I’m just plain exhausted.

My little Maniac has been just that- a complete maniac the last couple days. We have hit a new level of 3 that I am not enjoying one bit. She listens to nothing. She can completely tune me out. Which is not cool, especially when she’s running willy nilly through the library.

We’re surely not going back there any time soon.


All this crazy 3 year oldness with her, on top of worrying about what Emergency plan B is going to be to pay the rent this month is really stressing me out today.

It seem hubby isn’t working tomorrow. So, maybe if he gets to work friday, he’ll get paid for 4 days of work in these two weeks. Not even close to what we need.

I’m REALLY starting to freak out. REALLY.

I try to keep the faith, I really do. I’ve been praying every night to help us find a way to make it through. I know something will happen. It has to.

Hubby unsuccessfully tried to convince my brother-in-law to move back in with us for a while. That would help every one out. But for some reason he just needs to live by the beach. The beach will still be there when we are all in a better financial place.

I hate whining about money all the time. But its weighing heavily on my head tonight.

And to top it off, I got a letter from out Health Insurance, that they are raising our already exorbitant rates by $87 a month.  We already can barely afford what we pay now. That has been the reason that it has taken us so long to get caught up. I guess I have to call them tomorrow and see what we can get that will be cheaper, and equally as crappy.

How stupid is it that we pay all of this money every month, for us still have to pay almost $1000 out-of-pocket for the trip to the ER that the Maniac took back in November? Which reminds me I have to mail the hospital people a check. not that I have any money to send them really.they get cranky when you send the check late.

Oh well..  I’ve got to get the maniac into the tub.

Good Night. I wish for tomorrow to be a better day. 🙂


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