Jinxes and Friends

So it seems that in my last post when I said:

“Oh, and after hubby gets paid on friday I think we will FINALLY be almost completely caught up with the bills! (Knock on wood!)”

I jinxed myself.  

Hubby has been home for over a week, which I am thankful for. But today is the third day he hasn’t worked. That doesn’t help up stay caught up, or pay the rent for that matter.  Sigh.

Why can’t we catch a break? I’ve been playing catch up, and creative financing since what? like September? At some point there isn’t going to be anything else I can do. I was finally hoping to start getting to a place where we didn’t have to worry as much if this happened.  Argh.

I just have to keep the faith and I know it will work out somehow. Someway.

He does have to go to a meeting tomorrow… hopefully, he can get an entire day of work out of it.  I’m praying that the meeting to is ship him off to Texas for a couple of weeks. Not that I want him to get shipped anywhere for any amount of time… but we really need him to work.. and work a lot. 

I need to find a way to make some money. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a little business. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the new craze… I guess they are the “new cupcake”.. it’s a cake pop. amazingly delicious, cake on a stick. I have recently discovered how to create these balls of “pure delicious evil” as my sister has dubbed them.  They are goooood and pretty easy to make. I made a bunch for my brother’s BBQ a couple of weeks ago. I keep having these brain storms on creations I should try.

I have no idea where to start… but I guess I should do a little research and figure it out.  I mean, Starbucks sells them for $1.50 a piece. I could do that.

In other news- how about this one…

I made a friend.

Yes, a real live friend. I know, it’s crazy!

I told you about that Meetup group that I joined a couple of weeks ago. I’ve gone to a couple of the meet ups and me and the lady to started the group have been the only people there! I am taking it as a sign from the Universe that we just need to be friends. 🙂  I even invited her to have coffee with me Saturday morning, and we ended up having breakfast. it was very nice. It’s cool to have someone to hang out with, and talk to!

Tomorrow, We are going to go check out a park where we want to have a MeetUp. Maybe other people will go. There are 20 moms that have joined the group… so far no one else has come to anything! There are 5 other people who have RSVP’d to the one next week. We’ll see what happens! Oh, and since I’m the only other person who has come, she made me the “Assistant Organizer!” Which is pretty cool.

Hmm… what else? Easter was quiet. Hubby insisted that we dye eggs. I had a little egg hunt for the girls. The toddler has been demanding chocolate, and wearing a plastic bucket/basket on her head all day.

I leave you with this..

The other night, we were sitting inthe living room watching tv and talking. The Teen says “What are you supposed to eat on Easter? I feel like it’s rabbit.”  I couldnt help but laugh hysterically.  “What? Isnt there a holiday where you eat rabbit?”  “Um. No. You eat ham on Easter!”

 I messed her all up.. I made chicken.


2 responses to “Jinxes and Friends

  1. I definitely can relate! It literally feels like we’ve been playing creative financing for years; a constant two steps back for each one forward. And congrats on the friendship, that’s something I too am in desperate need of!

    • That’s exactly how it is..one step forward, two steps back. Its so frustrating. Usually, its just me messing everything up… but I’ve been trying really hard to get caught up and get us on a good path. Then we are back to square one again. And we keep having one additional thing pop up every month extra to pay for… this month it was hubby’s truck registration, in may it’s camp for the Teen… it never ends! But I am determined to stick to my New Years Resolution to be in a better place financially by December than we were in January. I just need to keep my fingers crossed and pray. 🙂

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