No Wonder My Health Insurance is SO Expensive

I got a refund check in the mail from my idiotic  wonderful (please note the “wonderful” is completely drenched in sarcasm) health insurance company today. I’m not sure why I received this refund… especially, when the check stub says “Refund Explanation: 02 Insufficient Payment.”

Umm… okay.

So, I’m sure you are dying to know how much my new fortune is.

You might want to sit down for this.

Twenty Seven CENTS.

You heard me right.

I know, it’s so ridiculous, I’ll say it again…


If you don’t believe me here’s a picture…

Yep.. a check for 27 cents.

The postage to mail this check was 36 cents. I bet the paper and window envelope, the ink to print it, and whatever salary they paid the person who iI assume handled it at some point… cost MORE than 27 cents. 

Let us also take a moment to remember the tree that gave it’s life for this 27 cent check. What happened to going green?
Seriously people,  couldn’t you just deduct it from my premium? My already incredibly exorbitant premiums that you are RAISING by $87 a month in July.
I would not have minded only paying $83.73 extra.

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