My 2 cents on the Royal Wedding

I wasn’t going to do it… but I did.

I DVR’d the Royal Wedding, and watched it as soon as I got up.

Can you even imagine?

I know that Princess Katherine knew what she was getting into.. but seriously? I can’t even fathom the pressure getting ready for your wedding that the ENTIRE WORLD is watching! Billions of people watched them get married.

It’s just baffling to think about.

Ā I thought Kate looked beautiful, and the Prince very handsome. It’s crazy how much he looks like his mother.

It was really cute when she got to the end of the aisle and it looked like he said that she looked beautiful. The Today show broadcast that I was watching said that when Prince William leaned over and said something to Mr. Middleton it something about “just having a small family affair.”Ā  LOL

I did fast forward through some of it. I had to get through it before hubby got up. I’m sure I would never hear the end of it from him..

I also thought when they came out onto the balcony and you could tell Kate was just amazed at how many people were waiting there to see them. You could see the shock on her face and the “Oh Wow!” that she said.Ā  And then they kissed.

I wish the happy couple a wonderful life together.

Well… I just thought I’d share my 2 cents. šŸ™‚


2 responses to “My 2 cents on the Royal Wedding

  1. I found your blog! Yay! It takes old people a long time to do stuff. šŸ™‚
    Love you,
    Aunt Deb (crazy chicken lady)

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