Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning. It was quiet for about 2 seconds. Then I realized my Maniac was already awake and in bed with us. It was 8:15. I do find it rather impressive that she wasnt awake and ready to go by 4am.. she fell asleep at 6:50 last night. We tried to wake her after an hour, but she was down for the count. Not taking naps does have its good points. She falls asleep early (most of the time) but is a bear until she does.

Nothing much is happening here today. Hubby and I are going to clean out the garage. We are hoping to have a yard sale next weekend. We need to get rid of 90% of the crap in the garage, and we need some extra funds.

That should be a good time. Okay, not so much. We’ll see how it goes. As long as the Teen can keep an eye on the Maniac while working on her book report, that is due on monday, we should be okay. Otherwise we’ll never get anything done.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning. I’m trying to rid my house of the massive amount of clutter that has taken over. Every time I try to clean it up, it just gets cluttery again. It drives me nuts. But this time, I am going to make it stick.

I need to get into the purging mode.  Just get rid of it. Which is hard for me, since I think I tend to be a pack rat. 

Oh well.. I should go get dressed and moving. It’s almost 10.. I should get moving!

Have a good weekend! 🙂


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