Oops I forgot to give this a title before I posted it!

Hmmm… it seems that it is already April 19th, and I have only had 3 posts this month. So much for post-a-week!

We’ve had a lot going on… and I have probably started 15 posts and got sidetracked and didn’t finish them. I have a ridiculous number of drafts in my box.

How many is ridiculous you ask?

I just had to go look at the exact number.. And please keep in mind that these are all there since I started my blog back in July….

I have 79 drafts.  See what I mean?  Ridiculous.

Oh well.. maybe I’ll go back and finish some someday.

Anyway-  as I was saying, things have been kind of crazy. We went to Vegas two weeks ago, my parents come out last weekend, we went to my brothers on saturday… hubby is actually home this week… I have gone to a few Meet up’s with the meetup.com group I joined.

Things are busy, but have been pretty good. Especially the part about hubby being home this week! 😀

Aside from a few run ins with my cranky Teen, a couple pretty hideous pooptastrophies..  I can’t really complain.

Oh, and after hubby gets paid on friday I think we will FINALLY be almost completely caught up with the bills! (Knock on wood!)


It’s such an amazing relief. Now we can work on making sure this doesn’t happen again. Oh, and saving for my reunion!

So, now I am going to spend the rest of my Tuesday getting some boxes together to list on Thredup.com (in homor of earth week, they will give you $5 for every box you list that’s picked!), catching up on some shows on the DVR and enjoying making my family dinner.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂


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