want to see it either.. I think I probably would have had other things to worry about than watching. Granted, I didnt even have that option… just a blue sheet and my husband to look at. Although he did watch…. and he says since he got to see my “innerds” he now loves me “inside and out.” hahaha!

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